A happy, positive experience with the Bengaluru Police!

Sneha Jain writes: 

My ideal India experience

I lost my DL recently and had to go file an FIR to get a duplicate DL from the RTO. I was thinking of getting it done from the Koramangala police station. Given my past experience with the Police, I was not sure if I wanted to go through this on a Monday morning, and spoil my day and the rest of the week ahead. But I went ahead hoping things might have changed. It was my best experience with the Police so far and it has in fact made my day today.


I reached the police station when one of the inspectors, RN Gurikar, was allotting duties to everyone as it was a Monday morning. I was asked about the reason for my visit by someone, and was requested to sit down until the allotment was over. 

As I overheard the inspector, I was pleasantly SHOCKED to hear him say: “Remember this job gives you your bread and butter, so never ever betray your job. We are here to help the Indian citizens and that should be the only motto of our life. I will not tolerate any kind of bribery or harassment complaints, ever. And take special care this week due to late night dandiya programmes.”

I was already impressed. Once the allotment was over, I was called by the inspector and another person called H Krishna Murthy. They asked me to write a letter and get copies of the affidavit and the letter. They asked me about my personal details and we had a good conversation as I wrote the letter in front of them. They finally gave me an acknowledgment and advised me to be careful with my belongings.

And I was done filing an FIR, without being checked out from top to bottom by anybody, without being harassed, without being asked for any bribe, and most importantly, without making me feel as they were doing me a favour… but instead, making me feel that they were there to genuinely help me out!

Thanks Bengaluru City Police, LOVED the whole experience and I hope this continues!

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  1. Sriram Narayanaswamy says:

    That sure feels good. Now just to make them file a “stolen” FIR as opposed to a “lost” FIR. Its quite understandable with their caseloads and bandobust duties to protect our leaders from us, they’d be quite reluctant to do that.

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