Jadavpur Lok Sabha candidates: Glamour vs political experience vs young blood

It is one of the most prestigious parliamentary constituencies in West Bengal with a mix of urban voters from Kolkata city and semi urban voters from the peripheries. A popular cinema actor is pitted against a veteran of the Left party, while former Trinamool MP is in the fray as a BJP candidate. Know more about the contest here.

A high profile constituency situated within Kolkata, Jadavpur has historically seen political heavyweights, educationists, performing artists and even the current chief minister Mamata Banerjee contesting the seat. Once considered a Left bastion, it saw the first upset in 1984, when CPM veteran Somnath Chatterjee was defeated by Mamata Banerjee, then representing the Indian National Congress.

While the Communist Party did wrest the seat back in 1989, from 1996 onwards, the Trinamool Congress (initially with the INC, and thereafter as a registered party itself) won it for three consecutive terms. There was a reversal of fortunes for the 14th Lok Sabha (2004) with the CPM candidate emerging winner again.

Thereafter, in 2009 and 2014, the seat went back to TMC – won by popular poet-singer Kabir Suman in the first and then by the current MP, Sugato Bose, Harvard historian and great-nephew of Subhash Chandra Bose.

In the recent history of Lok Sabha elections, therefore, Jadavpur has seen something of a seesaw ride, and contests have never really been easy to predict; this time too, it is expected to be a reasonably balanced fight between a fresh entrant, popular actor Mimi Chakraborty fielded by Trinamool in a somewhat surprise move and former mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya fielded by the CPM. A bit of an underdog at the moment, but one not entirely incapable of causing an upset, is BJP candidate Anupam Hazra, who was expelled from the TMC for anti-party activities. The INC has not fielded any candidate from the constituency.

Subsequent to the delimitation exercise of 2008, Jadavpur has come to consist of the seven Assembly segments of Baruipur Purba, Baruipur Paschim, Sonarpur Dakshin, Bhangor, Jadavpur, Sonarpur Uttar and Tollygunge.

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Note – Map for representation purpose | Source – http://datameet.org

According to the Chief Electoral Officer, West Bengal  the parliamentary constituency has 18,16, 117 voters [909071 male, 906971 female and 75 other]. The electorate is comprised of a mix of rural and urban voters.

2014 Lok Sabha Elections

Incumbent MP: Sugata Bose, AITC

Name of candidate Party Votes secured Vote share (over total votes polled)
Sugata Bose AITC 584244 45.83%
Sujan Chakraborty CPM 459041 36.01%
Dr Sarup Prasad Ghosh BJP 155511 12.2%
None of the Above (NOTA) 15667 1.23%

Source: ECI

Know your candidates

A total of 13 candidates are contesting from the constituency after the ECI rejected five applications. Given below are the details of some of the key candidates from the area.

  • Mimi Chakraborty, All India Trinamool Congress

A new entrant into politics, Mimi Chakraborty is a popular television and big screen actor. Originally from the North Bengal district of Jalpaiguri, she completed graduation from a Kolkata college and earned her first break in television. The party’s choice of Mimi, a political novice, as a candidate came as a surprise to many and her campaign has created its own share of controversies.

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Personal details

  • Age: 30 years
  • Education: Graduate (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Profession: Cinema and television artist
  • Email: chakrabortymimi.mc@gmail.com
  • Phone: 8017391214

Pending criminal cases: None

Assets and Liabilities

Movable Assets (INR) 1,24,70,111
Immovable Assets (INR) 1,19,28,675
Total assets (INR) 2.44 crore approx
Liabilities (INR) 19 lakh approx

More details about her can be found in the affidavit here.

In the news

  • Actress turned politician, Mimi Chakraborty uploaded a vibrant picture of her wearing Hijaab on her Twitter handle. Her post was criticised by many, who found political motive behind the post.
  • She was at the centre of social media trolling after a photo of her wearing gloves while shaking hands with people during the campaign went viral.

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Women’s safety is important but so is the overall safety of all citizens: Mimi Chakraborty, TMC candidate, Jadavpur

  • Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, CPM

A lawyer by profession, Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya is a veteran in politics, having joined as a student. Highly accomplished in his legal career, he has served as Advocate General of the state of Tripura. Between 2005 and 2010, he was the Mayor of Kolkata.

In the current elections, while the Left parties in Bengal are staring at a near complete wipe-out, it is widely murmured that if they do manage to secure one seat within urban limits, it may be in Jadavpur.

Pic: Facebook

Personal details

Pending criminal cases: None

Self Spouse Total
Movable Assets (INR) 7,79,46,179 64,87,984 8.44 crore approx
Immovable Assets (INR) 56, 00,000 3,00,00,000 3.56 crore
Total Assets (INR) 8,35,46179 3,64,87,984 12 crore approx
Liabilities (INR) NIL 2,43,58,926 2.43 cr approx

More information and details about Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya can be found in his affidavit here.

In the news

Trinamool Congress leader, Najrul Islam has lodged an FIR against Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya for allegedly threatening the family members of the former

  • Anupam Hazra, BJP

Anupam Hazra, previously with the AITC, contested and won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from the parliamentary constituency of Bolpur in West Bengal. Holding a doctoral degree in social work, Anupam is said to have worked in the development sector and has contributed to various academic journals.

In January 2019, Anupam was expelled by the Trinamool party for alleged anti-party activities and subsequently joined the BJP.

Pic: Facebook

Personal details

Pending criminal cases: None

Assets and Liabilities

Movable Assets (INR) 96,81,986
Immovable Assets (INR) 37,50,000
Total assets (INR) 1.34 crore approx
Liabilities (INR) NIL

More details and information about Anupam Hazra can be found in his affidavit here.

In the news

  • Anupam Hazra, a former Trinamool Congress leader was in the news most recently for declaring that five to seven TMC legislators are interested to join the BJP.
  • Triggering massive speculation, Anupam Hazra met Trinamool strongman from Birbhum, Anubrata Mondal on April 29.
  • Earlier this year, the leader was expelled from the AITC and joined the BJP. He said he felt politically handicapped in the party as he had to do what the party wanted, and not the people.

List of other candidates from the constituency

[Please click on names to view all details in affidavit]

Candidate Name  Age, Qualification, Profession Party
Bimal Krishna Mandal


Post Graduate, 59, Entrepreneur Bahujan Samaj Party
Anuradha Putatunda


Graduate, 64, Political worker Party for Democratic Socialism
Gopal Naskar


10th, 45, Entrepreneur Rashtriya Janasachetan Party
Dr Nazrul Islam


D Litt, 65, IPS (retired) Mulnibasi Party of India
Rupa Khan


MBA, 50, Social Worker Bharatiya Nyay- Adhikar Raksha Party
Sujata Banerjee


B.Sc, 64, Tutor Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist)
Atanu Chatterjee


BA.LLB, 30, Legal Practice Independent
Kartik Kayal


Bachelor of Commerce,42, Tutor Independent
Kartick Nasar


12th, 68, Social work Independent
Mangal Kumar Sardar


B.A, 30, Tutor Independent

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