Citizens for Malleshwaram constituency formulates Climate Action manifesto

Citizens for Sankey presented the five-point climate action manifesto to Siddaramaiah of Congress and Dr. Ashwath Narayan, BJP, on March 28th.

In the wake of fierce citizen opposition to the Sankey Flyover and road widening project, the Citizens of Malleshwaram Constituency came together to create a ‘Climate Action Manifesto 2023-2024’ for their constituency. Citizens for Sankey presented this manifesto to Siddaramaiah of Congress and Dr. Ashwath Narayan, BJP, on March 28th.

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Summary of Malleshwaram's five point climate action manifesto.
Summary of the five-point climate action manifesto. Graphic courtesy: Citizens for Sankey

“To safeguard the future of our city, our elected representatives and civic bodies must coordinate closely with us citizens when making decisions, which impact us all. A repeat of this Sankey Flyover debacle is simply unacceptable. Mechanisms must be set in place to ensure smooth flow of information between all stakeholders, particularly citizens. More importantly, all governance decisions must prioritise the environment and public health,” says Preeti Sunderajan, Citizens for Sankey.

The five part Climate Action Manifesto largely focuses on robust mass public transportation and improving walkability. It requires all governance decisions to first prioritise environment, clean air and public health. The development and maintenance of model wards. Coordination between MLA, citizens and civic bodies. And programs to build awareness and educate all citizens of the constituency.

Detailed Malleshwaram Climate action manifesto.
Detailed Malleshwaram Climate action manifesto. Graphic courtesy: Citizens for Sankey

[Content courtesy Citizens for Sankey with minimal edits]

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