Street food trend: Dosa fusion

For some, it’s a nostalgia of their cities and for some others, it’s just something new to try.

Prerna Soni, a professional who shifted to Bangalore recently, says, "I discovered these dosa stalls providing a wide range of dosas. I like them since the taste and flavours remind me of my hometown."

Variety of ingredients used in Dosas. Pic: Anisha Nair

Nikhil Banerjee, a software engineer in Koramangala, says, "I love the taste of it. And (I like it) more so, because it is quick, fresh and healthy. It is pocket-friendly and filling at the same time. And most importantly, it is easily available. So I like grabbing a dosa every time I pass by."

Dosa camps were the trend ten years ago, but there were only a handful of them, then. Now Dosa stalls claiming to have 99 varieties of Dosas are on practically all busy streets, setting a new trend in street food.

If you feel that the regular Masala Dosas at the Darshinis have become monotonous and you are up for a change, these 99 variety dosa stalls are the must-try for you.

An unusual combination of Aalo Mushroom dosa. Pic: Anisha Nair

The dosas of south Indian origin are served with flavours from literally the rest of the world. There is no printed menu but the helper at the stall will recite all the varieties like a rhyme. Mysore masala, chinese noodles, baby corn, spinach masala, pav bhaji masala… And the list goes on!

These piping hot dosas are served mostly with two varieties of chutneys – coconut and coriander. The dosa when dipped in the cold chutney, tastes delicious! But what enhances your appetite here is the way they make it.

The speed with which they spread the dosa batter on the steaming hot Tawa, it immediately starts sizzling. Then spreading the freshly cut vegetables and ingredients of your choice from mushrooms, capsicums, onions, spinach, baby corn and even noodles. These veggies are mashed and mixed and then the dosa is folded.

All this happens at a lightning speed, before you know it you are already dipping that piping hot dosa into the cold chutney.

And guess what? These hot delightes won’t be heavy on your pockets. The price ranges from Rs 35 to Rs 60 depending on the variety you choose.

It wouldn’t be a trouble finding these stall as they are now coming up on all the major roads and junctions.

Few popular stalls are present at:

Sony world junction, Koramangala
Ganesha temple road, 6th Block, Koramangala
Opposite Shoppers stop, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar


  1. Debamitro Chakraborti says:

    Try Davangere Benne Dosa at the centre of the map you can see here –>,+Teachers+Colony,+Bangalore,+Karnataka&hl=en&ll=12.924836,77.636693&spn=0.001532,0.001856&sll=20.984928,82.752628&sspn=46.920383,60.820312&oq=jakka&hnear=Jakkasandra,+Bangalore,+Bengaluru+Urban,+Karnataka&t=m&z=19
    It should cost under 20 rupees and the taste is awesome. I left Bangalore 2 and half years ago and still can’t forget it.

  2. Amruta says:

    Can anybody tell me where can I get nice dosa at j p nagar 2nd phase?

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