Police to issue passes to essential services staff, delivery personnel, media

Amid some complaints that the police are not allowing movement of staff involved in essential services during the lockdown, Bengaluru city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao issued a memo that specified who would be allowed to travel in the city. The police would be giving passes to them, his memo says.

The Bengaluru City Police (BCP) has introduced a pass system to regulate the movement of people during the 21-day lockdown that began at midnight on Monday.

According to the BCP memo, passes would be issued at the offices of the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioners of Police (Law & Order) and would be made available 24/7 on the submission of a standard application form. Staff at DCP offices would be working in three shifts to issue these passes, the memo said.

The memo, signed by city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao, said that two types of passes would be issued – one for persons and the other for vehicles.

Who are eligible for passes?

Staff of medical establishments – hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, nursing homes, laboratories, ambulance services etc – would be given passes. So would IT and IT-enabled Services (ITeS) employees working for essential services, and power generation, transmission and distribution employees.

Passes would be issued to private security guards; petrol, gas station and retail LPG employees; employees of banks, ATMs, insurance companies; delivery agents of food aggregator services (Swiggy, Zomato etc), online pharmaceutical companies (1 mg, Netmeds etc) and ecommerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart etc), the memo said.

Staff of ration and grocery shops, dairies, meat and fish stalls and those working in animal fodder stores would also get passes. Print and electronic media persons would also require passes, the police commissioner’s memo said.

Staff of capital and debt market services, employees of cold storage and warehousing services, staff working for manufacturing units of essential commodities, staff engaged in the transportation of essential goods, and staff of hotels and lodges that are accommodating tourists stranded due to Covid-19 and earmarked for quarantine facilities, would also get passes, the memo said.

Passes not required for some categories

Passes would not be issued for government vehicles with ‘G’ registration plates, goods vehicles, and employees of the High Court. All government and High Court employees were directed to carry their department-issued ID cards.

Addendum (Updated on April 1, 2020)

Police Commissioner answers readers’ questions on movement passes

Following the publication of City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao’s memo by us on March 25 – about movement passes to certain categories of people and businesses – readers came up with many queries. Most of them wanted to know how and if they can avail a movement pass.

As there were more questions than could be answered individually, we grouped them based on overlaps, and sought answers from the Police Commissioner for a dozen of them. Excerpts from a telephonic interview by Manoj Sharma.

Qn:“Sir, we supply raw meat and we are facing trouble serving the customers as there is no proper transportation of the stock and supply. I hereby request the police to issue me a pass.” – Mohammed Rafi.

Bhaskar Rao: “Supplying raw meat is allowed. Food falls under essential service and you are allowed to transport it. Go ahead.”

Qn: “I am from Bengaluru and stuck in Secunderabad due to the lockdown. I am a heart patient and my 85-year-old father, wife and 9-year-old son are alone. I have to go back.” – Mohammed Salahuddin.

Bhaskar Rao: “Please stay wherever you are. You’re not allowed to travel until the lockdown orders are lifted.”

Qn: “I am a lorry owner and we transport food items such as wheat, rice, etc. We are facing a serious problem with the police. I request the Bangalore commissioner of police to issue a pass.” – Mohammed Rabbani A.

Bhaskar Rao: “You are absolutely safe. You can transport in your vehicle as far as you are carrying food items. But kindly put stickers on your vehicle, carry your identity cards and kindly wear uniforms assigned for lorry drivers. Most importantly, maintain social distance.”

Qn: “Let me know if tissue manufacturing comes under essential goods. We need to supply to hospitals. We have received enquires from hospitals.” – Pramod.

Bhaskar Rao: “Kindly contact officials from health department (to check) whether you come under essential services or not. If your commodity comes under essential services, you can get the pass.”

Qn: “I need take my wife to Mysuru as she’s carrying (in her last stage of pregnancy); it is for care by our parents during this crucial time. Please let me know how and where I can get a pass. Suggest what is the best possible way to travel from Bengaluru to Mysuru.”  – Harish Gajendra.

Bhaskar Rao: “No, you cannot travel anywhere. Please hold till lockdown orders are lifted. Kindly contact police officials in case of any emergency.”

Qn: “I’m a vegetable vendor. I bring vegetables from the market and sell to customers. I need a pass. Would they provide us (the pass) as I won’t have a shop license, but have all my documents like Aadhar and PAN card.”  –Abhilash.

Bhaskar Rao: “You can get it from the APMC yard or wherever, as farmers are allowed to bring vegetables from villages and sell it to the vendors. Let the customers walk into your shop and buy vegetables as per their need.

Qn: “How to apply for e-passes for insurance sector as it is listed as essential service.” –Kiran Gaikwad.

Bhaskar Rao: “No. You are not allowed to travel and you will not be issued a pass.”

Qn: “I want to give one month extra pay to our workers as they are very poor. This situation was very sudden. So, I want this pass only for one day. It is a request because they don’t have food to eat.” –Khushal

Bhaskar Rao: “No. You can’t get a pass. Make an online payment and let your workers withdraw money at ATMs.”

Qn: “Our son studying in Manipal (near Udupi) is staying in the college hostel. The college declared a holiday only on 23rd March at 3 pm. Can you please give permission to pick him from hostel and bring him home.” –Divya MG.

Bhaskar Rao: “Yes you are allowed to bring your son home only after the lockdown is lifted. Let your son stay at his hostel till then.”

Qn: “I am from Davangere working in a diagnostic company in Bengaluru. Yesterday I did my health check-up and found my hemoglobin percentage is seriously high at 22.1. I consulted my doctor via phone and he insisted that I go back home as I am at higher stroke and cardiac risk. As I am alone and my family is in Davangere, I need to go back home and get the treatment. Kindly permit me to reach my home town.” – Raghavendra M R.

Bhaskar Rao: “Please stay wherever you are. You don’t have to travel to your hometown. No need to panic. In case of any emergency or health issues, call the police for help. They will ensure that you get medical help.”

Qn: “Sir, I need to get my 50-day-old child vaccinated. Can you pls issue…or let me know how to get it.” – Sharath.

Bhaskar Rao: “You can travel and no need to panic. You will not face any problems to consult doctors. Kindly carry the necessary medical certificates to get your child within city limits.”

[Update: Bengaluru City Police has released a detailed FAQ to respond to citizens’ questions about movement passes. Read the FAQ here].


  1. SREEKRISHNA says:

    Respected sir

    Kindly ensure passes issued to healthy personal of respective Services along with guidelines of revised delivery process in accordance with present scenario such as handing over to security area, sanitised packing methods etc. Kindly not be mechanical while issuing passes and should be issued certified personal of respective firms who proves that they have followed due diligence while recommending passes. I have 100% confidence that your high office will be following more and more guidelines still wrote a bit.

  2. RAVINDRA g iNDIKAR says:

    I am working in nationalize bank Majestic Bangalore Branch and I am staying at MS Palya
    Vidyaranyapura Post 560097, Please How I can get Essential Duty Pass, 1.My Area Comes Which DCP Office means from where to get pass..Concered DCP Office Address. 2.Whether I will get Blank Pass/or I have to Download from which web site.

