An ode to Karnataka through photographs to start on Rajyotsava eve

Six photographers will be showcasing their rendezvous with Karnataka through their photography at Prathibimba.

A performer in Dasara celebrations in Mysore. Pic: Raghavendra K S

Prathibimba is a photography exhibition, scheduled to be held on the 58th Rajyotsava of Namma Karnataka, at Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore from October 31st to November 2nd.

The exhibition is the culmination of the journey of six photographers from diverse backgrounds, who set out to have an intimate rendezvous with the state of Karnataka through their lenses. In an attempt to capture the myriad reflections of the grandeur of the state, their journeys took them from the explored to the unexplored jewels of Karnataka, framing the state that we live in and cherish. As they travelled to each nook and corner, they were awakened by its caliber – far richer and breathtaking, than known to most people.

While their project spanned three years, Karnataka continues to amaze the photographers with its rich culture, regal festivals, architectural elegance, magnificent landscapes and its soulful people. And this seamless blend of history and urbanisation converges in the capital city, ‘Namma Bengaluru‘.

The event is being brought to you by Toehold, the country’s leading travel and photography company, based in Bangalore and Pune. As the country’s pioneering and now largest camera and lens rental service, and leading provider of photography workshops, tours, children’s camps and customised vacations, Toehold is a one-stop shop for photography enthusiasts, helping thousands discover the joy of experiential travel and self-expression.

Additionally, Foto Circle, a pre-eminent photography store offering a comprehensive range of the latest and cutting edge photo and video equipment and accessories on sale from multiple brands, is also the sponsor. With over two branches in Bangalore catering to the needs of diverse photographers, Foto Circle is undoubtedly the favourite-equipment hub of photo enthusiasts and professionals in the city.

The photographers are also happy to be associated with the travel partner, Unventured (off the beaten track adventures) and activity partner, GoUNESCO (making heritage fun), both encouraging tourism in Karnataka in different ways.

Do join them as they present a befitting tribute to the glory, beauty and soul of Karnataka.

Team Prathibimba enjoying a shoot in the hills. Pic:

Profiles of the photographers

Anita Bora is an avid photographer, blogger and writer who is usually off exploring offbeat places with her camera in tow. She discovered photography around 10 years ago and continues to use it as a medium of exploration and documentation of her travels. She quit her corporate job in 2013 and has been travelling for the last year, “accumulating” experiences, as she calls it. You can follow her on

Hema Narayanan is a well-known photojournalist, writer and obsessive traveller. She quit her corporate job to explore the world through her lens. Widely published in magazines such as National Geographic Traveller, Hema also leads photography tours and undertakes commercial assignments. Her world now is about pixels, light and shadows. A licensed artist with Getty, she also pursues philanthropic subjects related children and their issues. Read more about her on:

Raghavendra KS works for a leading telecom IT company, but his passion lies in photography. A lot of his work is licensed through Getty Images, and his work has been in several exhibitions, travel magazines and news dailies. While architecture, landscapes, travel and lifestyle are his forte, his heart lies in adventure travel. His work is here:

Renith Valsaraj pursues his passion for photography while balancing his day job as a project manager. He is one of the founders of Bangalore Shutterbugs, set up way back in 2003. His interest in photography is a way of life and working on parts of himself which otherwise get lost in the techno-world. You can check out more of his work here:

Sabir Ahmed has been associated with photography for well over a decade now. He is a well-known expert in the black and white photography space with a penchant for spotting everyday details that often miss mot people. With an eye for capturing nature and people in their moods, Sabir loves to tell stories with his photographs and experience life as it unfolds. You can find his work on:

For Venkatesh Katta, photography is not only a medium of visual communication, but also a social catalyst that enables him to experience diverse cultures.  He enjoys several genres of photography with equal elan, but wide-angle and panoramic landscapes top his list of loves. He’s the co-founder and director of Toehold Travel & Photography, through which he pursues his passion of bringing photography to enthusiasts.

The content has been provided by Anita Bora of Team Pratibimba, and has been published by Citizen Matters with minimal editing under the Message Forward section, a space meant for non-profit public interest messages by individuals and organisations.

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