Our Iceberg is Melting – A musical on climate change

Bangalore Little Theatre's annual children's theatre production, Our Iceberg is Melting, is a musical on climate change, in support of Association for the Mentally Challenged.

Bangalore Little Theatre‘s (BLT) annual children production returns for the 8th time. Positioned as Community Theatre that is committed to social development in the largest sense, BLT has struck a long term partnership with the Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC). One aspect of this partnership has been an annual flagship theatre production for the Bangalore public that also serves as a fundraiser for AMC. This year’s theatre production is unusual (and very special) in many ways. It is an original script based on a well-known book by internationally renowned management expert, John Kotter, with the challenge of Climate Change as the backdrop. The characters in the play are penguins in Antarctica!

How it all came together 

How Our Iceberg Is Melting is a convergence of many streams of work at BLT. One of these streams is the partnership with Wipro’s Earthian Programme that aims at preparing the younger generation to understand and build the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to deal with the challenges of environment sustainability. This play fits beautifully into the objectives of BLT’s partnership with Earthian.

The seed of the idea for this project was sowed when Priya Venkatesh, a participating member of BLT and an environment activist, was selected to be a part of a young explorer’s team for the International Antarctic Expedition led by Sir Robert Swan on the condition that she be part of his mission to spread awareness about 2041—the year when the international treaty protecting Antarctica is up for review.

Priya returned from the Antarctic fully charged and convinced that she had to tell more people about her experiences. On one such occasion, she talked about the Antarctic to all at BLT and Vijay Padaki, a founder member of BLT suggested that she read the management parable “Our Iceberg Is Melting” by Harvard professor, John Kotter. Having read the book, Priya was even more charged about using the 8 Principles of Change to stir people into action rather than just talking to them.

Meanwhile, the book had captured the imagination of others at BLT as well and the idea of a foot-tapping musical was brewing. Vijay, reached out to Professor Kotter to ask if we might have his blessing to put our ideas to action and a delighted Professor Kotter promptly replied in the affirmative.

About the play 

Public Shows

ADA Rangamandira: J.C Road

  • November 14th 7 pm
  • November 15th 11 am and 7 pm

MLR Convention Centre Whitefield

  • November 21st Nov 7:00pm
  • November 22nd 11 am and 7 pm
  • November 23rd 11 am and 7 pm

MLR Convention Centre J P Nagar : Brigade Millennium

  • November 28th 7 pm
  • November 29th 11 am and 7 pm
  • November 30th 11 am and 7 pm

Special School Shows

ADA Rangamandira

  • November 14th 11 am

 MLR Convention Centre Whitefield

  • November 21st 11 pm

 MLR Convention Centre J P Nagar

  • November 28th 11 am

Penguins are just like humans! They work, play and live together just like us. They even sing and dance just like we do. Except they like it where it is all chilly and white… So what better place to have than the wonderful land of Antarctica! Come along to meet a group of penguins who live there. When you do meet them, the penguins will tell you that this land of ice and snow is their home and how much they love their home. 

Lately the young penguins in the group are beginning to see that their home is changing. They confront the older penguins about the changes in their environment only to find that the oldsters are in denial! The young penguins decide to do something about the changes themselves. Come find out how the brave young penguins use the 8 principles of planning and managing change to lead their families to safety. 

Amjad Parwej, the director of the play, says, “Inour trademark storytelling style of theatre we have created yet another high energy play that will appeal to the whole family. An ensemble cast brings the story alive in song and dance. Live music and laser effects add another dimension altogether. At the same time the themes of the play are pressing issues affecting all our lives today. Yet the whole experience leaves you with hope and enthusiasm for the future”. 

Appreciation for BLT and Our Iceberg is Melting

“Wishing you all the very very best with your production of Our Iceberg Is Melting. Well done you! It is fantastic! It is important that we inspire people on climate change.”  Sir Robert Swan, the first person ever to walk to both the north and the south poles 

“Our partnership with Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT) established in 2009, for its annual production for children has been immensely successful. Over 4,000 families across Bangalore have enjoyed these plays. The partnership has helped AMC to raise funds for its services to mentally challenged citizens and their families, and also awareness about AMC’s activities. We thank BLT for taking on this ambitious production and hope you will in saying HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!” – K. Jairaj (Retd.) IAS, President of AMC

Play details


The content has been provided by Poornima Kannan on behalf of Bangalore Little Theatre, and has been published with minimal editing under the Message Forward section, a space meant for non-profit public interest messages by individuals and organisations.

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