Shoddy practices at MICO Layout Police Station

Sumeet Moghe writes:

Bangalore City Police needs to answer – How long is the lunch break at a police station?

I’m just back from a thoroughly unprofessional experience at MICO layout police. This is with regard to my passport verification. The constable had arrived at my home on Saturday and after taking my neighbour’s signatures, asked me to visit the police station with a list of documents and 3 passport size photos between 10AM and 6PM. 

I visited the police station at 1420 today. There was no one in Room #1 when I arrived and there was one more person waiting to get their police verification done. I waited till the policemen arrived in the room. They came in by 1430 or so and then started chatting amongst themselves. At 1438, they told us to come “after lunch”. 

When I verified what time “lunch” gets over, they said 1630. This can’t obviously be true and if it is, then can someone explain why the slip I received said I should visit between 10AM and 6PM? 

When I went into the room adjoining the SHO’s room to complain about this, they said that the officer is not around, which is why they can’t accept my documents. Is this even true? And are you saying that for all of the hundreds of passport applications you receive the SHO actually looks through each set of verifications? 

I also want to point out some really rude behaviour by the police constable in Room#1. He behaved very rudely with the other boy who was in there for police verification. This boy was wearing three fourths and was decently dressed. The policeman (who himself was in plain clothes) first spoke to him in Kannada and said “ಊಟದ ನಂತರ ಬಂದು”. When the boy couldn’t understand he used the word “lunch” and said something incomprehensible. The boy still couldn’t understand and said he doesn’t understand Kannada, when this policeman raised his voice and said “Lunch is Kannada?”. As the boy was leaving the room, the policeman pointed at him and said, “Tomorrow come in full pants. This is not a market.” 

Is the police now going to dictate a dress code? Are they going to start impinging on civil liberties? Where does this end? Is the job of the police to provide public assistance or to be a hindrance?

I took time outside office work and looking after my daughter to visit the police station. A station full of police personnel couldn’t do something as simple as take my documents with reference to my passport verification. How many police personnel does it take to do something so simple? Why is it that they had no regard for my time?

How long is your “lunch break” really? I would like some clarifications.

And by the way, how many more trips should I expect to make to the police station? Is the next thing that someone will ask me to bribe them with ₹100/- to ensure that my application does get verified?


  1. Rama Murthy P says:

    I had a similar experience at RTO (when I went for a license)

    a) RTO shutters open @ 10.30 AM
    b) License application/checking etc drill starts @ 11:30AM
    c) LL test @12.30 PM
    d) LL is given after 7 days (as per SAKALA. Earlier I used to collect same day)

    I went on a weekend (SATURDAY), there is so much of rush for LL/DL etc.
    People were still standing in queues and suddenly time is up for closure( i believe it is 12.30PM).
    The concerned official was using all kinds of third languages/street ‘galis’ against the people waiting in queue and people who came for LL/DL.
    OUT-TIME is maintained 100% as per the order, but NOT IN-TIME looks like?

    I wonder how many hours the so called ‘sarkari’ employees put-in on an average daily?
    Are there any statistics?
    If they don’t put in average no. of hours/day – what is the action initiated on the concerned official.

    We, citizens, have to take ONE FULL DAY half just to get LL or DL.

    Why can’t do AUTOMATE FULLY both LL & DL issuing?
    When we can get PASSPORTS online, PAN CARD on-line and all kinds of tests (including IIT, IIM etc) are conducted on-line, what is stopping RTO to go completely ONLINE w.r.t LL & DL?

    What I guess – one of the reason might be – complete online will STOP the daily collections to all the concerned.


  2. Rama Murthy P says:

    Another experience I would like to share…
    Last month I was passing through the SANKEY TANK Road (from circle maramma Temple towards BHASYAM CIRCLE).
    Near SANKEY TANK ROAD – there are 3 roads join – one from circle maramma temple, second one from malleshwaram and thrid one from bhashyam circle…
    Near the junction, on that day, some how there is a huge traffic jam.
    One of the vehicle driver took full right from behind the queue and wanted to overtake the rest-of-us.
    One very senior police inspector caught him near the junction and started giving ‘gali’s in pure kannada which you will not forget for rest-of-your life.
    Some of the ‘gali’s’ does n’t exist anywhere in the world and in local dictionary also!.
    OMG!!! I was shocked to hear such a banned language from mouth of a VERY SENIOR POLICE INSPECTOR.

    Though driver has done a mistake, which even police also do the same, but this is not the way to punish the driver. Maximum he could have fined him to the maximum possible.

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