How Bengaluru’s helping Chennai; Layouts must be completed before sale; Whitefield says no to bad infra

In this edition, read about what you can do to help the good folks in Chennai. Also read about the amendments to the Town Planning Act, what happened at the BBMP Council Meet and more. Do check our first video in our Changemakers series too.

Bengaluru this week

December 3rd 2015


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This week’s highlight: How Bengaluru is helping Chennai

Floods in Chennai have hit the residents hard, submerging most of the areas. Pic: Naveen Mahesh

Citizens and groups are jumping in to help the flood-affected in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu – Pondicherry. If you are in Bengaluru, here’s your guide to who is doing what, and how you can help. Read: How Bengaluru is helping Chennai.

Living in the city

A recent amendment to the town planning act stops developers from selling properties to buyers before the layouts are developed fully and approved by the authorities. With this, the practice of letting developers sell 60% to buyers before developing the layout will be done away with. Read: Developers can sell sites only after developing the layout.

On November 30th, after Bengaluru Mayor N Manjunath Reddy called off the monthly BBMP council meeting, opposition party leader Padmanabha Reddy hurriedly convened a press meet. At the press meet, he accused the BBMP Commissioner and Chief Audit Officer of releasing Rs 179 crore, violating a High Court order to strictly follow seniority while clearing bills. Read: BBMP disobeyed HC order while releasing fund

There are no takers for low grade plastic, which is why the government has decided to ban it. While there are ways to reuse the plastic waste, they have not been found viable so far. Read the second article in our series on the plastic ban: If there is no ban, how to deal with the plastic?


Here’s a first person account of the #SaveWhitefield protest: There is Renewed hope.

School kids from Whitefield bear the brunt of bad road. They showed their solidarity at the #SaveWhitefield protest: In pictures

A Whitefielder is clear it’s high time citizens’ voices are heard: #SaveWhitefield protest is only the beginning…

Ramagondanahalli-Borewell Road in Whitefield is fraught with danger – street lights that don’t work, giant potholes and more. Are the authorities waiting for disaster to strike?

Interview: Akkai Padmashali

Pic courtesy: Facebook page of Akkai Padmashali

From being someone who had to face societal opposition, to becoming a Rajyotsava award recipient for her activism, Akkai Padmashali has come a long way. Here’s an interview that sheds light on her life and thoughts. Read: “State and media support LGBT activism”.

From the editors

After we published Elixir Nahar’s piece on Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mount Carmel College, several of our readers asked us why we chose to publish a ‘political’ piece. Read: Why we published the student piece on the Rahul Gandhi event.

Food for thought

The excitement around the upcoming Bangalore Literary Festival has been marred by controversy with writers threatening to boycott the festival and founding director Vikram Sampath stepping down. Read: Fostering Freedom of Expression – BLF and beyond.

Urban wildlife

The next time you visit Lalbagh, keep an eye out for the weavers of the insect world. Here’s a look at the fascinating world of weaver ants.Read: Weaving their way.

The week that was

  • Due to the heavy downpour in Chennai, transportation services between Bengaluru and Chennai have been disrupted. All trains and flights between Bengaluru and Chennai were cancelled on Wednesday, and are likely to remain so till the rain recedes. Of the 42 KSRTC services to Chennai, 16 were cancelled.
  • In attempt to measure the stench coming from large open drains, KSPCB has pressed into service a machine to measure Volatile Organic Compounds. KSPCB believes that the process will help quantify and monitor the odour.
  • The BJP corporators who sit in the opposition in the BBMP council have reportedly been given a lesser share of funds under Chief Minister’s Nagarothana Scheme. Of the total Rs 766 crore fund, a major share of Rs 488 crore has been given to 98 corporators from Congress, JD(S) and Independents, whereas Rs 278 crore has been given to 100 BJP corporators to take up development works in their respective wards.
  • The State government has decided not to hike the guidance value of the properties in Bengaluru till the next State budget session. This is said to be due to the falling real estate market. The guidance value is typically revised in the month of November.
  • After a gap of four years, BMTC has reintroduced feeder services to metro stations. The feeder service will connect Peenya Metro Station with Peenya Industrial Area, located in the Reach 3 between Nagasandra and Mantri Square.
  • Having failed to meet the deadlines of fixing potholes in the city several times, and with filled potholes getting washed away due to heavy rains, the BBMP has now said that it would need another two weeks to address the issue.
  • The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru has been ranked 16th in the list of top 200 universities from 35 emerging nations, including BRICS countries. 16 Indian universities have found a place in the top 200 list.

Events this week

Walkthrough of Lotus Eaters at Galleryske, December 9th 

  • Attend a talk on A Grandmother’s Legacy, a book that offers an insight into five generations of an Anglo-Indian family at Bangalore International Centre on December 3rd.
  • Drop in to the United Theological College for the sixth edition of The Handmade Collective, to view and purchase works by over 80 craftspersons from across India. It is on until December 6th.
  • There is a Block Printing Workshop for children (6 to 14 years) happening at Chhattisgarh Emporium on December 5th.  
  • Los Angeles-based actor Tom Schuch is performing Einstein – A Stage Portrait for the first time in India at St Joseph’s College Auditorium on December 5th.
  • Attend a riveting talk on Biomimicry Swarm at Alliance Francaise on December 8th.
  • Artist Krishnaraj Chonat will take you on a walkthrough of his exhibition, Lotus Eaters at Galleryske on December 9th.
  • Vocaldente, an acappella group from Germany is performing at Alliance Francaise on December 9th.

To know more about events in Bengaluru, click here





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