Nominate a building to showcase Bengaluru’s heritage

INTACH is calling for entries for the 2nd edition of its Heritage Awards. If you know of old buildings in Bengaluru which deserve to be recognised, don't miss nominating them.

Srinivasa Mahal, Winner of the 2015 award in the Private (Residential) category. Pic: INTACH

INTACH has invited nominations from you for the Second Annual INTACH Heritage Awards, given to Bengaluru’s heritage buildings. Citizens can nominate the heritage buildings that they think deserve an award — the beautiful ones that make you sigh, the charming ones that you think gave Bengaluru its unique charm, the hoary old ones that tell stories of our past.

These awards help to showcase Bengaluru’s heritage, and to keep heritage in the public eye, so do take a moment to nominate a building!

Awards will be given in the categories of Public (Government-owned), Private (institutional) and Private (Residential). The buildings should have been built before Independence. Selected buildings, as judged by a jury, will receive an award and a citation.  

How to nominate

You can fill in the award nomination form online here:

You can also download the form and mail or email it:

The last date for nominations is April 1st 2016. 

About INTACH Bangalore

The INTACH Bangalore team comprises architects, planners, engineers, writers, and others who try to preserve the cultural legacy of the city by creating awareness, mediating between the government and the public, offering architectural and engineering consultation to owners of heritage buildings, and documenting heritage structure.

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