  3. K. Pradeep Solomon says:

    i want pass

  4. Dobbin says:

    I would like to bring my fmly as they are in Bangalore and I’m m in Gujarat so I need a pass to travel and bring them back


      I am a senior citizen. I went to the DCP office in Whitefield, stood there in queue for three hours in the hot sun and came empty handed. The staff says you can apply online, but they do not know the link or the website. But it may be announced. Kindly help if online procedure has started. Thanks and regards

  5. Divya MG says:

    Respected Sir
    Our son studying in Manipal (near Udupi) is staying in Manipal college hostel and college declared holiday only on 23rd March at 3pm. Can you please give permission we want to pick him from hostel and bring home. Kindly do needful.
    Jayanth and Divya
    Mobile: 9449994478

    • Mohammed faiz says:

      Hi iam facing very serious problem that ihave a mutton shop that i cant able to tranfer my iteam from my shop by police so i want pass to travel my iteam without facing any problem

    • Shahbaz says:

      I have grocery store
      To buy any items
      I want scooter pass

  6. Arvind g solanki says:

    Sir my family only 1 mambuer

  7. Naresh Reddy K says:

    How to apply for pass through online or what is the process.

    • Khushal says:

      Want to give one month extra payment to our workers as they are very poor . This situation was very sudden so want this pass only for one day.Its a request because they don’t have food to eat also. Thank you

    • Kishore b n says:


    • Pushpinder singh says:

      I have a Rice milling plant at moradabad utter Pradesh. I lived in TDI city Kundli. We have essenal unit

  8. Jayavanth rao says:

    I am working with DHL logistics PVt ltd. We are authorized custom broker have to work in customs area for import and export in order to complete customs formalities which is one of the essential services.

  9. Kiran gaikwad says:

    How to apply for E passes for insurance sector as its listed as essiential service.

  10. abdul rasheed says:

    How to apply vechile pass
    For poultry vechile

  11. Nandish says:

    I am stuck in Bangalore with my family and wanted to travel to my hometown Davangere which is 4 hours away from Bangalore within Karnataka. How can i get permission to travel to my home from Bangalore? Please provide details and help.


    I am a doctor how do I get a pass

  13. Abhilash says:

    I’m a vegetable vendor I shud bring a vegetables from market and sell to the customers whom ever needed I shud also needed the pass would dey provide us because i wont hav licience for the shop but I hav all my documents like adhar and pan .

  14. Anand says:

    How to curb the menace of rowdy elements bike jacking and wheeling with modified silencers driving in rash and negligent way harmful to others and senior citizens
    These people have to be fined heavily, jailed for causing risk to others lives and causing sound and air pollution
    Provision be made to upload Whatsapp on police no’s to create awareness and punish the guilty
    All cars and two wheelers to be parked inside their respective premises and not on road,people have taken for granted the road in front and sorrounding their house is their right
    Please help and bring in a law to curb parking on roads haphazardly

  15. Harish gajendra says:

    Hello sir,

    I need take my wife to mysore as she carrying her last stage of her pregnancy to take care of her health by our parents during this crucial time. Please let me know how and where do I get pass for the same and I’m staying in devinagar, bangalore. Suggest me what would best possible way to travel from bangalore to mysore.

    • Shivananjaiah says:

      Sir, I am a accounts officer of Hospital, I need to go to hospital for making some hospital emergency payment against supply of consumables , medicines and salary payment has to be made. Can you suggest me what has to be done. I have my hospital I D card.

  16. Sanjay Chaturvedi says:

    Sir/madam I,m social worker i want pass for social services

  17. Sahajhan Shaikh says:

    requirement biker person pass

  18. Pramod says:

    Let me know, tissue manufacturing products will comes under essential goods ?

    We need to supply hospitals? We have received the the enquires from Hospitals .

    Can we get pass

  19. Samudita says:

    In my apartment delivery till door has been stopped. Would this not make us go out to collect the things?? Is there any rule by government to stop delivery guys at gate??

  20. Mohammed Rabbani A says:

    I am a lorry owner and we transport food items such as atta,wheat, rice , etc and we are facing a serious problem by police . I request the banglote commissoner of police to issue a pass .

  21. Jagath says:


    I want to travel to my place coorg from Bangalore. Please help me whether i should take pass or I can go without pass. Mom s alone in coorg and she is heart patient.

    • Raghu says:

      Pass is for essential supply not for personnel use

    • Hameed Hussain says:

      Sir my name is Hameed Hussain as I am from Bangalore as my wife and children’s are stuck in Chintamani and my younger child not feeling well I want to get my family back to Bangalore pls I request to give me a pass so that I can get my family back thank u

  22. Anil says:

    I need to go my native, since there is no transport services because of COVID-19, could you suggest when I can be facilitated for the same..

    • Mohammed Salahuddin says:

      Iam from Bangalore struck in secendrabad due to lock down Iam heart patient and my 85 yrs old father, wife and 9 yr son are alone I have to go back please let me know


    The online websites or portals to submit forms/application for obtaining vehicle/personal passes to essentials services are not available/opening. Please let us know the link and guidelines please. We are badly in need of these passes. Mob.9590343444 (eMail-infomiraclebusinessservices@gmail.com)

    • Rajesh says:

      Hi sir
      My wife taking medical treatment at Pune, we need to travel Pune by 12th for her 3rd checkup. Please provide essential pass for ambulance

      • Preetham says:

        Hi. I have a newly built house in suryanagar 2 nd phase by Candapura. The construction workers have left to their home town and there is no one by the house. It is a deserted area and I want to look for a security there and ask him to look after as there have been a lot of robberies lately
        Would request you to give me a travel pass so can go there once in a week like used to before the lockdown. Please, will be of great help.

  24. Mohammed Rafi says:

    Sir,I’m from a animal husbandry farming as we supply raw meat to the youth of Karnataka and we are facing allot of trouble while serving the customers and there is no proper transportation of the stock and supply. I hereby request the deputy commissioner of Karnataka to issue me the following pass to serve the city -Thanking you

  25. Nilay Patel says:

    Ahmedabad police doing like this or not? I don’t know about that…

    • Sharavana says:

      Sir.. Now I am in jigini but my mother stucked in my relative home at rajajinagar she is an asthma and tv patient she forget her medicine here so I requesting u if u issue the pass I will go and give her medicine and come back to jigini I requesting u at least give me 4hour pass

    • Imtiyaz says:

      Aasalam walkum I am from Shampura road I want to social Sercice

    • DANISH AHMED says:

      Sir iam form Ambur my wife mother home in krpuram this time is wife delivery time she is government hospital please give me pass urgently

    • Syed Salman says:

      Sir I own a electric motor repair shop in Bengaluru, as I am getting many complaints from rice mills, atta mills regarding machine failures, can I get a pass to visit the factory to solve the problems

  26. Sriram Ambrish V says:

    I am working for St. Johns Medical College Hospital. I am Essential employee, how do I get movement police pass online?

  27. Manjunath Rao m says:

    Sir I’m working in dunzo delivery boy iwant request for the pass Sir

  28. Narendra says:

    Sir plz let me know how to get pass

  29. Vanitha says:

    I have a pest control company, I have to provide the services for the banks , I am getting calls from the branches that they require a pest control service immediately how do I take the pass

  30. B.Lokeshkumar says:

    Respected sit, my name is B.Lokeshkumar, i am having a Provision store i need pass for buying goods from market.

