Chennai Buzz: New parks and playgrounds | Lack of water supply in Pulianthope…and more!

In this week's news recap, Fine for shops not segregating waste; awareness on rainwater harvesting; new buses for MTC, and more.

Chennai Metro Water spreads message on rainwater harvesting

‘Water volunteers’, appointed under the Tamil Nadu Urban Livelihood Scheme, have joined the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) and are encouraging the public to harvest rainwater. CMWSSB is also distributing flyers and brochures to residents about rainwater harvesting (RWH).

Moreover, RWH structures in government and private buildings will undergo a makeover in the wake of the coming monsoon. New systems will be installed in government offices, residential buildings, private and government hospitals, movie theatres, marriage halls, private and government schools, colleges and malls, which lack RWH structures.

Source: DT Next

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Shops not segregating waste to be fined Rs. 500

GCC has cracked the whip on commercial establishments to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. On failing to do so, Rs. 500 will be collected as a fine as mandated by the 2019 Greater Chennai Corporation by-laws and Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.

Out of 78,136 shops under GCC, only 26,242 shops segregate waste, and the civic body has advised others to follow suit. Residents can complain to 1913 if they observe garbage in public spaces across the city.

The civic body has allotted toll-free numbers for different areas for grievances on garbage. Additionally, the public can contact Urbaser Sumeet on 89255 22069 in areas they handle waste collection.

Source: The Hindu | The New Indian Express

Pulianthope suffers due to a lack of water supply

Water supply lines being damaged due to stormwater drain (SWD) work in Pulianthope has led to residents suffering without water for a month. CMWSSB has been revamping the damaged water pipes since the second week of October, as the stormwater drain work is coming to an end. Meanwhile, some residents have been using borewells for water.

Pulianthope is a high-risk area which gets flooded easily. Hence, Corporation has been working to strengthen SWD work in the area. GCC officials say that they have been coordinating with CMWSSB to restore water pipes and prevent inundation.

Source: The New Indian Express

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402 new buses to join Chennai’s MTC fleet

Institute of Road Transport has floated tenders to get 402 new MTC buses in Chennai, out of 1771 buses in Tamil Nadu. As per a previous tender, 242 new buses were to be introduced in the city, with the last rows being elevated, similar to the design of Volvo buses.

However, the current tenders will introduce 402 buses, all of which will have low floors with just two steps in the entry and exit, along with a 900 mm height difference from the ground. This will ensure the buses are disabled-friendly.

Source: The Times of India

City to get 42 new parks and 11 new playgrounds

chennai semmozhi poonga
Chennai Corporation to build new parks and playgrounds. Pic: Suraj Kumaravel/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY:SA 2.0)

A budget of Rs. 20 crore has been allotted for Chennai to get new parks and playgrounds. The parks will have facilities for the public like walkways, play areas, open gym equipment, and traditional tree varieties along with washrooms and drinking water pipes.

Thiruvottiyur is to get two new parks after public demand. More parks will be added in Royapuram, Perambur, Perungudi, and Sholinganallur among other zones. The areas for the new parks have been earmarked based on the availability of OSR areas and space.

Source: The New Indian Express

[Compiled by Padmaja Jayaraman]

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