Chennai Buzz: Metro slashes Sunday fares | Koyambedu flower market eyes expansion | Smart watches to allow Metro access…and more

From Chennai Metro's latest plans to various civic initiatives on the cards, here's the weekly recap of news from your city.

Travel at half cost on Chennai Metro on Sundays and holidays

Chennai Metro is doing all it takes to woo commuters and especially so, to increase patronage during weekends. Starting this Diwali weekend, Chennai Metro is planning to offer 50% off on travel cost during Sundays and public holidays. While the number of people travelling through Chennai Metro Rail system during the weekdays ranges from 1.15 to 1.18 lakh, on Sundays, there is a considerable dip in ridership to about 50,000-60,000. This has prompted CMRL to take the decision on the discount.

Source: The Hindu

City’s subways, flyovers to get a facelift

Bright lights, vertical gardens are some of the initiatives that Chennai Corporation is planning, to give its subways and flyovers in the city a makeover. The project is part of a plan to add to the city’s aesthetics and build on its character, and is to be implemented at a cost of Rs 41.9 crore.

Apart from 16 flyovers, the Corporation has also identified five pedestrian subways including Rajaji Salai subway near the beach station and Ezhilagam subway near MGR memorial and 16 vehicular subways including Gengu Reddy road subway at Egmore, Harrington Road subway and Saidapet Bazaar road subway for dynamic lighting.

Source: The New Indian Express

Koyambedu flower market set to expand

The Koyambedu wholesale market is spread over 295 acres and houses 3200 vegetables, fruit and flower shops. The CMDA is now working on a proposal to expand the eastern side of the flower market by 3 acres.

CMDA has appointed a consultant to study the feasibility, factoring in the approach to the market, accessibility including traffic in approach roads and the space requirement for the wholesale and retail shops.

Source: The Times of India

Construction time for Metro Phase 2 work to be cut down

The soil testing for Metro Phase 2, connecting Madhavaram, Sholinganallur and CMBT to other parts of the city is expected to be completed early next year.  Currently, tests are being conducted along Arcot Road, Nandambakkam, Koot Road, Medavakkam, Porur and Sholinganallur.

Soil test along the priority corridors of Madhavaram – Sholinganallur, and Madhavaram – CMBT has been completed across 1,926 locations.

Meanwhile, Metro rail is working towards cutting down the construction time of Phase 2 by 80% by using pre cast long girders between pillars. The U-shaped girders can be assembled in a day or two unlike the box girders used in Phase 1 which took 4-5 days to be assembled.

Besides reducing construction time, the U girder also has several advantages like holding the coaches on the bridge in case of a derailment, maintenance, evacuation path and sound barrier.

Source: The New Indian Express | The Times of India

Smartwatches will soon get you access to metro rails 

Chennai Metro will soon ape the smartwatch tech to allow commuters to access the entry gates to the metro. CMRL and watch manufacturers Titan have come together to make watches that will allow commuters to just flash their wrist watches at the automatic ticketing gates and walk into the trains. These watches will have a chip inserted underneath the dial so the gates can detect the chip once a commuter shows it. The other technical challenges are currently being addressed before it can be brought to effect.

Source: The Hindu

[Compiled by Sandhya Raju]


  1. R Kumar says:

    It is better for public and Metro to slash the 50 percent fair reduction on all days and earn increased revenue and make it affordable.

    The fair is highest

  2. Zakhi Muthaher says:

    Sir,As I saw last month newspaper that travelling in metro trains in Sunday 50% discount.but they collect full amount as I am with two childern from Chennai Central metro to airport Rs.150.They told me the discount is only for when group of five members.Please respone

  3. V.K.Ramakrishnan says:

    I am a regular user of metro train for the past few months. I have a card which I use it from Central to Ashok Nagar. Because of the card I get 10% discount. If it is increased to 15 or 20 percent, will be helpful.

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