Charging for cameras at public parks and lakes

The practice of charging the members of the public for cameras (aftear 8 am or 9 am)at many public spaces is irritating a lot of people.

Joiston Pereira writes:

“The entry ticket and camera fee….is the Horticulture Department’s new money making racket. At Madiwala lake, which is.under the Brihat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)  and to an extent, the Horticulture Department, the tickets for cameras are a whopping 100 rupees and for video cameras it is  Rs.200, while entry is a modest  Rs, 10  Where all this money goes, God alone knows. The lake clearly isn’t maintained very well.

“As for the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at the side, it needs ita own treatment since the water that flows into the lake is rife with sewage, plastic bags and all other types of debris. The lake has little plastic islands all over and nothing is done about it.

“Likewise, with Lalbagh lake, the stone bank that was made for beautifying the lake (which in turn is chasing away all the shore birds) is littered with plastic and paper, This is all due to the handiwork of some irresponsible vendors who have ties with the gatekeepers, who allow them to enter and sell plastic items,while the High Court order at the side of the lake clearly states that littering is an offence around the lake. Apart from this, the people who have a so-called permit to fish. also dirty the lake. The other day I saw one of them throw a plastic bag filled with some garbage right into the lake. 

“The newly-built wall, which now divides the main lake from the overflow tank is also a hotspot for garbage. As for the overflow tank, it is in severe need of attention. And the pond near the STP  needs to be cleaned as it’s getting eutrophied. I would like to request someone with some authority to ask the people in charge to submit a report about why the  STP is  non functional. Water just enters from the Storm water drains,

“Those in charge will definitely not listen to anything a student has to say, no matter how much we pursue the matter.

“I have a suggestion.  don’t mean to start a revolt,  but I think it’s high time the tree walk and birdwatching community boycotts the entry fee and camera fee till something is done about all the litter and the condition of all the properties that come under the horticulture department. Including, parks, lakes and the likes till some steps are taken for the betterment of these places rather than for them becoming pocket fillers to these crooks.”


  1. skeptic says:

    I am yet to understand where all the money that stores charge for plastic bags goes.

  2. Deepa Mohan says:

    Stores are private entities and pocket the amounts. In the case of public spaces, there should be accountability about where the money is going.

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