Chennai Buzz: New sponge parks set up | Multi-level parking spots in ten locations..and more!

More news in this weekly recap: Drone police unit set up with ten drones ; Thirumangalam metro station gets minibus and e-rickshaws.

New sponge parks commissioned in Chennai

In order to mitigate flooding during the upcoming northeast monsoon, a number of sponge parks will be created in Chennai. A total of 57 new sponge parks have been proposed, with 42 to be commissioned and completed before the onset of the monsoon this year. Of this, 21 parks are set to come up in North Chennai. A total of Rs 6.76 crore has been allotted for the project.

Sponge parks are known to mitigate flooding during heavy rains, designed to store and collect water in a centralised structure for water harvesting. 

The water collected in the parks can be used around the year. The parks will also help groundwater recharge in the surrounding areas. 

Source: The Hindu

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Broadway to be turned into a multi-modal hub

The state government has provided administrative sanction to allocate funds to the tune of Rs 300 crore to turn the Broadway bus stand into a multi-modal hub that will boost transit. A complex with multimodal facilities will be created at the bus stand with scope for commercial activity. The project is to be funded through viability gap funding and follow a public-private partnership model.

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) was to originally work on the management of this project, with the agency aiming to integrate the project with the development of the High Court metro station. A fee of Rs 27.20 crore was to be paid to CMRL for project management services. 

However, due to delays on the part of CMRL, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) will now be taking up the execution of the project. A resolution has also been passed by the GCC. 

Source: DTNext

More multi-level parking facilities in Chennai

As many as ten more multi-level parking facilities are set to come up in complexes owned by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC). The first phase of the project will see four parking facilities constructed at a cost of Rs 162 crore. A council resolution has been passed to this effect and a consultant has been appointed to prepare a feasibility report. 

A total of 2000 parking spots are expected to be created at the completion of the project. 

chennai-t nagar-multi level parking
The multi-level paid parking facility remains underutilised. Pic: Aruna Natarajan

Civic authorities promise better coordination with police to curb the growth of on-street parking and steer commuters towards the usage of multi-level parking. The first multi-level parking complex in T Nagar has seen limited usage, calling the strategy of the civic body to create more such infrastructure into question. 

Source: The Times of India

Drone police unit for Chennai

Chennai got a first-of-its-kind drone police unit with nine drones that will be used to carry out aerial surveillance. The unit has been set up at a cost of Rs 3.6 crore. The drones have been grouped under three categories, with six quick-response surveillance drones, one heavy-lift multi-rotor drone and two long-range survey wing drones. 

The drones are capable of being commanded by the ground unit up to a distance of 5-10 km. They are expected to be used to monitor large gatherings, to check vehicle registration information and to track suspects. 

The drones are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. The heavy lift drone also has thermal cameras and can be used for the rescue of those stranded at sea. 

Source: Indian Express 

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Thirumangalam metro station gets improved last-mile connectivity 

Electric autorickshaws and a minibus have been introduced by the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) servicing the Thirumangalam metro station to augment last-mile connectivity. The bus and ten rickshaws will ply along Anna Nagar, Padi and Korattur and cover areas with train and bus stations and shopping hubs. 

Autorickshaws will charge a fixed fare of Rs 25 per km.

The move is expected to benefit commuters from areas such as Retteri, Padi, Mogappair and Anna Nagar West by helping them access metro rail services. The Thirumangalam station sees a footfall of between 12000-14000 passengers per day. 

Source: The Hindu

[Compiled by Aruna Natarajan]

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