What is ‘Remote Bangalore’?

The Goethe Institut, Bangalore tells you that it is “50 headphones. 1 synthetic voice. YOUR city.” But, when you take the walk, you realise that they’ve given you this simple definition because there are sometimes no words to define such experiences. What I am about to tell you can’t actually tell you much. And yet, I do want to say something, just so that some of you who haven’t yet taken the walk, will want to try it. It tells us something we should know about our city and about who we are. To register, you can go to: REMOTE BANGALORE and to know more about who designed the experience, do check out: Rimini Protokoll

I ask myself: Did we really walk through some streets of the city yesterday? Or, was that an illusion? Today, it seems like what we did was walk through an unknown, unreal passage with mirrors on both sides, and, whichever way we looked, we saw ourselves. In fact, we saw more of ourselves than you see in a real mirror. We saw how we think and how we act. Somewhere along the walk, we actually were in a real passage of mirrors, where we also saw how we look. It was a passage in a seemingly mundane place in the city and something that you would pay no attention to otherwise. Everything in the walk was located in the “ordinary” places in the city. Who took us to these places? A voice…Just an ‘ordinary voice’ that had thought about the city, but had thought more about us. A voice that would perhaps not leave us for a long time, a voice that could become our conscience, that wanted us to change, just so that we would at some time want to change our city. 

For anyone who wants to be creative, this walk can be a great learning ground…do check it out! 


  1. Deepa K V says:

    Absolutely! I was glad that I went, and for people who asked me about it, I couldnt’t explain but tell them that it is an experience.

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