  31. Binnu mathews says:

    We are a testing laboratory. We want to apply for bulk e pass for 20 people. Kindly let us know the procedure

  32. Ateeqh says:

    I required a pass as I’m a social services .. And I’m a 120 ward member of Bangalore cottonpet area so kindly requesting u to issue the passes as soon as possible .

  33. Goutam Majhi says:

    Dt.23rd March 2020

    This is to state and certify that Mr.GOUTAM MAJHI,S/O LT. Rabindra Nath Majhi, present resident of ,B-14,Santosh Reddy Building , Munikllala, Marathalli,Bangalore,-37 Karnataka is working as an in charge of medical operation in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of above mentioned Hospital and is taking charge of all day to day operations in hospitals , It is of paramount importance of Intensive Care Unit(ICU) ,we request none to cause hindrances to his movement as his 100% dedication is/has directly or indirectly to saved valuable human life. He is using vehicle having registration No. KA 04 JJ 9000.

    Thanking You
    Yours Faithfully.


  34. Harsha says:

    Please provide the passes to go to our native it will be very helpful

  35. Sharath g says:

    We have e commerce business how can we apply pass in wich website??

  36. Mohamed usman says:

    Medical prefesonell i need pass

  37. Syed Ameeruddin says:

    As I approached dcp office in Ulsoor to issue the pass but they denied saying that it will be available online…..please help me with me with link if its available

  38. Mohammed Maheen Ulla Sharieff says:

    Sir iam Social Worker I want pass for Social services, thanks

  39. Yathish says:

    Hi need pass for essential services can i get the link for that?

  40. Salman Shariff says:

    I want permission

  41. Ruchika says:

    Hi Team,

    I am from kolkata and stuck in Bangalore due to lockdown want to go back home. Please let me know if there is a way out to go back home.

  42. Salman K says:

    Namaste sir,
    Im Salman K from JP NAGAR Bangalore, i want to travel Chitradurga, its an emergency becouse my father is suffaring from Gangren diabetic desies just last week he got discharge from hospital after emputetion of above knee, and im the only one son to parents i has to take him hospital an every alternate day for dressing no one is there to take my father to hospital, please allow me a pass to reach chitradurga, last week i came here to bangalore for office work but i stoucked here, please help me out even i hv my fathers reports also with me which i has ahow to the docter for forther treatment and followups

  43. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Respected Sir/Mam

    As my Daughter (8 yrs old) went to my native (my mother home) to Coimbatore on 20th… bcoz of school(closed) holidays she went there for 1 week…Immediately they announced that Sunday (22nd) will be total lockdown.. on the same day they announced till 31st will be lockdown.. now they announced that there will be lockdown till 21 days… After hearing this news everyday she is crying lot… We don’t know what to do.. here we both are crying like a kid.. we don’t know till how long it will take to solve this issue.. we are suffering more.. pls help us
    After 10 years we got her as a
    God’s Gift..
    Pls pls pls help us to get the vehicle pass (two wheeler or car pass) and we will bring her back to Bangalore…

    Thanking you,
    Vinod and Dhanalakshmi

  44. Rizwan Alam Ansari says:

    We are engaged in poultry processing of fresh products.How we can get the pass for delivering of our products in the city ?Although we are belong to daily essential.
    Please guide us

  45. Sivakumar G says:

    Hi Team,

    This is Siva, My wife is carrying and expecting next week April 3rd,she is in coimbatore,Tamilnadu. i struck in Bangalore because of 144, kindly advice how can i go out from Karnataka border to Tamilnadu. please help me.


    We are hospital service emergency in karnataka and tamilnadu generator service

  47. elayaraja says:

    How to apply for pass through online or what is the process.

    I am apartment maintenance service provider my electrician plumber
    operator housekeeping team all daily given service 24/7 please i want pass

  48. Raghavendra M R says:

    Respected sir

    I am from davangere working in Bangalore in a diagnostic company. Yesterday I did my health check-up and found my hemoglobin percentage is seriously high at 22.1. I consulted my doctor via phone and he insisted to go back home as I am at higher stroke and cardiac risk. As I am alone and my family is in davangere I need to go back home and get the treatment. Kindly permit me to reach my home town.

  49. Akash says:

    Dear sir
    My brother is stuck in Bangalore he is not getting food to eat because of lock down please help him he want to go to his native as his grandmother is serious

  50. Mehboob Pasha says:

    My name Mehboob pasha running company called Hind services we provide utility services(concierge services)to corporate office called Zyme solutions all branches in Bangalore requesting to issue me permission pass to supply food to the company securities thanking you

    • Mehboob Pasha says:

      My name Mehboob pasha running company called Hind services we provide utility services(concierge services)to corporate office called Zyme solutions all branches in Bangalore requesting to issue me permission pass to supply food to the company securities thanking you

  51. Rajashekhar Patil says:

    Respected Sir

    I’m a job holder in Bengaluru Staying in HSR Layout I wanted to travel to my hometown Gulbarga. I’m Staying in PG I’m facing accommodation and food Problem Please help me to get a pass go to my native

  52. Chethan says:

    Hi sir except me everyone is in home town because of that I’m facing food problem so I need to go my native place so is it possible to get pass to go my native

  53. Abin M Mammala says:

    Our charitable trust would like to distribute food kit to the needy. Kindly let us know the procedure for getting a pass. For Alms Foundation.Abin

  54. Manjunath Prabhu says:

    The online websites or portals to submit forms/application for obtaining vehicle/personal passes to essentials services are not available. Please let us know the link and guidelines please

  55. Vikram Bhasker says:

    Need feeder pass, sir. Please help as animals are starving on road and very less number of hand to feed them.


  56. Rahul Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir
    I belongs to kannauj Uttar Pradesh and working in Hubbli for Luminous power technologies Pvt Ltd and I have two kids of age 3yr and 6 month and my parents are senior Citizen . My small kid is not well rightnow so there is no buddy to takecare of my family in my absense so long period

    Kindly provide me travelling pass for going to My home town


  57. sujatha says:

    Sir husband is central government employe my father expired so his third day ceremony has to be done so kindly provide pass to go to sangam

  58. Surya says:

    Hi sir this is Surya
    I am. A lift service man I am getting calls for emergency like I struck in lift.
    Please give me pass sir

  59. Chandana says:

    How do we get or apply for passes I am a social worker and it is essential for me to travel

  60. Shabrin says:

    In need pass for my kids for milk medical things and house hold things like ration for ur kind request

  61. Nazeer Khan says:

    Hi sir I have goods vehicle I want to supply the fruits and vegetables to the market from agriculture firm so i need vehicle pass

  62. mayur sarbhukan says:

    Respected sir,
    i want to pass to go home I dont have money so i cant leave in so plz give me pass

  63. Deeksha says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please help.

    I have sent my 7 yrs daughter for 1 week stay to mangalore.Due to immediate lockdown we couldn’t able to travel from Bangalore to mangalore. Now daily she is crying there and we are not in a position to wait till 14th April. Please assist to issue a pass to travel from bangalore to mangalore.

  64. Ashray C S says:

    Sir Iam from thirthahalli ,shimoga .
    I want to go to my native from banglore , because of the medical emergency of my mother .So please issue the pass for me.

