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Being fit is the new mantra and Yoga is making a comeback. Currently young women in the age group of 20 to 35 are especially taking to Yoga.

There are a variety of yoga styles, some modified to suit modern needs are available for all age groups to suit different fitness needs.

Yoga practice. Pic: a1000yoga

Pradeep Govinda, CEO Due North Yoga Pvt. Ltd, operating a1000yoga group of studios, says, “We have low intensity styles like, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga and Sivananda yoga; we teach high intensity styles like power, Hot and Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa. Higher practices like Pranayama and Meditation are also a part of our services. We also teach the least practised of the yogic practices like shatkarmas.”

Yoga styles for everyone

Though the postures remain the same across different styles, the difference is in its approach and intensity. Power Yoga is a continuous sequence where the asanas are strung together to flow in a sequence. Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is hatha or power yoga done inside a heated studio. This helps in weight reduction and detoxification.

Ashtanga Vinyasa is the most rigorous of all flow-based practices like power yoga and vinyasa yoga, having physical, emotional and mental benefits. Iyengar yoga is done with props such belts, blankets and even blocks. And each of these types of yoga is chosen based on a person’s needs, abilities and of course, age.

The intensity and the type of practices should be designed based on age, sex, climate because the physiology of the body, especially the hormonal activity, differs based on these factors. And at a deeper level, mind and emotions are different in different age groups, so asanas that are appropriate should be practised.

Yoga for all ages

The age group between 15 to 20 practices yoga to make themselves flexible and benefits in the longer run like reducing the risk of breathing problems, sinusitis and blood pressure. Yoga and meditation have scientifically proven to increase concentration as well.

Yoga practice. Pic: a1000yoga

People between the age group of 20 to 45 practice yoga to maintain a steady balance of mind in the middle of stressful work schedules. Certain yogas and pranayamas balance the mind and body, cures ailments like sinusitis, blood pressure and arthritis. Although people have to be careful while practising asanas and should do it only under expert supervision.

The age group after 50 years practice yoga mostly to ensure the bones remain flexible. Yoga reduced the risk of health problems like arthritis, joint problems, BP, Diabetes and other such ailments, considerably.

Yoga practice. Pic: a1000yoga

There are some special customised yoga techniques for people with different conditions. For example, there are particular asanas for pregnant women vary from regular asanas. Pregnant women are advised not to overstretch the abdomen and the emphasis is on strengthening  shoulders and the back.

A popular form of exercise

Shridevi Mahadevan, Founder and Trainer at NaVaRaSa, says, “Nobody took it (yoga) seriously until the West brought it back to us. Now the educated and working sector, particularly the IT crowd is very much into it now.” She explains that it is not just about some ‘just another exercise’. It is about a ‘mind and soul’ experience.

These days Yoga teachers can be certified under certain governing bodies like AYUSH and UGC approved yoga programme, both at the graduate and postgraduate level. Some international affiliations like Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation are also useful.

Points to remember

The following points will help choose appropriate yoga sessions.

  • The teachers should be certified, experienced and inspiring.
  • The teachers should be able to counsel for proper choice of style and frequency of yoga classes based on one’s needs.
  • The space should be clean and hygienic.

Personal teaching classes are also provided where they come and teach at your place of convenience according to your time.

Charges vary from class to class depending on your needs, the number of classes and the customisation provided.

Yoga Classes:

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre: 16th B Main, Koramangala 3 Block, Koramangala. Ph: 25634991

Anandamaya Wellness Center: #1252, 27th Main, 7th Cross, J P Nagar I Phase. Ph: 22449007

Srimoyi Yoga: Bellandur ( Next to Intel), Sarjapur Outer Ring Road. Ph: 25843122

a1000yoga: #11, First Floor, 1st Cross, 5 – A Block, Koramangala. Ph: 25506145 / 25506142 / 77952 27392

NaVaRaSa: #1016, 2nd Floor (Above Sichuan), 80 feet Road, 1st Block, Koramangala. Ph: 97412 90592 / 8971455021

Indian Heritage Academy: #870, Opp Koramangala Club, 17th E Main, 5th Block, Koramangala. Ph: 25530304

Center for Yoga and Counselling: #6/3, Above Tata Docomo Office, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala. Ph: 9886152722

Dhrti Yoga Studio: #64, ‘Savinaya’, 1st Floor, 7th Main, BTM 2nd Stage. Ph: 41288665 / 9886021047

Siddhi Samadhi Yoga: 34 1st Floor 4th Block, 11th Main, 31st Cross, East Jayanagar. Ph: 26631909

Ayur Yoga Center: No 1009, 1st Floor, 4th T Block, 26th Main, Jayanagar. Ph: 22457514

Yoga Bharathi: 36th Cross, 4th Block, 10th Main Road, Jayanagar. Ph: 22441486

Artistic Yoga: #1303, 25th Main, above Praveen Novelty Big Bazaar Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 9972246555

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