Lung spaces you can drive to

If on a Sunday morning you want to spend your day with your dear ones away from the noisy city, do you have options other than Cubbon Park and Lalbagh?

There are quite a few and not far from the city too.

Shankaraa foundation on Kanakapura road is one such. It is an ideal get away if arts and culture excites you.

Shankaraa foundation promotes intercultural interactions and provides platform and facilitates as a bridge between art and art lovers. It claims to be ‘a greenscape, dotted with timeless sculptures and an open- hearted space that promotes and propagates India’s heritage.’

There are traditional arts and dance classes and workshops held by Poorvaranga, the Academy of traditional Arts; Hastanjali, the Council for Crafts and Ranga Guccha, a creative arena for the young. You can learn embroidering or paint your heart out or even learn pottery. They also offer degree courses in Music and Arts.

Open green lawn at Shankaraa Foundation.

And if you want to your weekend just relaxing with nature, head out to the Pyramid Valley on Kanakapura road.

Pyramid Valley is the home for the world’s largest Pyramid for meditation. It is an international meditation center serving individuals, societies and organisations.

Shree Prashad, 41, an electrical engineer working in Bangalore city, says, "I come here at least once in a month because there is a sense of peace in the environment and keepsme away from thinking of the stressful work schedules for a while."

The Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid can house 5,000 people and is built solely for practising intensive meditation. There are facilities like conference rooms and dining halls inside the campus. Also there are cottages available if you want to spend a couple of days.

There is the Art of living ashram if you want to practice meditation and yoga far away from the city.

Regardless of your interest in activities happening at these centers, if you are a nature lover or like photography, these places will definitely not disappoint you.

Shankaraa Foundation: Doddakalsandra, Kanakapura Road. Ph: 22560772, 22560133

Pyramid Valley: Kebbedoddi Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Road, Ramanagara District, Harohalli. Ph: 32723143

Art of Living International Center: Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road, Udayapura. Ph: 67262626/27


  1. Nagaraja N says:

    Nice article, except unlike Lalbagh or Cubbon Park the places mentioned in the article are not public places. You need consent to enter and roam around…

    But good suggestions though

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