  65. Raghavendra H says:

    I Sir,

    i need a pass to meet Dr appointment on 4th april, could you please let me know how do i get my pass to travel from home to hospital

  66. Balabharathi says:

    My wife is 2 month pregnant and we have 1.5 yr old baby.. she is getting sick as this is First trimester, we cant able to take care of baby, herself and office work, all are collapsing. We need to travel to hometown as we need our parents help at this time as her health is getting worse day by day. Kindly help me to get pass, so we can travel in our own vehicle. Please help us

  67. Shiv Rao says:

    it is pointless to publish this news when you are not providing a link to get the pass. Get to be practical & don’t waste others time at this hour of crisis when essential services team are tirelessly working round the clock to get the grip of the situation.
    Provide proper link or just don’t waste time at this hour which is criminal

  68. Sharath says:

    Sir, this app is not working,i need to get my 50 days child vaccinated …can u pls issue…or let me know how to get ut

  69. jagadish.v says:

    i need to get my vechal pass

  70. BHASKAR says:


  71. Kishore says:

    Hi sir I am Kishore really full problems sir I have cafe no business no delivery how delivery sir no bike please give me pass sir request sir shop rent shop house rent house how how pay rent please help me sir

  72. Anand.BN says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangalore , our company supplies parts to GE Healthcare , we need to supplies components / parts to GE Healthcare , they are manufacturer of scanning machine , i need a pass to go to peenya and open factory for 2 hours , please let me know how do i get pass.

  73. SARAVANAA says:


  74. Praveen Kumar says:

    How to apply for a vehicle pass through online as I have a provision store, for which I need to get essential commodities supplied from Yeshwanthpur, KR Market, Jayanagar etc. Please let me know the website or app.

  75. Muddappa Shirahatti says:

    respected sir how to apply for pass through online of essential services

  76. Suresh says:

    Hi Sir

    My 10 year old daughter is in my home town and i want to get her back to Bangalore. Its a small village in thirunelvelli , where there is no proper medicals and other things. If you could give permission pass to travel from bangelore to thirunelvelli it will be great.I will go on weekends and get her back. Let me know what is the procedure to get pass.

  77. Dr. Maqdoom Moihiuddin says:

    Sir my hospital staff is to attend the medical emergencies
    Therefore I am in need of police passes for them

  78. Rahul says:

    What about citizens going to purchase daily needs? Why no clarification? Why can’t the Government/Police issue clear-cut directions? Why to create confusions in the minds of public? Why different news from different authorities tell different things? In news channel it was announced that citizens can move between 6 to 10 am and 5 to 7 pm. Is it authentic?

    Kindly clearify the above quaries,

    Thank you.

  79. Shankar n says:

    Sir I’m Shankar cable t v tecknition please give me two wheeler pass i give cable service in public Thank you

  80. Mariswamy says:

    Sir I working at Swiggy sir soo plz give me pass sir

  81. Renuka Prasad says:

    I’m cable vision operator customer service technician plz give me pass customer service

  82. Renuka Prasad says:

    Sir I’m cable vision operator.customer service technician plz give me pass customer service .

  83. Mohammed nawaz says:

    How to apply for a person and vehicle pass

  84. Md Bilal Shariff says:

    Iam Want to supply food home to my relatives so an help them

  85. Hari Sankar Burman says:

    My Application successfully accepted by your department on 28:03:20, around 0:37 hours and patient is suffering from Cancer, Dr. says if and when require come and admit to our Hospital i.e – TaTa Medical Centre. Am I entitle to get pass on priority basis or after logged out period?

  86. Arpuda Rajan says:

    Sir/Madam, I work for Disabled Persons; I have arrange to give free food grains to Families with Disabled Persons, so I need Pass for me and for a Passenger Auto rickshaw to take packets and deliver to homes in Bangalore. Kindly do the needful. My mobile no. 9845070000. Thanks, Arpuda Rajan, Office & Zonal Secretary.

  87. Np selvam says:

    Sir iam a water filter purification service technical person in Bangalore particular electronic city area. some persons called me for water filter failure repair water is important for people how i get essential service pass

  88. Ramesh HL says:


  89. Rangaswamy says:

    Sir I am working airport aircargo complax working duty Pls give me pass

  90. Musaddiq Ali Khan says:

    Respected Sir

    I would like to request you for two wheeler travel pass from Thimmaiah road to Ganga Nagar to visit my in-laws place.

    Currently iam accompanying my old parents here in Thiammaiah Road and wife accompanying her old parents in Ganga Nagar along with my two children’s.

    Once a day from Thimmaiah Road to Ganga Nagar I use to visit my in-laws place along with daily need groceries and spend some time with my children’s and return to my destination.

    At current situation iam unable to travel to requested destination due to police checking and afraid of my two wheeler get under police custody until lockdown get over.

    Both Family parents are old age and both need accompany to take care them, my wife cannot go out with kids to get daily needed groceries.

    I kindly requesting you for your approval or allow me a travel pass for above requested travel destination.

    Kind Regards.

    • Musaddiq Ali Khan says:

      Respected sir

      Could you please extend your kind support in assisting me is my request for local travel pass from Thimmaiah Road to Ganga Nagar is approved.

      Kind Regards.
      Musaddiq Ali Khan

    • Navjeet says:

      Sir / ma’am i am a socal worker i want volunteer pass

  91. Ruban says:

    I am from Bangalore, came to Chennai for a function got struck in Chennai. Please suggest how can I get movement pass to travel to Bangalore.

  92. Thasleem says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam stuck in Bangalore with my family since 10 days ,I wanted to travel my hometown Mangalore,how can I get permission to travel to my home from Bangalore?
    Plzz provide any car pass or any permission letter .

  93. Mukund N says:

    My aunt aged 73 years had come down from Shimoga on 16.3.2020 for both knees implant surgery. She underwent surgery on 19th march and discharged now. She has to be shifted back to Shimoga urgently. I am planning to hire a taxi and shift her. Pl let me know the procedure for obtaining of movement pass to her.

  94. Rangaswamy says:

    Sir I am working airport customs air cargo complax pls give me pass

  95. kushalappa says:

    Hi Sir / Mam

    I, Kushalappa son of P B Ponnappa Ex-Army ( Kaggodlu Village and Post Madikeri Taluk)
    here by requesting you to kindly grant me the permission to travel to my Native as my parents are aged and not able to step out of the village to buy daily essential commodities from town which is 8kms away from the house and there are no public transport available.

    Thanking you
    Kushalappa P P

  96. Manohar says:

    I kept my laptop in my office i need to get that.How can i get the permission to travel to my office

  97. Nalini Ms says:

    My husband is stuck in Bangalore I wanted him to come back and stay with us because my mom got operation and I have small baby also please help me

  98. Riyaz Rahaman says:

    Hi, sir I am looking for pass please urgent helpe in this regard.

  99. sachin sardar sawant says:

    To acquire two wheeler pass

  100. Vanishree says:

    We are struck in Mysore as we came to our relative housr. We need to go back to Bangalore.

