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November 27th 2014


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Before getting into the round-up of our own stories, here’s our weekly curation of city news.

  • BBMP has decided to renovate KR Market via Private Public Partnership model. Here is the plan for renovation. BBMP Commissioner had initially said the funds would come from BBMP.
  • 18 BBMP markets older than 60 years will be demolished and reconstructed. Out of these 11 will be developed in PPP model.
  • Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi has denied permission for the Kiss of Love protest, citing that kissing in public amounts to obscenity. However, the organisers of the protest have decided to go ahead with the protest, and are in talks with the police.
  • A recent High Court order has directed the Education Department to accept applications to start English medium schools, for class 1 to 5. This is perceived as a setback to the government’s language policy that has drawn flak from various corners.
  • The government has fixed the number of private schools that can be applied to under RTE to three. The state has 1,10,794 seats under RTE. The admission for next year will start on January 12th and close on March 10th.
  • Bengaluru South Traffic Commissioner has directed all schools to comply with the Supreme Court safety guidelines for school vans.

This week’s highlight: New traffic plan in Whitefield: Share your feedback!

» The Bangalore Traffic Police rolled out a new traffic plan to decongest the traffic in the Whitefield area. On the day of its launch, the roads remained congested, with many folks still getting used to the new route.

While there are folks who have benefitted from the change, there are others for whom the commute has become longer. If you take this route regularly, do share your feedback.

» Think Yeshwanthpur, Think connectivity! A foot over-bridge, connecting Metro stations to bus stations, proper coordination – these are only a few steps that  can go a long way in improving the connectivity at Yeshwanthpur. Here’s how this can happen.

Living in the city

» If you haven’t already registered your borewell, the time to do so is now. If not, you could be fined up to Rs 10,000 and/or imprisoned up to three years. Read: Register your borewell now, if you haven’t already!

» It’s been more than seven weeks since eight-year-old Geethalakshmi was washed away during the rains in the Bilekhalli area. However, BBMP is yet to repair the footpath.

» Considering the regressive reactions to the Kiss of Love campaign, Ashwin Mahesh wonders what is it that causes such protests, and why no one is addressing the root cause.

» Part 3 of the Deepa Mohan vs BESCOM saga, where BESCOM asks to customers to make photocopies of a form that is available in abundance – Conserving paper, BESCOM style.  Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.


» If you are looking to install a rooftop solar power station, this is for you! Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development is conducting a workshop on rooftop solar photovoltaic power systems.

Also read: Extracting solar power from your terrace: An FAQ.

» Does your apartment complex have solar power? If yes, you could stand to win prizes in a unique competition! Read: Switch2Green to win in lakhs.

» Citizens try and fix the issues in their area, but it can sustain only when the government backs it. Read: Not just citizens, the government too needs to help clean India.

» Vivek Sharma implemented Rainwater Harvesting three years ago. Today he is reaping the benefit. Read: Five years of rainwater recharge could possibly change the water map of Bengaluru.

Arts and culture

» Rakesh, a Kannadiga, born and brought up in Kerala, asks: Does ignorance of Kannada mean disrespect? What do you think?

» Towards the end of the year, Devi or the Mother Goddess figures frequently in classical concerts. Chitra Srikrishna reviews Amma – for the mother, a carnatic vocal concert by the vocalist duo, Ranjani and Gayathri.

The heroes among us

» When John tells people that waste segregation is important, they don’t listen to him. Why? Read: Does education mean a more heightened awareness about one’s role in society?

» Over 160 school children took part in a drawing competition organised by the Manjari Ladies Association on the occasion of Children’s Day. Read: Underprivileged children shine at painting competition.

Urban wildlife

A pair of Chestnut-tailed Starlings at Kaikondrahalli Lake. Pic: Deepa Mohan

» Birders, this one will brighten your day. See what a couple of hours at Kaikondrahalli Kere can throw up… All the more reason to restore our lakes, no? Read: Birdwatching at Kaikondrahalli Kere.

» If you find an injured bird or animal, it is best to leave it to the experts—animal welfare organisations. Read: What to do when you find an injured bird or animal?

Events this weekend

  • Watch Bardot, la méprise, a biographical documentary on one of Hollywood’s most legendary actresses, Brigitte Bardot, at AF Cinema this evening at 6 30 pm.
  • Nirankusha: Fearless, Speak is series of events celebrating fearless and unfettered speech in arts. Here are two performance on November 28th and 29th at Goethe Institut to set you thinking: Color of Trans and Illicit Bodies.
  • Catch Bangalore Little Theatre’s musical adaptation Our Iceberg is Melting on November 28th and support the Association for the Mentally Challenged, for whom the play acts as a fund-raiser.
  • Nrityanidhi’s annual dance show, Dhwani will be held on November 28th at Alliance Francaise. Do attend to watch a colourful, musical, energetic presentation or rather, re-presentation of tradition
  • Visual artist, Anup Mathew Thomas will be exhibiting his latest series of photographs, Native Ball and Revisions at Gallery Skye from November 29th onwards.
  • Make your way to Bangalore International Centre on November 29th, to watch Strings which Sing, a classical sitar performance, accompanied by the tabla. 
  • Learn about the first electric pole in Bengaluru and how the Anekal Gate of Kempe Gowda’s mud fort was finally constructed at United Colours of KR Market walk on November 29th.
  • Wondering what to do this weekend? You could head to Jayanagar and visit a unique book store where words are sold by weight… Read: The weight of words.

You can also have a look at the entire listing of events coming up in Bengaluru here.



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