Mumbai North Central candidates: Two daughters with a legacy face off again in diverse constituency

Mumbai North Central has a record of having dismal voter turnout. As the constituency witnesses a repeat battle between sitting BJP MP Poonam Mahajan and Priya Dutt of the INC, will anything change this time?

Mumbai North Central constituency is comprised of six assembly constituencies: Vile Parle, Chandivali, Kurla, Kalina, Vandre East, Vandre West.

The constituency is very diverse, comprising areas such as Vile Parle and Bandra West where the upper class elite including several Bollywood actors reside, and on the other hand areas such as Kurla and Chandivali which have large slum communities. The constituency is knownfor its low voter turnout, having had a meagre 39.52 % voters turn up for the 2009 elections, and 48.66 % in the 2014 elections.

The nominations of 20 candidates from different political parties or standing independently have been accepted by the Election Commission of India (ECI). 4 nominations have been rejected, and 3 candidates have withdrawn their candidature.

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2014 Lok Sabha Elections 

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections 48.6% of the 1737084 electors cast their votes. Out of that Poonam Mahajan won 56.6 % of the votes winning by a margin of 186771 votes.

Top Candidates Party  Votes Secured  Vote share (Over total votes polled)
Poonam Mahajan BJP 478535 56.6 %
Priya Dutt INC 291764 34.5%
Phiroz Palkhivala AAP 34824 4.1%
Anand V Shinde BSP 10124 1.2%
NOTA ___ 6937 0.8%

Source- Election Commission of India 

Know your candidates 

Poonam Mahajan (BJP)

Mahajan is the incumbent MP from the Mumbai North Central constituency, and is the current president of BJP’s youth wing. She is the daughter of former BJP politician Pramod Mahajan.

Click here for her complete profile — personal details, performance as MP, and utilization of MPLAD funds.

Poonam Mahajan

Assets and Liabilities

Year Total Assets (Movable +Immovable)(in Rs) Total Liabilities

(in Rs)

2014 108,08,67,632 41,44,79,088
2019 2,21,03,743 NIL


Mahajan’s assets have diminished by 98% from 2014 to 2019. She states the failure of her husband’s business and the repayment of the previous liabilities as the reason for decline in assets.

Priya Dutt (INC)

Priya Dutt is a former two-time MP who has represented Mumbai North West and Mumbai North Central constituencies. She is daughter of the late actor-turned-politician Sunil Dutt and actor Nargis Dutt, and sister of actor Sanjay Dutt.

Priya Dutt contested and won the bye poll elections in 2005 from the Mumbai North West seat after her father who had held the seat passed away. She got reelected in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, but from the Mumbai North Central constituency.

During her first term she was member of

  • Committee on Empowerment of Women
  • Ccommittee on Transport, Tourism and Culture.

During her second term she was member of

  • Committee on Urban Development
  • Committee on Empowerment of Women
  • Consultative committee (Ministry of Women and Child Development)

Priya Dutt contested the 2014 Lok Sabh from the same seat but lost to Poonam Mahajan of the BJP.

  • Age-52
  • Education- BA ( Sociology); Post Graduate Diploma(T.V production)
  • Self profession- Social worker, Investor, Business
  • Contact N0- (022) 26004583/9833421616
  • Address – C-1/27, Pandora Park, New Delhi
  • Email-
  • Twitter- @PriyaDutt_INC
  • Facebook-@PriyaDutt

Source- Lok Sabha,


Dutt has developed a manifesto outlining her vision for the Mumbai North Central constituency, which can be accessed here.

Pending Criminal Cases 


Assets and Liabilities 

Year Total Assets (in Rs) Total Liability (in Rs)
2019 96,20,96,603 3,78,47,936
2014 65,50,93,802 3,34,63,408
2009 34,95,76,448 1,47,510


Details of her affidavit filed for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections can be found here.

Sneha (Sagar) Kale (Independent )

Sneha Kale will be the first transgender candidate to contest from Mumbai. She has stated that by standing and competing in elections, she would like to fight for the rights of the transgender and other marginalized communities.

Total Assets (in Rs) Total Liabilities
 1500 NIL
  • Age – 27
  • Contact No: 7304093696
  • Email id:

Pending criminal cases



Details of her affidavit filed with the Election Commission of India can be found here.

Other Candidates 

Name Party             Party Symbol Pending Criminal Cases Total Assets (in Rs) Total Liabilities (in Rs)
Abdul Rehman Anjaria: 46, Doctorate, Business profession Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi Cup and Saucer 0 10,00,402 17,09,730
Akshay Kachru Sanap: 27, 12th pass, Trainer in Fitness center Independent 0 1,71,000 1,00,000
Ankush Karande: 60,5thpass,Retired Officer/Worker Independent 0 51,82,791 11,00,000
Feroz Shaikh; 46, Post Graduate, Advocate Jan Adhikar Party Dolli 0 98,78,738 2,36,327
Noorudin Syed: 48,8th pass, Partnership Business Independent 1 8,99,830 2,60,300
Rajesh Bhavsar: 52, 12th pass, SocialWorker Bharatiya Manavadhikaar Federal Party Biscuit 5 69,417 0
Milind Kamble: 35,Graduate, Transport Business Bharath Jan Aadhar Party Fountain 0 28,92,431 4,74,321
Mohammad Shaikh: 44, 10th pass, Business Peace Party Glass Tumbler 0 13,98,000 0
Mehendi Iqbal Sayyed: 33, 8th pass, Signage fabrication business Ambedkar National Congress Gramophone 0 5,31,200 0
Imran Mustafa Khan:39, Graduate,Business Bahujan Samaj Party Elephant 0 2,66,22,008 56,44,317
Joy Bhosle: 49,12th Pass, Property consultant Independent 0 87,61,000 8,00,000
Mohammad Shah: 47,12th Pass, Business All India Minorities Front Diamond 0 11,50,550 2,00,000
Mohammad Sidiqque: 36,5th pass,Sales of clothes Independent 0 37,364 0
Harshvardhan Pandey: 29, Graduate Independent 0 85,11,000 54,29,000
Sundar Padmuk:49, Graduate, Tea sale Independent 0 6,35,500 0
Vansh Yadav: 54, Graduate, Advocate- High Court(Bombay) Independent 0 1,13,19,000 0

Issues in the constituency 

A survey in 2018  titled by A Survey on Governance Issues and Voting Behaviour by the Association for Democratic Reforms found that residents of Mumbai North Central considered better employment opportunities (51.44 %), Traffic congestion (42 %), Noise Pollution (41.26 %) as the most pressing issues in the constituency.

Voters of the constituency who live in the vicinity of the airport are reported to have expressed grievance over the stringent rules in effect in the locality that are making it impossible to repair the buildings of residence which are very old and crumbling. Rehabilitation of residents in the densely populated slum areas is also an issue.

Waste and lack of healthcare facilities are also critical issues among lower-income voters in Kurla east.

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