COVID-19: “Community spread could lead to proportional rise in mental illness cases”

In all the noise about social distancing, testing and fatalities, mental well-being of society receives relatively less attention, though it is one of the foremost challenges in public health as the coronavirus pandemic takes over our lives. Leading psychiatrist Dr Kalyanasundaram S talks about the risks, mitigation and how to cope with stress in times of this new normal.


Coronavirus testing centres in India

‘Test, test, test’ is the WHO’s prescription to restrict community spread of Covid19. Though India is currently following a restricted testing protocol, with the numbers rising, India may soon tap on 51 accredited private laboratories. Till then, check out the 62 accredited centres where you can test for Coronavirus.


Are Indian cities a new Lilliput in the making?

India has the largest number of ‘stunted’ children in the world according to the global Global Nutrition Report. And contrary to what many think, they are not only to be found in rural or remote areas. One in four children under five years have stunted growth in our cities, with even the capital Delhi showing alarming rates.