Partnering with Canadian varsity to report on urban resilience

It’s yet another milestone in the journey of Oorvani Foundation.

You may have read about our joint initiative with Radio Active Community Radio 90.8 MHz – Co Media Lab. The community media lab serves as a resource centre, newsroom and a space for dialogues and discussions for community collaborations.

The past few months now, Co Media Lab has been organising workshops for public and for students. Co Media Lab is hosted at Jain University, and supported by the University. (More details here.)

We are happy to share news of an exciting new project of the lab – a partnership with the Emmy Award-winning International Reporting Program (IRP) at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism.

At a time when global reporting is in crisis and models of foreign correspondence are being questioned, IRP is revolutionising the way in which global reporting is taught and produced, through a new global partnership with four major universities. The IRP is partnering with university-based journalism programs across the globe, allowing graduate students to investigate and report through true cross-border and cross-cultural collaborations. The course is a pilot for a long-term Global Reporting Program, which will allow a consortium of journalism schools to work together, teaching and producing major works of global journalism.

“Our goal is to innovate the way global reporting is done and empower student journalists around the world to come together to find new ways to research and tell complex stories,” says Peter Klein, director and founder of the IRP. “Our responsibility at universities is to help forge the future of journalism, and that’s precisely what this class is aiming to do.” Klein is also Director of the Global Reporting Centre and a longtime producer with CBS News 60 Minutes.

Global Reporting Programme fellows for the year 2016 – Akshatha M, Arunava Bannerjee, Romita Mazumdar and Prabhu Mallikarjuna.

The fellows include four journalists from Bengaluru – Akshatha M, Staff Journalist, Citizen Matters, Prabhu M, Freelance Journalist, and Arunava Banerjee and Romita Mazumdar, both Trainee Reporters from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media.

In additional to students from UBC, other fellows hail from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and  Nanjing University (China). All students will engage in weekly classes in person and through teleconference, and will work in small teams to produce major works of global journalism in multiple languages.

For more details, read this post.

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