Citizen Matters and ADDA bring Water Workshop to Chennai

The Water Workshop this Saturday will help empower citizens through informative sessions on grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting and water conservation methods, all of which can help build resilience in the face of acute water shortage.

Chennai is facing an unprecedented water crisis with the city’s main reservoirs running dry. The origins of the crisis lie in the failure of the North East monsoon on which the city relies heavily for its water needs. With 54% deficit in rainfall, the prognosis for the coming summer was dire. It required concerted efforts by authorities and citizens on war footing to mitigate what would certainly become one of the worst spells of water scarcity faced by the city. However, the lax attitude to the impending crisis meant that Chennaiites are now facing the full brunt of the mismanagement of its precious water resources.

With the usual water resources running dry, the parched city has had to turn to water tankers, run by both Metro Water and private players, to meet its needs. The brunt of scarcity has been faced by the city’s poor and marginalised. Apart from households, the situation has also affected hotels, hostels businesses and places of employment across the city.

While the authorities work out a viable solution to meet the water needs, the people of Chennai cannot be absolved of their responsibility towards practices that help in water conservation and reduction of wastage. To this end, citizens must do their part through initiatives such as grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting and judicious use of water.

For citizens to inform themselves on these much-needed efforts that will provide respite from water shortage and pave the way for resource sufficiency, a workshop is being organised in Chennai.

Citizen Matters and ADDA invite you to the first Chennai edition of the Water Workshop

The first ever Water Workshop comes to Chennai amidst severe water scarcity in the city.

Attend this informative workshop facilitated by experts to learn how to implement rainwater harvesting, reusing treated water and reducing water consumption in your communities!

In the past, water workshops conducted jointly by Citizen Matters Bengaluru and Apartment ADDA in Bengaluru have helped thousands of apartments in that city and elsewhere find solutions to their water challenges. The first ever Chennai edition is sure to be informative and essential in this time of crisis.

Agenda for the meeting:

– Rainwater Harvesting

– Reusing treated water from STP & grey water

– Water metering & conservation methods


22 June 2019 | 9 AM – 1 PM


Jain Pebble Brook Clubhouse, Vivekananda Nagar, Thoraipakkam (off OMR), Chennai

For more information,visit:

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