Centralized Railway contact numbers

Centralised numbers released by Indian Railways for citizens’ convenience
9760534983 : TTI, Reservation & Meals
9760500000 : cleaning
9760534057 : problem in coach
9760534060 : electricity problems
9920142151 : enquiry problems
9760534063 : RPF & Security
9760534069 : drinking water arrangement
9760534073 : medical
Please use these numbers and give the feedback on how useful you found them during/before/after your journey.
Clarification from my friend: “This was a news item  in India rail info.com site which normally is authentic. However after I managed to contact two of the 9760 series numbers I unearthed the real problem. Apparently it is the set of numbers of Moradabad division of NR meant for the stated purpose. I had a hat with the railway guy who cribbed and cribbed that he is getting calls from all over India.”
So this is only for Moradabad, NOT all-India.


  1. H.S. KRISHNA PRASAD says:

    The numbers given pertain only to Moradabad Division. I wrote to Railway Ministry and got a clarification which is as follows : “We wish to clarify that under the directions of the MR, Indian Railways have launched one helpline 138 for all travel related issues and 182 for security matters. These helplines are common to the entire network. The intention is to help the passengers and save them from the hassle of remembering many different telephone numbers. The helplines work 24 X 7”. Please correct your blog and inform all your members.

  2. Deepa Mohan says:

    Thank you Krishna Prasad.

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