  101. DIPAK P PATEL says:


  102. Abdul Salman says:

    Sir pls pass hospital house problem

  103. Khasim khan says:

    Sir I’m auto rickshaw driver sir I’m midnight vegetables delivery boy sir I want pass sir please give me

  104. Jagadeesha g says:

    Hi sir ican get essenial pass am water purified system service so many people caling the have drinking water problem

  105. Naman says:

    I work in Bangalore. And I am from rajasthan. My wife is expecting baby this week, and she is in my home town in rajasthan. My tickets for 31st March are cancelled. Is there anyway I can travel to home?

  106. Birendra jha says:

    I’m birendra jha , sir i need to visit aiims hospital in delhi 9th of every month to collect my month medicines, kindly issue me a pass to visit aiims on 9th of april, I’m from delhi itself, kindly contact me 9871420285 if needed

  107. Uma says:

    We are online apparel sellers “Bonorgabni.in” based in uttarahalli manin road and would like to stitch masks for charity, can we get passes for a group of 15

  108. Abhijith Raghavendra says:

    My wife is 8 months pregnent and i have to take her to hospital will i get a 4 wheeler pass

  109. Lakshman K says:

    Respected Sir,

    Please issue pass for individuals to go their hometowns who got stucked when they gone to relative houses for death & other emergency


    Dear sir,

    We are service provider of pest control and COVID 19 virus please give us movement pass for providing service at Bangalore, all locations.


  111. Dr. Manoj Sudhakar Talathi says:

    I am Dr. Manoj Sudhakar Talathi working as a Head, krushi vigyan kendra Roha Raigad under Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan krushi vidyapeeth, Dapoli Besides also act as a Drawing and disbursing officer. I have University office ID with me needs and needs to Travel from Dapoli to Roha with my personal vehicle no. MH 06 BU 4007, Baleno
    , to and fro frequently. Is it necesssry to get pass or can i show my Gov.office ID. Pl guide

  112. Pushpa says:

    Need to take my mother to the Hospital where should i get a pass. Request anyone please guide me.

  113. Sharath R says:

    My wife is 7 months pregnant, she met pregnancy after IVF treatment.she is having twins and doctor suggested regular check up, kindly provide passes

  114. Suresh Murugesan says:


    My name is Suresh Murugesan my wife Velina Suresh , my wise pregnant on 13 of April , we should take her to hospital for monthly checkup , can you please give us pass to visit , JMJ hospital on 13/4/20.


    Suresh Murugesan and Velina Suresh

  115. Veena says:

    Please help me to reach my home

  116. BABU C says:

    We are farmers from near hosur. we were supplying Veggies in pre-order and pre-packed basis to around 10 communities in Bangalore Ramoorthy nagarbut now they the struggling to get veggies but I got pass for hosur.shall we supply the veggies.

  117. Praveen B says:

    Sir required permission to go to Chennai from blr as my wife is been delivered with a kid in Chennai. Request your kind approval for the same as the same is in medical request .

  118. K V Raju says:

    Dear sir,
    Father had expired on 29.03.20. funeral is done in is native. Now for the 11day program will be held is native so we need travel on 8.4.20 to the function max person is around 10no’s.please suggest how take permission for the police department.

  119. Wilson John Mathew says:

    Dear Sir,

    Me and my team we fall under the essential service category (security).
    Our agency is the G4 secure solutions Pvt Ltd.
    We are serving our respective post at a private company near Koramangala , Bengaluru-5600095.
    A few things I would like to know sir is
    1. Will we be given with a movement Pass:
    If yes a) will we have to apply for it individually or
    b) Is it processed through the organisation we are appointed or is it processed through the post posted at.
    For Example We are directly employed by G4s Vasanth nagar Branch but our post of duty is at Koramangala. Has the Client apply for it or does our agency apply for it?
    C)How long will it take to get us our movement pass’ and what is it expiry timelines.
    D) Under which jurisdictional Police Station will it be issued.
    our agency is situated at Indiranagar, our posts are in Koramangala, and we each reside at Vidyaranyapura, Challaghatta, Madiwala ect..

  120. Kumar Narayanaswamy says:

    Respecter Sir, My Daughter is Studying in Pune. She is currently stuck in Pune, would like to get her to Bangalore, as Bangalore is our Home. Kindly let me know if I am eligible to get a pass to drive to Pune to get my Daughter Home.

    Thanking you, Kumar

  121. Bharath Choudhary says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a resident of Bangalore presently stuck up in Arasekeri.I came here to drop my wife as my father in law was very week and staying alone.Now my parents are 65+ aged and my presence is required in Bangalore is what i personally feel and would request you to Issue me a pass to reach Bangalore from Arasekeri.

    With Regards,
    Bharath Choudhary

  122. ganesh babu says:

    Dear SIr
    Please help my kids got struck in Hosur they went with my brother for just 2 days ,they dont have dress to wear and they are unsed to stay away from us and they are not having proper food.need permission to bring them back.
    please help.

  123. Aj says:

    I am having fever fluctuating once in 2 or 3 days, & have a lymph node on right side of my throat.
    please help how to visit the doctor. I stay near Kamakya, BSK 3rd stage

  124. Pooja Singh says:

    How to get pass..as I’m vegetables vendor daily I should buy vegetables and sell to customer

  125. Fayaz Ahmed says:

    Sir I am the driver of three wheeler I need a pass please

  126. Rajesh Kumar M says:

    Hi sir my Name is Rajesh acutuly we would like contribute to help a poor people and street dogs by providing food in the night times or in the afternoon time so kindly give us chance to help needy people and we have team of 5 people so i just need 5 passes to work on it kindly give us chance to serve food, thanking from
    Care for humanity

  127. Reddy rajashekar says:

    Hi sir, iam staff nurse currently in home town need to travel via car….

    Can i get vehicle pass

  128. Raju says:

    We are manufacturing soaps and detergents,can we supply our goods through vehicle safely.do we really require pass

  129. Shaik saifullah sharieff says:

    Hi sir Im fruit merchant need urgently pass sir plz . Vahicle pass sir

  130. Satheesh k says:

    Hai sir
    I am a Baker and supply breads to near by appartment I Whitefield
    I need vehicle pass for transport of breads

    Please do help me

  131. Naveenkumar says:

    I work in pharmaceutical industry which is producing life saving medicines. Am I eligible to obtain travel pass as it comes under emergency service.

  132. Vishwas says:

    Hi sir, my sister is carrying she has to go for check up frequently. Last time when they had gone police officials had stoped them and created problem and asked them to come in the own vehicle. They don’t have own vehicle so I stay 25kms far from her. So I need to take her to the hospital. Please suggest me on this sir ?

  133. Rev.Dr. William Thompson Smith says:

    Evangelistic companions of India Trust, located at 17&18,12th Main,Jayanthi nagar Main Road, Horamavu. Bangalore-16. We run a children Home orphanage, Bible college, Church,Tailoring Institute and many more social development units. The trustees wanted to serve lunch all over Bangalore, provide ration to few thousands and masks.Trust got their own vehicles. we need to buy the ration from RMC whole sale market and travel to slums around North Bangalore. Web request Pass for this two Cars KA 03 ML 7834, KA 03 MX 8769 .
    Thanking You ,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Rev.Dr.W.Thompson Smith
    Director , E.C.I Trust.

