Lok Sabha 2024: Mumbai South Central — Know your constituency and candidates

Densely populated Mumbai South Central has seen rampant redevelopment, privatisation and contentious slum redevelopment.

Mumbai South Central is a constituency that includes areas in Mumbai such as Chembur, Anushakti Nagar, Dharavi (SC), Sion Koliwada, Wadala, and Mahim assembly constituencies. This is a diverse constituency, with a high population density.

Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest informal settlements is home to an estimated one million people and is a known hub for recycling, leather, and pottery mirco-industries. Chembur, which used to be mostly industrial land with the presence of BARC and RCF, is rapidly transforming into a prime location for real-estate developers, building middle income and luxurious high rises in the area. Anushakti Nagar, a self-contained, planned neighbourhood, is composed of employees of Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India in Mumbai community with a population of about 45,000.

The constituency was formed before 1952. The current incumbent MP is Rahul Ramesh Shewale from Shiv Sena. It is one of the biggest in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area, and is completely urbanised.

Constituency map

Mumbai South Central constituency comprises areas such as Chembur, Anushakti Nagar, Dharavi, Sion Koliwada, Wadala, and Mahim

At a glance – Mumbai South Central constituency

Constituency NameMumbai South Central
Number of voters 13,88,390 (as per 2009 election commission data)
Male voters7,52,639
Female voters 6,35,660
Source: indiavotes.com

Find your polling booth

Use your EPIC number in the voter id cards to find the booth information here.

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Key candidates contesting in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Read more about the incumbent MP, Rahul Shewale, here.

Candidates for 2024
Rahul Ramesh Shewale, 51
Shiv Sena
Education: Diploma In Civil Engineering
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 3 Crores+
Total liabilities: Rs. 4 Crore+
Click here for affidavit
Anil Yeshwant Desai, 66
Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray)
Education: Graduate Professional
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 22 Crore+
Total liabilities: 2 Crore+
Click here for affidavit
Abul Hasan Ali Hasan Khan, 53
Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi
Education: 12th Pass
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 27 Crore+
Total liabilities: Rs. 5 Crore+
Click here for affidavit
Adv Mahendra Tulshiram Bhingardive, 47
Right to Recall Party
Education: Graduate professional
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 1 Crore+
Total liabilities: 6 Lakhs+
Click here for affidavit
Adv Santosh Punjiram Sanjkar, 48
Education: Post Graduate
Pending criminal cases: 4

Total assets: Rs. 16 Lakhs+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Akash Laxman Kharatmal, 62
Education: 5th Pass
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 6 Lakhs+
Total liabilities:
Click here for affidavit
Ashwini Kumar Pathak, 39
Education: Graduate Professional
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 12 Lacs+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Deepak M Chaugule, 36
Bahujan Republican Socialist Party
Education: Post Graduate
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: 15 Lakhs+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Dr Arjun Mahadeo Murudkar, 77
Bharatheeya Jawan Kisan Party
Education: Doctorate
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: 64.92 lakhs+
Total liabilities: 20 lakhs+
Click here for affidavit
Ishwar Vilas Tathawade, 47
Rashtriya Mahaswaraj Bhumi Party
Education: Graduate
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: 1 lakh+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Jahid Ali Nasir Ahmed Shaikh, 37
Aazad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram)
Education: 8th Pass
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: 27 Lakh+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Karam Hussain Kitabullah Khan, 50
Peace Party
Education: 8th pass
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: 1 Crore+
Total liabilities: 0
Click here for affidavit
Saeed Choudhary, 49
Social Democratic Party Of India
Education: 8th pass
Pending criminal cases: 5

Total assets: Rs. 36 Lakhs+
Total liabilities: Rs. 31 Thousand+
Click here for affidavit
Vidhyasagar Alias Suresh Bhimrao Vidhyagar, 49
Bahujan Samaj Party
Education: Graduate
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 78 Lakhs+
Total liabilities: Rs. 28 Lakhs+
Click here for affidavit
Vivek Yeshwant Patil, 61
Education: Government Commercial Diploma
Pending criminal cases: 0

Total assets: Rs. 10 Crore+
Total liabilities: Rs. 37 Lakhs+
Click here for affidavit
Sources: eci.gov.inmyneta.info

Additional information

Out of 41 applications for candidature, 18 were rejected due to various reasons. A total of 23 were accepted and 15 are finally contesting in the Mumbai South Central constituency. Incumbent MP Rahul Shewale is also contesting. Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balsaheb Thackeray) has fielded senior leader Anil Desai against Shewale, who went with Eknath Shinde when the internal rebellion took place. Four of these candidates are independents.

