This Women’s Day, let’s salute all the women making Bengaluru better!

Pink advertisements are all over the media. It’s raining offers for women all over e-commerce websites. A newspaper carries the T-20 cricket schedule, where a pink section highlights the schedule for women’s T-20 cricket matches. It’s March 8th — International Women’s Day! 

Happy Women’s Day to all our readers!

While saluting the women, it is also important to remember their contribution to society. The involvement of women in civic activism in the city of Bengaluru has made it all only better and better.

Women are in all the fields that matter to Bengaluru—waste management, saving lakes, helping shape the public policy of the government, environmental activism, civic activism related to BBMP, filing PILs, spreading awareness on various issues, social entrepreneurship—all the fields that matter, and affect the life of Bengalureans in myriad ways.

We are listing a few of the activists we have come across in Bengaluru who are making things happen. Of course, such lists can never be complete and there will be a lot more women who are changemakers, still it’s a small effort to salute the spirit behind women power. (And if you want to add to the list, use the comments section!)

Here are the heroines!

(Click on the picture to view larger image)

Now we want to tell you about where women stand in our readership and social media follows.

Twitter analytics shows our followership on Twitter divided into men and women as below:


Only 21% of our followers are women. Is it because most of the Twitterati are men? Or are there other reasons?

Facebook also shows that women are less in our followership, but it seems to be a little bit better than Twitter.


33% of our Facebook followers are women. And most of them belong to the age group 25 to 44.

Google analytics records the gender distinction in our readership figures too. At 39.4%, it’s certainly better than the social media followership, but not necessarily proportional to the population ratio, or the number of men and women who are online.


We at Citizen Matters happen to be an all-women’s team right now. We would like to see more and more women reading the articles that we publish, and more women joining the gang of civic-oriented citizens contributing to the well-being of Bengaluru.

Do spread the word this Women’s Day, to the women who matter in your lives! Also tell us what you want to read on Citizen Matters, using this survey!


  1. Sindhu Naik says:

    My salute to all these wonderful women of Bangalore. Interesting analysis of social media following. Wish the all women CM team the very best.
    I was wondering if you could carry an article on sustainable menstrual options. Very relevant in a city like Bangalore from the environment perspective and also from the perspective of women who are looking at safe options which can allow them to lead an active lifestyle. A bunch of us have been campaigning -promoting the cup and cloth pads at Pinkathons , running events, Swachcha graha etc. We have started approaching corporates for talks. The movement is small now and an article in CM will help reach many more women.

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