  134. Saifuddin says:

    Sir I want gate pass I have vegetable shop so plz

  135. Bindiya Bangera says:

    Hi sir,
    My father is an employee of IOCL mangalore terminal near kuloor.
    We stay in urva.
    He doesn’t know to ride or drive. Hence I will have to drop and pick him from the office. Today I was stopped at various checkpoints while returning inspire of the letter that was issued by his company. They were asking for the pass issues by the DC. please let me know where can I get the pass.

  136. ASIF SHAIKH says:


    I travel frome gujrat to utter pardes. Next day was junta curfew so i was respect but now 21 days loock down please i want to go back gujrat my home i have my on Trasport from gujrat parcing please i am requesting to paas if is possible. So i can go back to my family.

  137. vinay suresh says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is a bank employee and she is carrying henceforth i need to drop her to the bank morning and bring her back evening can you please tell me how to get the permission to got outside for the same

  138. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Sir I have shop in a p m c yard I am selling food and grocery shop and I have tie up to udaan b2b but when I was in way I got check post my vehicle was seized because I don’t have pass and I have requested but I got the vehicle seized what to do sir KSP app is not working or I am getting pass please help me to get vehicle and pass I am requesting sir

  139. Azmath Khan says:

    Sir,iam a tender coconut merchant i supply tender coconut from farm to Bangalore how can i get a pass and where ?

  140. Sunitha says:

    Hi sir my son 7year old baby went to my cousin house last two weeks back but now he is suffering from feaver and he is not able to be their in my relatives house from two weeks to he is crying a lot without me and his dad and now he have so much of feaver from 3days pls pls tell me sr can get pass to get my baby

  141. Reshma Nambiar says:

    How do we travel interstate suppose in case of an emergency .

  142. Sameer Deshpande says:

    Hello Sir, I want to go to meet my grandmother who is bit serious and both of us stay in Bengaluru only (JP Nagar to Peenya) so do I have to get pass or no need.

    Thank you sir

  143. K.B.Asif Ali says:

    The online websites or portals to submit forms/application for obtaining vehicle/personal passes to essentials services are not available/opening. Please let us know the link and guidelines please. We are badly in need of these passes.becouse I am IT engineer some of companys want work at home so i want visit site and configure online vpn connectivity Mob.9141779795 e-mail helpdeskit.iis@gmail.com) pls provide pass for help some companys to be work at home

  144. Narendra Verma says:

    Sir we are into Packers and Movers Business dealing with household goods from one city to other. Shall we get permission to shifting service under lock down stage. As we are depends on this work. This is the way of our earning to service. Kindly advise us if its permitted.

  145. mustafa says:

    hi sir im from Bangalore i owned COMPUTER stor i can open for needy customers who work from home

  146. Mohammed faisal says:

    Requirement for two wheeler online pass as we are supplying free food for poor people around our area

  147. Amal says:

    Karnataka DGP had posted a news bit “Cops issuing 12-hour passes for emergencies” in twitter. Based on the last question here related to vaccination, it is ok to travel to hospitals within city limits if we have proper medical documents. If one reads DGPs twitter post and compares with the point discussed here, the area still seems grey. Can you provide clarity on hospital visits? Since vehicles are not allowed on road how can someone go and get a pass. Also, in an emergency, rushing to a hospital will be priority and not going to get a pass.

  148. Rajesh kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Hope you are doing fine and safe!
    Please be informed that my sister is a heart patient who got operated before 3 years in narayana hospital however she is on regular checkup monthly and takes injection as well. Currently she is locked down in my hometown kgf. For her to continue treatment and injection in hometown i need to take old medical report from bangalore to kgf. Can you please let me know how i can avail one day pass or approve for my one day pass.
    Thanks in advance for your support and I appreciate all your supporting team in extending their support during this crisis time.

  149. Kartik purohit says:

    Sir i have my own company has shree maa publications and i want to trade for mask and sanitizer i ha e lots of stock ready and there ia issue i dispatchig it plz help us to get the pass

  150. C Jayakumar says:

    Sir my close relative is in critical and his family at Bangalore , His family from Bangalore need to go and take care of him.they go by my car and i need to come back after dropping them. Kindly suggest whether we shall travel to reach at AP through TN from Bangalore.

  151. Immanuel says:

    Dear Sir, i have 2 years old son he is in his grand parents home and its localised Bangalore and his not well from many days i cldn’t see him, can you allow me to see him, spend time with him for a day and return back to my place?

  152. Keerthana says:

    “You are absolutely safe. You can transport in your vehicle as far as you are carrying food items. But kindly put stickers on your vehicle, sir can we know which sticker we shld put.my Uncle is a auto driver he is transferring essential goods from one place to Another but some police are creating problem.if I try to get vehicle pass for him there is no such application in online.can I Know wr to get

  153. vijayakumar.K.R says:

    WE are in to supplying of disinfectant and laundry detergents to almost all the major hospitals including Gandhi Medical college (vendor) Our items are listed under essential commodities. We are in need couple of vehicle passes for transporting materials. Kindly guide us where to approach. we are located in Balanagar area.

  154. Supriya says:

    Hello Sir, my father is a COPD patient settled in Mysore with wife. Both are old aged. From last one week his oxygen level is decreasing. The mother is alone and not able to take care.The situation is we would need to travel to Mysore from Bangalore. Please help on this.

  155. Tapas Kumar Manna says:

    Sir my wife & 20 days baby to meet Dr.i need a two-wheeler pass sir, hemgaoura kangari to belandue sakra hospital… Please do the need full

  156. Suresh says:

    I am farmer with 17acers near Korategere, TUmkur District. I need to go there go deliver grocery goods to my labour. As the the land is in remote place, they cant go and get groceries by their own. Please suggent if any kind of pass is available for the same.


  157. Prabhu says:

    Hi sir,

    I’m Prabhu from kengeri Bangalore. I’m doing small snacks business at home and selling to all retail shop. Police asking me PASS.
    Please let me know where I can get pass sir.

    Thank you

  158. jagadish sharma says:

    sir me medicine distributor hu pass mila nahi online me bhi nahi ban raha he police pass puch rahi he bina pass medicene kese suply kre

  159. GIRISH S.V says:

    Dear sir
    My sister is carrying she is 9 months pregnant I have drop my parents to Bangalore from shimoga.kindly give permission to go bangalore and come back to shimoga.

  160. KA says:

    Hi Sir, My kids who went to native(Tirupur) got stuck. I wanted to bring them back sir. It is very difficult as my younger one is around 6 years and sick. Please allow me to travel sir. Is there a way we get a pass to bring them back.

  161. Harish C says:


    I have covid 19 person pass which is collected from Ulsoor police station for essential online operation. But some police officer denying to accept this pass. They are not allowing to ride my vehicle. Person pass not eligible to ride the bike. You have to take vehicle pass. Even applied vehicle pass 2 days back through online still its not approve. Kindly suggest what we suppose to do.

  162. Apartment Owners Association says:

    We are an apartment complex. Are maids allowed. 20-25% of apartments in our complex are still getting their maids through internal roads. Implicitly the spirit of the rule would say no maids but some residents are insisting that bangalore police has not mentioned any rules about maids. Is there any document from bangalore police which mentions specifically about house help.