Past election results

2019Candidate NamePartyVotesPercentage
1Rahul Ramesh ShewaleSHS4,23,74354.21%
2Eknath M. GaikwadINC2,72,39334.85%
3Bhosale Sanjay SushilVBA63,256 8.09%
4Ahmed Shakil Sagir Ahmd ShaikhBSP86231.1%
5Godfrey Noble DMSK21980.28%
Source: https://www.eci.gov.in/
1Rahul Ramesh ShewaleSHS3,80,74750.19%
2Eknath M. GaikwadINC2,42,70131.99%
3Aditya Rajan ShirodkarMNS73,0269.63%
4Sundar BalakrishnanAAAP27,6723.65 %
5Adv Ayyar GaneshBSP14,7541.94%
Source: https://www.eci.gov.in

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Key issues in Mumbai South Central constituency

In the last few years, Mumbai South Central, has seen a number of redevelopment projects among slum areas and low income neighbourhoods. These are usually carried out by private developers contracted by the government with specific compensatory plans and eligibility criteria for beneficiaries.

Redevelopment however has been a contentious issue, sparking protests or dissatisfaction among those living in these sites, given profit motives of developers, and a lack of adequate consultation carried out with residents. 

As far back as 1981, Dharavi’s redevelopment had long captured the imaginations of governments and private builders over the years, with several plans to redevelop the buildings, provide free housing for residents, and clearing up space for infrastructure building, coming up over the years. Yet, 43 years later, none of these projects have come to fruition.

night view of BKC and dharavi
Dharavi redevelopment has been in the works for several years now. The current project offers residents houses of 350 sq feet. Pic: Logan King, Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

In 2004 The Maharashtra government launched the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP), running with a development plan by luxury architect Mukesh Mehta. The attempt was foiled by large scale protests from Dharavi residents coupled with the financial crisis of 2008. 

In September of 2022, Adani Group won the government’s latest bid for Dharavi’s redevelopment– which will be carried out via a Special Purpose Vehicle ( Adani having 80% stake, leaving the remaining 20% with the government).

However, in December of 2023, a protest was held by residents of Dharavi, organised by Shiv Sena and other opposition parties, to express dissent towards the Rs 23,000 crore redevelopment project.

According to reports, residents fear that many local businesses which run partially in residential spaces, will suffer due to the project. They also worry that several lakh residents could be disregarded as they live on upper floors in the informal settlement.  

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Other redevelopment projects in Mumbai South Central

Despite the promises of mobility and comfort that redevelopment carries, the process can be debilitating in itself, as one can see in other projects that are going on in Mumbai south central region.

Take Wadala’s Azad Nagar, where over 200 residents living in chawls protested in 2019, as they were not paid agreed rental compensation by RNA, a developer in charge of re-developing the chawls of more than 300 displaced families. In 2019, these families gathered at the 8.3 acre plot where their homes once stood, protesting the 4 year long delay in the plot’s development by the builder. 

In Sion Koliwada, re-development of Sindhi refugee quarters has been approved by the Maharashtra Government. These quarters were first occupied by Punjabi, Sikh, and Sindhi migrants who were displaced during partition, along with their descendants. The BMC even demolished many of these buildings in 2020, displacing many families adding to those who had already left to other parts of town, renting their allocated unit out. 

The redevelopment will be carried out by MHADA and a private redevelopment company, with the aim of developing the area like the BDD (Bombay Development Department) chawls. It will be important to see how the redevelopment takes place, whether it will be carried out in consultation with those who will occupy these buildings.

Apart from low income housing, privatisation of transport has been on the rise. 

Fleet sizes of public BEST buses have considerably reduced, along with a number of important routes, putting many BEST employees out of work. Pic: Wikimedia Commons/ R Srikanth (CC BY:SA 4.0)

Last year protests were held in Wadala bus depot by trade unions to prevent bus systems from being handed over to private companies. In 2022, BEST employees at the Pratiksha Nagar bus depot in Sion were transferred at one gland in their place, drivers hired to maintain a private fleet of buses were given charge of the bus stop.

This is part of a larger trend across the city, whereby a number of public buses have reduced in their fleet size, many routes have been discontinued, leaving a number of BEST employees out of work. While the operation of BEST doesn’t directly come under the jurisdiction of the Lok Sabha elected representative, the MP could play an important role in driving conversations, problematising, and adding pressure to other state bodies on the matter of privatisation of public services in their constituency.

Mumbai South Central candidates in the news

Rahul Ramesh Shewale

In March of this year, Shewale led a proposal to to change the names of eight railway stations in Mumbai in the place of their English counterparts, in an attempt to ‘decolonise’ the nomenclature of the city. The Mumbai Central station will be renamed as the Nana Jagannath Shankarsheth station. Curry Road will be renamed as Lalbaug, Sandhurst Road as Dongri, Marine Lines as Mumbadevi and Charni Road as Girgaon.

Historians and academics have been critical of the proposal, stating that many of these names do not have any direct colonial connections.

Anil Desai

Anil Desai is a two-time Rajya Sabha MP, contesting parliamentary elections for the first time. In a recent interview with TOI, Desai said that his party was facing the bias of ECI. While no objection was raised when PM Modi was asking voters to say Bajrang Bali while casting their votes, the ECI objected to Jai Bhavani in the anthem by his party, he said. Earlier this year, Desai was in the news when he was summoned by Mumbai Police’s Economic Offences Wing for alleged unauthorised withdrawal of Rs 50 crore from the party fund.

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