Chennai Buzz: New park in Koyambedu market | T Nagar skywalk to open soon..and more!

More news in this weekly recap: Alandur bus depot most polluted in Chennai. Eviction drive in Chetpet as part of restoring Cooum.

GCC’s bus shelter renovation project faces hurdles

The Greater Chennai Corporation’s (GCC) plan to renovate bus shelters across has been unable to take off due to a lack of bids.

The civic body’s plan to spruce up bus 844 bus shelters across Chennai was approved by the council in March. The aim was to ensure uniformity in the renovation and quality of the shelters through the adoption of a public-private partnership model.

The total number of bus shelters in the city were divided into 12 corridors, with each corridor comprising 65 bus shelters. The tenders were called for renovation soon after approval from the council. However, the project has hit a roadblock due to a lack of interest from bidders. Of the 12 corridors earmarked, only three have received bids so far, delaying the makeover of bus shelters in the city.

Source: The Hindu

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Alandur bus depot most polluted in the state

With consistently high readings of PM10 and PM2.5, the Alandur bus depot is the most polluted location in Chennai and Tamil Nadu in 2023.

The readings from the area for PM2.5 has been found to be between 30 and 11 micrograms per cubic metre while the permissible level is 15 micrograms per cubic metre. For PM10, the Alandu clocked readings that averaged 102 micrograms per cubic metre while the permissible level is 45 micrograms per cubic metre. The data was sourced from the dashboard of the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP).

Analysis of data from 2018 shows an increase in pollution in Chennai since 2019. Measures such as blacktopping of roads, reducing garbage dumping, checking vehicular emissions and improving green cover have been suggested to reduce pollution.

Source: The Times of India

WRD evicts migrant workers from Spur Tank Road

eviction on spurtank road chennai
As part of the Cooum restoration drive, migrants from Andhra were evicted from Spur Tank Road in Chetpet. Pic: Geetha Ganesh Karthik

The Water Resources Department (WRD) evicted migrant workers who sold bamboo wares on Spur Tank Road in Chetpet, as part of the Cooum restoration initiative. The workers and their families had been residing on the banks of the Cooum. In the coming days, Chennai Corporation will build a compound wall in the area.

Officials promised alternative housing for those who have been evicted if they are able to share the necessary documents.

Activists have criticised the move, alleging that the eviction took place without giving prior notice. The officials also drew flak as no other space was earmarked for the shelter of the evicted residents, including women and children.

Activists demand that the authorities house the evicted families within a three-kilometre radius.

Source: DT Next

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T Nagar Skywalk will be opened to the public in May

The skywalk in T Nagar connecting the bus terminus, Ranganathan Street, market road near the foot overbridge in the West Mambalam railway station is set to be opened to the public soon. The project, which was initiated in 2016, has faced multiple delays.

It is one of the longest skywalks in the country with a length of 570 m and a width of 470 m. Around Rs. 28.45 crores has been spent on its construction by the Greater Chennai Corporation.

The skywalk has CCTVs, public address systems and toilets. The infrastructure aims to help pedestrians navigate major points of T Nagar without having to walk on congested roads.

Source: The New Indian Express

New park to come up in Koyambedu market

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is planning to create a new park on a seven-acre piece of land within the market in Koyambedu. A total of Rs. 10 crores have been allocated for the park.

The park will have walking and jogging tracts, local tree varieties, play equipment for kids, and features that are friendly to persons with disabilities.

Residents urge that the maintenance of the park must be focussed on because the market is a place that sees high footfall.

The CMDA is in the process of selecting a landscape architect for the project.

Source: The Times of India

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