  163. Mathew Joseph says:

    Dear Sir, I am 59 years old Renal Transplantation recipient and taking immunity suppressant medications, I am also a Hypertension Patient and borderline diabetic. My wife is a Chronic Asthma patient.

    We have employed a person since a few years to get our daily needs and medications, and especially now due to Covid 19 my Nephrologists Dr S. Sundar at Manipal Hospitals Bangalore, has advised self isolation.

    Therefore can I get a movement pass for my assistant?

  164. dhanya poulose says:

    Sir,I and my 18month baby is currently at whitefield with relatives and my home is near basaveshwaranagar. Am under a treatment for 3months and all my medicines are at my home. Also need to get my son vaccinated,his documents are also at basaveshwaranagar.i need a pass to go back.

  165. Sachin hanumant sadavarte says:

    Dear Sir , My brother in law expired in Satara ( maharashtra ) . need to go urgently , requested to issue the pass to go to satara .currently i am staying in benguluru.

    can u help

    Thanks & regards


  166. Avisek Debnath says:

    Sir I came in Bommasandra previous day of lockdown, now I want to move channasandra for my work home purpose, as my laptop and all are at home. Can I avail a pass to go from Bommasandra to Channasandra?

  167. ankur prajapati says:

    I am working in pharmaceutical industry can i get vehicle pass ?

  168. Sethu says:

    My parents are very elder and currently they are in coimbatore
    want to bring them to Bangalore from Coimbatore
    pl help me with the procedure & pass to bring them during this lockdown period

    thanks for your understanding

  169. Manjunath K Jois says:

    Need e-pass – where I can get it

    I need a pass to drop my mother in law to my co-brother,s house which is in Kamalanagar, Basaweshvaranagar, Bengaluru. Reason is that my co-brother,s daughter has delivered a female baby at West of chord Hospital…As her presence is very much required as she is an elderly helpful lady.

  170. Rajesh M R says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am residing in K.R. Puram Bangalore, I came to Madurai Tamil Nadu for (Funeral) emergency purpose with my Family on 18th of March. Now, I have stuck here in Madurai for 21 days lockdown and my office laptop and my wife office laptop is stuck in my home in Bangalore. I got emergency pass from IAS collector of Madurai to travel to bangalore will this be enough to enter Bangalore. Please let me know how to proceed further.

  171. Santhosh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter behalf of my wife, since she is sufferring from bad pain on obderman bleeding ragina. We have 6 months old son, after delivery she is facing this problem, she need consult her doctor in bangalore, hence she need to travel immediately, she will take treatment in bangalore.

    Sir no one there to take care of her and my son accept her mom and her father passed away. if she and my son need any hospitalized or some emergency they need to struggle for transportation because of rural place, Sir please i am requesting you to do something or any suggestion.

  172. Chitra says:

    Respected Sir, We (Myself – Chitra, Husband – Ariram, Kids – Jivitha, Priyankaa, Mother-In-Law – K. Vengu) are residents of Bangalore for last 16 years.
    We came to our relatives house to Dharapuram (Tamilnadu) for 4 days on
    20th March by our 4 wheeler. We had to leave on 24th March but then lockdown was declared for 3 weeks. We want to go back to Bangalore as it is difficult to manage at relatives’ house with kids.
    Request you to help us providing the necessary passes/permission to safely reach home in Bangalore.

  173. MM Annaiah says:

    I am Chairman of leading Security Services Provider for Karnataka State and have to move to Mysore and Kodagu in connection with ensuring Security Services being rendered up to desired level. I am in possession of vehicle pass. Is there any restriction on travel beyond Bangalore.

  174. Jay says:

    Sir, I have medical emergency for my mother who is 70 yrs of age, I need to take care of her, I am stuck in Bangalore, so I need to travel to Chennai to take care of her along with my wife. Please let me know how to obtain the travel pass from Bangalore to Chennai

  175. Hemanth says:

    Dear Sir,
    We need Permission to make Economical budgeted Dis-Infected Tunnel for the Good Cause in Bangalore, how to proceed further for approval kindly guide.


  176. Bharath H says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need to take my wife for consultation, shes 6 month pregnant. can we get 1 day pass for travel from Dasarahalli to wilson garden for consultation.

  177. Ravi says:

    Respected Sir,
    My Mother is sick due to BP variation and we have to be there at home to care for her and father. Kindly can you provide a pass to travel to Hiriyur? We are stuck in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

  178. Jothi says:

    Dear Mr. Bhasker Rao, my name is Jothi. I along with my son live in Bangalore. My husband is living in Calaswracakam, Chennai. My daughter lives in Guduvanchery who works in a IT company over there. Due to lockdown they got stuck in their respective places all this while hoped that the 21 day lockdown will end after that they could come to Bangalore. Now the lockdown is extended for another two weeks they are not able to come to Bangalore. Can you please give curfew pass for them. So that we will thank you so much for reuniting us.


    Sir, I am an accounts manager in R K INFRA INDIA PVT LTD. Our office situated in Bangalore near U B City. My residence is in Hosakote. In our company there are 180 employees. Now we want to disburse the salaries to our employees for March2020. Myself, HR and our MD must come to office for the salary disbursement. Please issue 3 passes to us to serve our employees salaries.
    2. SHREEDHARA KULKARNI. Accounts manager
    3. ANITHA G. HR

    Please help us in this regard sir.

  180. A C Winson says:

    Hi sir
    I am Winson my mother is 75 years old and she is alone in my native village in tamilnadu (kadachapuram) tuticorin district and now she is unwell I need to take care of her so need a car pass to go to tamilnadu with my wife and two kids in my car and be with her till lockdown is over
    Kindly grant me a vehicle pass

    • Atheeq khan says:

      Hi sir my name is Atheeq Khan I’m going daily work please give me pass sar my field work I don’t have money sir please help me my work is washing machine repair and service

  181. Sudharshan says:

    Hi Sir,
    How to avail passes for Medical emergencies? We actually live in Bangalore but we are in Anantapur which is near to Karnataka border and my wife is in her 9th pregnancy. We need passes to Bangalore for medical emergency. Kindly help us on how to get passes.


  182. Mrutyunjaya B Patil says:

    Respected sir, Can i get pass for IT Enable Services like..cycle, Lan cables, Electrical work, Bio Metrics, Internet cables installation and Rectification. My office is in Basaveshwarnagar. My staffs stay in peenya, Basaveshwarnagar, sunkad katte Magadi Nice Road. I’m having own big car to pickup Staffs. I get calls from Toyota techno park-Bidadi, Software clients. From PATIL COMPUTER NETWORK SOLUTIONS, 99001 41325.

