About Us

Citizen Matters is a civic media platform with insightful reports on critical urban issues, ideas and solutions for cities.

Our canvas spans the breadth of urban living: we dive deep into issues which affect our quality of life, including water, commute, public safety, air quality, governance, education, environment, local economy and livelihoods and more.

Citizen Matters is a programme of Oorvani Foundation, a non-profit committed to civic engagement, citizenship and communities. Our mission is to connect people who want better cities with civic information, tools, networks and resources they need to make it happen. Our other programmes include Open City, a civic tech platform for urban data.

What is unique about Citizen Matters?

We talk about why problems exist and how they can be fixed, adding insights into how such changes happen. Our stories centre citizen voices. Case studies of change inspire people to get involved and make a difference. Explainers and playbooks provide actionable steps.

We use citizen journalism to empower changemakers and civic storytellers to document ground realities and interventions. Our collaborative model enables urban citizens to not just learn but also engage and contribute their insights and learning as citizen journalists.

Every citizen can become a changemaker when knowledge, understanding and tools are placed in their hands. Oorvani Foundation makes this possible.

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