Bengaluru potholes cost Rs 1,185 each; Will the odd-even policy work?; Document disappearing professions

This week, we present to you several stories that will make you think about the time we spend on the road - What is the toll that bad roads take on the economy? Should Bengaluru adopt the odd-even policy? Does the city really need dedicated lanes for cyclists? All this and more...

Bengaluru this week

January 28th 2016


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This week, we present to you several stories that will make you think about the time we spend on the road – What is the toll that bad roads take on the economy? Should Bengaluru adopt the odd-even policy? Does the city really need dedicated lanes for cyclists? How a new railway track to Tirupathi could possibly decongest traffic on Old Madras Road.

We also invite you to collaborate with us to document Bengaluru for a new series.

This week’s highlight: Lessons Bengaluru can learn from Delhi

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road can perhaps reduce the traffic snarls as well. Pic: Mayur Channagere

There are talks of Delhi’s ‪‎odd-even policy making its way to Bengaluru. But can the city’s public transport infrastructure support its implementation?

Read: Lessons Bengaluru can learn from the odd-even policy.

On your commute

That potholes are a nuisance is apparent. What isn’t is the cost that it puts on the economy. Nidhi Gupta of The Takshashila Institution crunches some numbers: A pothole can cost Rs 1,185 per day in Bangalore!

Vittal Mallya road which was built five years ago is proof that a well-planned road can stand the test of time. If that’s the case, should BBMP not invest more in good quality roads, asks Ashwin Mahesh. Read: The economics of roads.

Bengaluru got its first cycle track in Jayanagar in 2012. But within months, thanks to lack of enforcement, motorists began to use the lane for parking their vehicles. Now, HSR Layout is all set to get cycle lanes. Will it be successful, remains the question!

The proposed train route between Bengaluru and Tirupati. Design: AS Kodandapani

Here’s a new rail route that could reduce the distance between Bengaluru and Tirupati by 71 km, and in turn possibly reduce traffic on Old Madras Road. Read: This new railway line will help decongest Old Madras Road.

Data insights

Data shows that Bengaluru typically receives the highest rains in the months of September and October. Hence, there are likely to be more floods in these months than others. Read: Data from 100 years reveals rainiest months in Bangalore.

On January 25th, National Voter’s Day, PG Bhat provided a reality check on Bengaluru’s electoral rolls. Read: Mystery of deleted voters in Whitefield and other blunders.

In the ‘hood

According to the Koliwad Committee report, 10,472 acres of land have been encroached in Bangalore Urban and Rural districts. The list of encroachers includes government offices, builders and several educational institutions. The committee has issued show-cause notices to these parties, giving them time till February 29th to file objections and grievances. Read: Who encroached Bengaluru?

What do you do when a newly repaired road in your neighbourhood begins to show signs of damage? Do you vent your frustration on social media or do you silently bemoan the sorry state of affairs in the city? Here’s a story from Whitefield that proves that the system does work when you speak up.

Bengaluru’s disappearing professions

A man sharpens a knife on a wheel in Jakkasandra. Pic: Ganga Madappa

Do you remember the knife sharpeners, kulfi walas/ice cream carts, salt sellers, son papadi sellers, metalware repairmen, etc? Not many of them are seen now! Collaborate with us to document their stories: Bengaluru’s forgotten professions.

The leaders of tomorrow

Have you ever thanked a traffic policeman? To appreciate the efforts of the traffic police, CMCA celebrated Traffic Police Day on January 22nd. Through this month, local school children will be expressing their gratitude to these unsung heroes of the city.

B.PAC, in association with Shell MRPL Aviation launched the Safe and Green School project. The project aims to create a clean and safe environment in government schools that is conducive for learning. Read: Palace Guttahalli government school to become ‘Safe and Green’.

The lives of others

The Karnataka Slum Janara Sanghatanegala Okkoota has called for a public hearing today to discuss highlight the socio-economic and cultural impact of slum evictions. The hearing will be on till 5 pm at Gandhi Bhavan.


On January 25th, music lovers from south Bengaluru were privy to Yamini, all-night classical music festival, held at IIM-Bangalore. Deepa Mohan who attended the event, shares her experience.

The week that was

  • Following the tug-of-war over the defence land in BBMP limits, civic agencies and defence officials, in a high level meeting, decided that a committee be set up to deal with issues pertaining to defence land in the city. Various agencies like BBMP, BDA and BMRCL want defence land for development projects.
  • Former councillor S Harish has accused the BBMP of shelling out Rs 30 crore every year on consultants for even minor projects, and termed it as ‘wasteful expenditure’. The BBMP Commissioner had issued a circular last year stating that works estimated to be above Rs 10 lakh be monitored by a consultant /agency.
  • BBMP has accused Koramangala Club of closing secondary drains in its premises without seeking BBMP’s permission. The BBMP Standing Committee has issued a second notice to the club in this regard.
  • Over 250 street vendors who have been operating in Jayanagar 9th Block for close to three decades, were evicted by BBMP. The BBMP has said that the eviction took place following complaints from residents regarding footpath encroachment and lack of space to walk for pedestrians.
  • In an attempt to regulate the pricing of private cabs in the city, the Transport Department has come up with a set of rules for private cabs and taxi aggregators. The rule makes it mandatory for cabs to install digital meters and operate within a maximum fare limit. It prohibits cab aggregators from using surge pricing.
  • Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) has launched a campaign on home composting called Swachagraha. The website will provide solutions for all composting needs.

Events this week

Film: Kirikou and the Sorceress at Alliance Francaise on January 28th 

  • Today is the last day for you to catch Some in 8 Billion at Goethe Institut. The exhibition features the diversity of people who travel by rail.
  • Watch Kirikou and the Sorceress, a French animated film about a young boy who makes a journey to visit a sorceress at Alliance Francaise on January 28th.
  • Attend the launch of the book Netaji – Living Dangerously by Kingshuk Nag at Bangalore International Centre on January 29th.
  • Get your dose of laughs at the Weirdass Pajama Fest featuring stand-up groups, Best of BangaLOL, and Vir Das and the Singapore Slingers at MLR Convention Centre on January 29th.
  • Take a walk through the Houses of Malgudi, a walk that focuses on the construction of heritage homes in Basavanagudi on January 30th.
  • Students of Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts take centre stage at Santhulam at Gurunanak Bhavan on January 30th.
  • Two editions of Cycle Day to look forward to this Sunday, January 31st – at Cubbon Park and at Sadashivnagar.
  • Enrol your child in this Baking and Icing workshop on January 31st. Proceeds from the workshop will go towards purchasing solar lamps for government school students.
  • French pop music artist Juliette Katz is performing at The Humming Tree on January 31st.
  • Make your way to Alliance Francaise for Tales of the Night, a collaboration between several music schools featuring the works of German composers on February 1st.

To know more about events in Bengaluru, click here





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