  183. Hitha says:

    Sir, I m a nursing student in internship I am trapped in Coimbatore now, Now our college announced to go, can i apply the pass. I want to reach my home

  184. Naresh laxman tandel says:

    I naresh laxman tandel wish to submit my comment that my father is too serious sick and l couldnt go there please give us permission to attend my fathers last stage

  185. Tanu says:

    Respected sir

    Kindly ensure passes issued to me I am tanu I came to visit in my friend home tiptur I stuck their I am staying in banaglore please issues passes to going back my home Bangalore Karnataka I am working in education software company I have to start my work from work from home please kindly approve to me go banaglore back and I can start my online education work

  186. SYED AJAZ pasha says:

    I am running the school in tanisandra and I have supplied the free ration to needy people I need pass so that ever time I have to face difficult to move here and there please help me to reach the needy people and provide the pass thanking you

  187. syed sadiq pasha says:

    I have fruits business in electricity A.P.M.C Fruit market yard singana agrahara I have to go daily from btm lay out to word A.P.M.C Fruit market yard singana agrahara for that I need pass

  188. sahana m n says:

    Dear sir
    We need travel pass to visit hospital as I am carrying, we had visited the nearby locality police station,the informed us to travel with prescription documents.Can this be okay for us to travel.kindly guide on the same
    Thank you

  189. Saravana says:

    Hello sir I am running rice shop in tilak nagar my house is in jp nagar I need to go daily to shop but I am not getting pass,jp nagar police r not accepting the shop license so please clarify me, I have old age customers more to delivery

  190. BIMAN GHOSH says:

    Hi Sir,
    I need to take my preganant wife for medical scan for 29 weeks ,as near by diagnostics centre has been closed so need to take her apollo bannerghatta road hospital, how to obtain pass for this.

  191. Kvlsunita says:

    Sir I struck in Chennai from March 24 th my husband alone in Bangalore he has bp and thyroid , we lost our only child in 2014 in Germany , I am worrying about my husband he is alone at home please allow me come back to Bangalore

  192. Pradeep BS says:

    Dear Sir,
    We had travelled to Chennai on the 21st of March, but due to the lock down I am stuck up in Chennai with my wife and daughter (5 years) from 25 days, and my mother who is (65 years) is staying alone in Bangalore and there is no help for her from neighbor for essentials and she is a heart patient. Since the lock down has been extended again, we are struggling hard to return back to bangalore, and my mother also is struggling alone. Sir, i request your kindself to please help us to return back to Bangalore, it would be highly appreciated.

  193. Selvam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I work for Hindustan Unilever Limited, we have granted permission to Operate factory which is in Mysore. During the lock down I got struck in Bangalore, I need to travel back to Mysore to resume my duties. I have a daily pass in Mysore to go to the factory. I kindly request you to provide a movement pass for one time to travel from Bangalore to Mysore. I will use my own car and will follow safe distancing and use all PPE’s as suggested

  194. Abdul Razack says:

    Bangaluru City Police department
    Sir/Madam Please issue travelling pass to my Brother in law (Syed Shafi) and the Pass for Rental Tempo. Syed Shafi is working as tailor, since 2 months no job and he is unable to pay house rent. So I decided to provide house to stay without paying rent, Due to Lock down unable to shift his baggage to new house so if your authority provides the pass to move his baggage i will be very grateful to your department.
    Hoping for positive feedback,Eagerly waiting for the PASS (stickers)
    Note: Matter of half hour only travelling app. 6KM distance in bengaluru

  195. Dineswar patar says:

    Sir .I am dineswar patar .now I am working in Swiggy delivery boy .but police was seaized my vehicle because my vehicle pass number is rental bike reg.number I did working this bike before covid19 lockdown.now I doing my personal bike but police stop my vehicle . please help me sir … Whitefield police station . Bangalore 560066 . please issue my vehicle pass . now I haven’t money please sir help me

  196. Navanith. M says:

    Dear Mr.Bhaskar,

    Trust you are safe. I have been issued by my company which is in Bengaluru.But I am in Udupi. Is there a chance travelling to Bengaluru on 20th April and I will be moving by my 2 wheeler.

  197. VEERANATHAN.S says:

    My Son’s marriage is scheduled on 27th April 2020 before 6 months all advances for mantapha, decoration and catering services are paid. Now considering the present situation, We wanted to conduct his marriage at bride’s house at Palamer, Andra Pradesh on 27th April 2020 with minimum people get-together less than 20 in numbers taking all precautions as per the government direction. Can we be issued with the necessary travel permits for 12 members of our family from Batterahalli, K.R.Puram to Palamer, Andra Pradesh on 26th April and to return on 27th April 2020. We assure that we will maintain social distancing and take all necessary precautions. Kindly let us know how to apply for the travel pass.

  198. Harish M says:

    Sir, I am in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, my family is in Bangalore, How can I get travel pass Sir, please guide me

  199. Basavaraj k says:

    Respected sir,

    I m at chitradurga this is my native place and my work location is Anathapuram can i get pass as company comes in essential service power transmission private sector.

  200. Muddappa Machettira says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have aged parents at home back in kodagu. Dad and mom both are diabetic, and due to lockdown the insulin prescribed is not available there, we tried every possible ways in every medical store out there, but no stock.
    Dad has a medical history of stroke(paralysis). So with out a proper medicine supply my dad is a t high risk again.
    I have a one year old son and wife staying back in kodagu, have to get back to Kodagu for baby vaccination as well. I was supposed to go back to kodagu with medicines in the end of March, but due to lockdown, i couldn’t. I visited Halsuru DGP office couple of times, but i couldnt get permission.As a son to my father, and as a father to my little one, I would like to be with them in this difficult situation.
    Request you to kindly help me in this situation by issuing an pass for one person so that I can travel back with my two wheeler atleast.

  201. M.Elangovan says:

    R/sir, madam my name is elangovan plumber. From Bangalore, can I get the pass

  202. Priyanka says:

    Hello Sir this is Priyanka am 37yr old and i belong to Bangalore-Whitefield Nellurhalli.I came to visit to my elder sister at Chennai with my new born on 15th march by road with my husband.But got stuck here due to lockdown.Pls suggest how shall i go back home am having some issues with my c section delivery.Unable to manage the same here as the hospital in which treatment was going is Rainbow Allandur and it has two new cases of Covid.I cant take risk of going there as ny newborn will be with me.Pls hell us sir.We can follow all possible measure my husband will go to the police station and take the pass by submitting all documents.We have no other travel history since last year april.as i was pregnant.we have all supporting documents for the same.pls suggest

  203. Vasudeva says:

    Sir my name is vasudeva I am from dist gulbarga, malgatti village so now I am in Bangalore in my village my grandmothebr is staying alone she is not feeling well even my father and mother also with me only in Bangalore. it’s an emergency please give me the permission to go to gulbarga to meet my grandma or else can you please help me to bring my grandma to Bangalore please I am begging you no one is there to care her

  204. Manjunatha says:

    Hello Sir myself Manjunath I need a pass to buy vegetables from market and sell it where could I get this pass. I enquired in so many sector and station no use. Please if it is possible help me sir, Thank you sir.

  205. Gopinath.V says:

    We are in to Racks supplier and service provider through out the state in the field of Essential needs of display in super market and pharmacy Stores, So few of our customers are demanding for our services. So how i can get pass to travel and to provide services to our customers , We are based in Attibele town and our limits comes to Hebbagodi DCP office.

  206. Vasudev says:

    Respected Sir,

    My wife mother-in-law is not feeling well, now her condition is such that my wife needs to travel immediately to care of her. I just need 4 hour pass to drop my wife from Bommanahalli to Yelhanka and return back to home.

    I hereby request you to please grant four hour or one day emergency pass.

    Thanks in advance.


  207. Jyoti says:

    My daughter is in 10th grade and need books from school. They have it at the gate on request. Can I get a pass to get it as she is stuck with out those books

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