BBMP can’t remove illegal ads – here’s why; Parents to move court on school fee hike; Go green this Environment Day

Why is the BBMP unable to remove illegal hoardings? What are parents doing to protest against increasing school fees? What happens when buildings come up on lake wetlands? How can you quit smoking? All this and more in this week's edition of Bengaluru This Week.

This week’s highlight: Decoding illegal hoardings in Bengaluru

A huge advertisement hoarding erected on a rajakaluve in Koramangala. Pic: Akshatha M

Ever wondered why the hoardings that are not licensed are not removed in Bengaluru? It’s because the BBMP has no proper policy for removal of hoardings. The terms are different each time, which is why the removal of illegal hoardings has become impossible. Here’s the story on the enforcement mafia.

Also read: Advertising hoardings worth crores actually get no revenues to BBMP.

Data: Part I of Mathai’s reports on illegal hoardings in BBMP, obtained via RTI.

Fee hike in Bengaluru’s private schools

In three years, the fees at a Bengaluru school has increased from Rs 54,000 to Rs 84,000, to a whopping Rs 1,04,000 for this academic year. With school managements hiking fees with no transparency and no relief from the government, parents have now decided to fight it out in the court. Read: Parents to file a PIL on fee hike in Bengaluru’s private schools.

When buildings come up on lake wetlands…

Flooding at the premises of Shriram Chirping Woods construction following heavy rains. Pic: Adity Roy Nair

When buildings come up in the catchment area of a lake, there’s bound to be flooding during the rains. Here’s what happening between the valley zone between Kaikondrahalli and Kasavanahalli lakes. Read: When buildings come up on lake wetlands…

MPC needed at BMRDA level

Bengaluru has a planning committee now, but is it enough to plan only BDA level, when the boundaries of the city are growing much beyond BDA level? Here’s an analysis on why Bengaluru needs Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) at Bengaluru Metropolitan Regional Development Authority scale.

On the road

There will always be an ever-increasing demand for mobility in Bengaluru. And with it, the challenges associated with it will increase too. Read: A workshop to brainstorm on solutions for Bengaluru’s transport.

World Environment Day

What do you want to do this World Environment Day? Plant a sapling? Attend a workshop? Here’s what you can do to make Bengaluru greener. Read: Bring back green to Bengaluru.

Lalbagh – yesterday and today

Lalbagh or The Red Garden was originally a garden of cypress trees and rose plants was constructed by Hyder Ali, later expanded by Tipu Sultan. Here’s an excerpt from Yashaswini Sharma’s new book, Bangalore – The Early City, AD 1537-1799.

The morning sun at Lalbagh. Pic: Deepa Mohan

One doesn’t really need to visit a wildlife sanctuary to soak in the sights of Nature’s beauty. A trip to a neighbourhood park like Lalbagh serves just as well. Read: Find Nature in a public park…

Citizen action

Four RWAs in Indiranagar have come together to organise a tree planting drive on June 4th. Join them to witness the beginnings of a greener Indiranagar. Read: Indiranagar to get greener this Saturday.

Kicking the (cigarette) butt…

May 31st was World No Tobacco Day. For all the folks who are planning to quit smoking, here are a few tips. Read: How to celebrate being a quitter.

Food for thought

When you are stuck at a traffic signal, you’re sure to be approached by vendors, both adults and children alike, asking you to buy their wares. They are after all trying to make an honest living. Read: Spare a thought for the street vendors.

News you can use

  • The Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee (BMPC) which was formed two years ago had its first meeting on Wednesday. In the meeting, Bengaluru Development Minister K J George clarified that decision related to the city’s development will be taken by BMPC, and not by Bengaluru Vision Group. BMPC members proposed to meet once every quarter.

  • For the first time in the history of Karnataka, police personnel have applied for mass leave on June 4th to mark their protest to draw the State government’s attention to fulfill their demands. Two police association leaders have been allegedly arrested for instigating the police to go on mass leave.

  • The BBMP which had discarded garbage bins years ago has now decided to place the bins yet again in the city. According to news reports, BBMP has chosen 18 locations to place these 16-gauge steel bins. Bins have been already placed in four places as of now.

  • The BBMP council in its monthly council meeting on Tuesday has decided to extend the five per cent rebate period on property tax till June 30th. Read: How to pay property tax.

  • Travelling in air conditioned BMTC buses has become dearer, with BMTC increasing its fare by six per cent. This is due to the Central government imposing service tax on state-carriage AC buses.

Events this week

  • Watch Nati Binodini, a play about the life of South Asian actress Binodini Dasi at Alliance Francaise on June 3rd.

  • A Terrorist Hanged, a theatre performance that deals with colonisation of the mind and vision through which the subaltern views the societal injustice is being staged at Jagriti Theatre on June 3rd, 4th and 5th.

  • Houses of Malgudi, a heritage walk through the old houses of Malleswaram and Basavanagudi is happening on June 4th and 5th.

  • Watch Evam Indrajit, Badal Sircar’s famous play translated by Girish Karnad at Alliance Francaise on June 4th and 5th.

  • Dr Prayag Shukla is addressing a talk on Innovation in Art at Bangalore International Centre on June 6th.

  • Attend a special tomato cooking class with Chef Alex of Cafe Noir at AF Cookout on June 7th.

To know more about events in Bengaluru, click here

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