Small-town women in the big city; Status check on Namma Metro; Something’s fishy at Ulsoor lake

In this week's edition read about how young working women from small-towns are faring in Bengaluru, the status of Phase I of Namma Metro, what authorities have to say about the fish kill incident at Ulsoor lake and more.

Bengaluru this week

March 10th 2016


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This week’s highlight: Small-town women in the big city

Young women from small towns come to Bengaluru full of dreams.

What is life like for young women who have moved to Bengaluru for work (and freedom). Are they able to break away from the pressures of traditional families wanting them to ‘settle down’? Are families changing their expectations of their independent and capable daughters? Read: Women from small towns seize the day in big city Bengaluru.

And our note on the occasion of Women’s’ Day: Bengaluru has many women who are doing wonderful work in order to make a difference to the city and its citizens. Here’s a hat tip to them. Read: These women making a better Bengaluru, how can we get more women enabling change?

Namma Metro status report

A graphic representation of namma Metro Phase – I Creator: Naveen Prasanna

Travel in Namma Metro from Mysore Road to Byappanahalli this April onwards. But your wish to travel from all destinations in Phase-I of Namma Metro will come true only by the end of the year realistically. Here’s an assessment of the work in progress for Phase I of Namma Metro. Read: Namma Metro Phase I likely to stretch till December 2016.

Living by the lake

Thousands of fish washed up to the surface of Ulsoor lake. Pic: Ganga Madappa

On the morning of Monday March 7th, as people arrived at the Ulsoor lake premises for their morning walk, they were assaulted by the stench and sight of rotting fish. So what happened? Read: A watery grave for the fishes at Ulsoor lake.

It is only a matter of time before Bellandur lake becomes ‘the lake that was’. Here’s an open letter from Bellandur lake.

Survey: Movie ticket pricing

How much are you willing to pay to watch a movie in Bengaluru? A petition addressed to the Chief Minister calls for the State government to cap ticket prices at Rs 120. Give your feedback here »

We will share your response with movie hall/multiplex owners when we do our story!

A shady welcome for out-of-towners

If you’ve moved to Bengaluru from elsewhere and still have trouble embracing it, this is a must-read. Architect Kiran Keswani talks about how the city’s trees have helped her start liking the city. Read: The only city that has a tree story to tell.

The week that was

  • The High Court of Karnataka has quashed the RTO notification on the 30-day limit for non-Karnataka vehicles to pay lifetime tax, failing which the RTO officials could penalise vehicle owners.
  • The State government has launched a cashless accident trauma care scheme, where one can avail treatments upto Rs 25,000 for free. The scheme has been named after accident victim Harish, who conveyed his wish to donate his organs before breathing his last.
  • News reports say Bengaluru will become hotter this summer. And there is drinking water in stock at KRS only for 60 days. Brace up for tough days!
  • Bengaluru Development Minister K J George has directed the BBMP to collect Rs 505 crore property tax before March 31st. He has warned of initiating action if the BBMP fails to meet its tax collection target. Of the Rs 2,900 crore target set for tax collection during 2015-16, BBMP has collected nearly Rs 2,400 crore, which is an all-time high figure.
  • BBMP has released Admin Committee reports, which was tabled in the council. The council meet also saw protests from leaders in Bommanahalli zone who wanted the BBMP to allocated funds for their wards, and accused the Mayor of partiality.
  • BBMP was told by the KSPCB to increase oxygen levels in Ulsoor lake’s water by installing fountains or air diffusers.
  • The fight against privatisation of Venkatappa Art Gallery is heating up. Over 500 artists under the banner VAG Forum staged a protest at the Gallery premises on Sunday, opposing the government’s decision to give the art gallery to a corporate entity for adoption and development.
  • A recent assessment by shows that Bengaluru leads in the internet-based civic activism for the past two years. Netizens from Bengaluru have so far launched 5,500 petitions since 2012.

Events this week

Workshop: Neighborhoods of Tomorrow, 19th March at TERI 

  • German DJ Orson Wells is hosting an interactive workshop on Intelligent Dance Music at Goethe Institut on March 11th. The workshop includes session on music production and DJing on turntables.
  • Indian Trajectory, an exhibition featuring various works from architecture to design by Canadian architect Dominic Dube is on display at Alliance Francaise from March 11th onwards.
  • When did modern human enter South Asia? Archeologist, Dr Ravi Korisettar is addressing a talk on the topic at Bangalore International Centre on March 11th.
  • Watch Séraphine, a film that follows the life of a middle-aged housekeeper who has a remarkable talent for painting at Alliance Francaise on March 11th.
  • Urban Solace is paying a homage to Harper Lee by featuring quotations, images and book jackets of her pièce de résistance, To Kill a Mockingbird. The exhibition will be on display till March 13th.
  • Francophonie 2016, the annual rendezvous of the lovers of French language kicks off at Alliance Francaise on March 14th. Movies, contests, music and more are part of the festival.
  • Learn how to make the perfect French Macarons at AF Cookout on March 16th.
  • Bangalore International Centre is hosting a panel discussion on Indo-US Relationships on March 16th to discuss opportunities and challenges in the corporate sector.
  • ApartmentADDA is hosting a workshop, Neighbourhoods of Tomorrow, for members of management committees at TERI Institute on March 19th.

To know more about events in Bengaluru, click here





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