Special Project: MP Elections 2019

May 2019:Election 2019 Citizen Matters Coverage. Candidate list, MP profiles, interviews, voter guide, choosing an MP, polling booth info, news, analysis and data.

Candidate list, MP profiles, interviews, voter guide, choosing an MP, polling booth info, news, analysis and data


Summary of Constituency
Constituency & all Candidates details

Phase 7 (Completed)

Phase 6 (Completed)

Phase 5 (Completed)

Phase 4 (Completed)

Phase 3 (Completed)

Phase 2 (Completed)

Phase 1 (Completed)

Incumbent MP Profiles
Detailed profile, interview of sitting MP

Candidates Interviews

Voter Guide


Find your constituency

How to vote

MP roles and responsibility

What to complain, how to complain





News & Opinion

Party manifestos

Data & Analysis

Citizen Manifestos


Information in the above segment and all articles listed in this page have been sourced from the affidavits and other documents from the EC and other government sites. Errors may have inadvertently occurred during analysis. In such cases, please consider the candidate affidavit as the final authority. Please let us know of any discrepancy you observe, and we will correct the mistake at the earliest

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