ABCs of Bellandur lake; Microfinance & the poor; How CV Raman came to Bengaluru; Ganesha, after the Habba

In this edition, read about Bellandur lake and its litany of problems, why microfinance makes things worse for the poor, how CV Raman came to the city, and what happens to Ganesha idols after the festival is over. All this and more...

Bengaluru this week

October 29th 2015


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We will be launching our biannual fundraiser in a few days and we hope that you will continue to support Oorvani Foundation to enable change. With you by our side, we can continue to catalyse the work of change makers. Look out for updates on this…

This week’s highlight: All you need to know about Bellandur lake

Froth floats on the surface of Bellandur lake. Pic: Sanchayan Nath

Each time it rains near Bellandur lake, froth surfacing from the lake overruns nearby roads and vehicles. Why is this happening? When did the problem start? What is stopping the government from rejuvenating Bengaluru’s biggest lake? Here is the full picture of Bellandur lake and its problems.

Insights into Bengaluru

How effective are microfinance institutions in helping the poor in Bengaluru deal with their crises? Do self help groups really help? What is the downside? Here’s the third part of Insights into Bengaluru, our series on the city’s urban poor: When microfinance makes things worse for the poor.

Remembering CV Raman

Sir CV Raman in his classroom. Pic courtesy:

We have a yet another new series on Citizen Matters, on one of India’s best scientists, one who has lent his name to several institutions, even localities. In this four-part series, we will explore Nobel laureate, CV Raman’s life and work in Bengaluru. Read about his early life and his journey to Bengaluru. How CV Raman came to Bengaluru.

The heroes among us

This weekend, a group of friends from Bengaluru is running a distance equivalent to that of seven half-marathons, to raise funds to support farmers in Chintamani. The money raised by them could go towards purchasing solar lamps, or building bunds to prevent soil erosion. Read: A running event that will help farmers in Chintamani.

Are you working on finding solutions to challenges faced by persons with disabilities? Can they be applied in rural areas? If yes, you could apply for the Enable Makeathon by November 15th for the opportunity to see your idea through to fruition.

Food for thought

The aftermath of Ganesha Habba. Pic: Vaidyanathan R

During Ganesha Habba, there are grand processions to neighbourhood lakes to immerse the idols. But what happens to them once the festival is over? See: In pictures – Ganesha, after the Habba.

Living in the city

Why aren’t the solutions provided by the government’s own agencies not taken into consideration while planning infrastructure? Wouldn’t implementing them actually help solve the problems that plague Bengaluru? Read: Dear Infra Department, set your priorities for Bengaluru right!

At a new bus stand that is being erected, a significant portion of the space is earmarked for advertising. Wouldn’t it be more useful if the bus routes were listed instead? Read: Shortcoming in bus stop design.


Gone are the days when eating out meant going to a restaurant. With new fast food shacks coming up almost every week, here’s a look at some of the must-try joints in the city. Read: Munching your way around Bengaluru.

Swati Simha reviews the play, Sakina Manzil, which takes viewers into the pre-independence era, and gives new insight into the freedom struggle. Read: A refreshing take on the freedom struggle.

Flora and fauna

Red rumped swallows sit on a wire above Silk Board signal. Pic: Deepa Mohan.

Despite rapid development in Bengaluru, there are many species of birds that adapt to urban life. Here’s a pretty sight from Silk Board signal that’s proof of that. Read: They survive…

Have you smelled the sweet, heady scent of the flower of the Indian Cork Tree? Here’s what you can do to make your home smell lovely. Read: Scents of nature.

While it seems as if the entire city is slowly going wireless, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we let our trees remain wireless too? Read: Wireless network.

Laugh out loud

Here’s a reminder that one must keep an eye out, so as to not miss out the little things that add some humour to our daily lives. Read:Burgers and…

Living by the lake

On October 8th, 34 volunteers from Cisco livened up Puttenahalli Lake with their good humored banter, and their swift and efficient planting of saplings to form a protective hedge along the walking track.  Read: Cisco volunteers at Puttenahalli Lake.

Also read: Puttenahalli lake and Navratri.

The week that was

  • A BPAC survey conducted to understand what citizens expect from BBMP, has revealed that roads, waste management, lakes, parks and bus shelters are the top five issues that people expect BBMP to address. As a follow-up to the survey, BPAC also facilitated a dialogue with the Mayor and BBMP Commissioner to emphasise on prioritising these issues.
  • It’s time for citizens to segregate waste in their houses or face the music. The BBMP has instructed civic workers to dump waste in front of houses that violate rules by not segregating waste.
  • A complaint has been filed with State Election Commission, against Mayor Manjunath Reddy for filing a false affidavit while submitting his nomination papers in the recently held BBMP election. Advocate NP Amruthesh has demanded that criminal proceedings be initiated against the mayor.
  • Due to difficulty in maintaining borewells, BBMP has decided to hand over all its borewells to BWSSB. In a recent meeting chaired by the District-in-Charge Minister, the decision was taken considering that BWSSB has the necessary infrastructure.
  • Nine years after erecting a skywalk on Residency Road to facilitate pedestrian movement, the BBMP has decided to replace the skywalk with a grade crossing with Pelican lights. The decision has been taken as Palike authorities believe that the skywalk is seldom used at its current location.
  • BMTC is mulling over having dedicated lanes on 12 roads for rapid movement of buses and to popularise public transport. The department has reportedly sought the help of DULT to implement the plan after conducting a feasibility survey.
  • The work under phase-II of the Namma Metro project has finally commenced near Bangalore University campus. The project will cover RR Nagar, Kengeri, Nayandalli, RVCE and BU, and is supposed to be completed in two years and three months.

Events this week

  • Watch Maya, an attempt to bring the Rajasthani folk form of Kaavad Katha to the stage, at Alliance Francaise on October 29th.
  • The Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival starts tomorrow, October 30th and will go on until November 8th. The festival features productions from 11 directors under the age of 40.
  • AK and the Accidental Hellhounds, a collective of blues musicians from Bengaluru will be performing at B-Flat on October 30th.
  • Uncover Bengaluru through its bylanes, on your cycles at the Colonial Church Trail on October 31st.
  • Make your way to Alliance Francaise on October 31st for Immerse, a concert by Japanese pianist, Takafumi Mori.
  • Tharang Utsav, a festival featuring performances of Indian classical dance and music is being held at ADA Rangamandira on October 31st.
  • Hear the untold stories about change, loss and hope at Living at the margins of Bengaluru’s lakes, a photo exhibition at Rangoli Metro Art Centre on October 31st and November 1st.





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