Tree Walk on June 21, in Lalbagh

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Dear all,
In the month of May, we at Hasiru Usiru started what we hope will be a monthly series of conversations on the city. Dr.H.S.Sudhira spoke about Averting the Tragedy of Commons for Bangalore 
This month, we want to do a walking talk. 
On June 22Saturday, Arun Kumar.N, Narayan and Sheshadri, passionate botanists and tree lovers will conduct a tree walk in Lalbagh. The walk will have discussions on the varous species of trees in Lalbgah, how to identify them, whether they are native or have been got in from elsewhere, what are the trees native to Bangalore etc. 
The walk starts at 11am. Please assemble near the entrance to the nursery which is just opposite the rock at Lalbagh. the closest way to get there is to enter through the Double Road gate. Please call Shaheen (93412 58123) or Sheshadri (94482 59194) in case you come there and cannot identify the group.
The walk and talk will go on till about 12.30pm
In addition, with the monsoons starting this is the right to time plant any saplings. Sheshadri has generously offered to get saplings(free of cost) for anyone who wants them and will come to the talk. He can also guide you on how to plant them. The saplings which will be made available are listed at the bottom of this email. If you do want any sapling,  you need to email Sheshadri ( before 2pm on Friday, June 21.
The list of saplings are – 
For planting under overhead electric wires.
Wrightia tinctoria (Beppaale)
Alangium salvifolium (Ankole)
Phyllanthus emblica (Nelli)
Lagersrtroemia speciosa (Pride of India)
For medium width roads, without overhead electric wires.
Hardwickia binate (Kamre/Kaarachu)
Holoptelia integrifolia (Tapasi)
Pongamia pinnata (Honge)
Thespesia populnea (Hoovarase)
Michelia champaca (Sampige)
Mimusops elengi (Renjlu/Bakula)
Limonia acidissima (Beladahannu)
For Wide, open roads.
Terminalia bellirica (Taare)
Bambusa bambos (Big Bamboo)
Ficus racemosa (Atthi)
Ficus religiosa (Arali, Peepal)
Pterygota alata
Madhuca longifolia (Ippe)
Syzigium cumini (Naati Nerle)


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