Personnel in BBMP to contact if you see trees being chopped down

Sudarshan Nityananda gives the following contact numbers:


South  Bangalore comes under Mr Ranganathswamy,DCF-BBMP.His number is 9480683842.
His senior is Mr N D Sudarshan who sits in the BBMp premises.His number is 9480684566.
The third person is Sathyanarayana who sits in Utility Bldg,MG Road.His number is 9480683146.
Please contact any of these people if you find trees being cut down in Bangalore.


  1. Arvind says:

    Prestige Group is developing a residential apartment complex on Banaswadi main road in Cooke Town that they are marketing as “Woodland Park”. ( The address is : Dodda Banaswadi Main Road, Cooke Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005.

    They have chopped down ten to fifteen beautiful trees on the property. This morning a beautiful, old peepul tree was being chopped down despite being on the periphery of the property and not obstructing any construction work. The peepul tree was home to all kinds of birds in the past years. I called out to the workers to stop them. They stopped momentarily and then, with an electric axe, chopped it down. In the space of a few minutes they killed the tree that took over fifty years to grow. The trees don’t have a voice, but that doesn’t mean that we can kill them without concern. What is really painful is that there was no practical purpose to chopping the peepul tree.

    I do not know if Prestige Group has BBMP’s authorisation to destroy all trees in this property or if they are acting ad hoc, and if any new plantings are going to happen. It is ridiculous and a blatant lie for Prestige to market the property as they are doing : “Prestige Woodland Park is widely spread beyond the wide area of land having most charming greenery that entirely spread all through the reach where all the people can enjoy the close proximity of all the facilities”. I do hope all prospective buyers take note that the property is a graveyard of beautiful trees, and hope that BBMP takes note to verify if Prestige Group’s tree-killing spree is authorised or not. I called BBMP at (080) 22975803 to report the case.

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