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It’s going to be Deepavali this weekend. While the festival of lights brings in joy and celebration, it’s also the time when pollution peaks, and crackers only add to it. Is anything being done to create awareness among children on harmful effects of crackers? Ponder over this: Deepavali in the city: can it be safer and ecofriendly?

The Steel Flyover Debate

Weekends in Bengaluru these days are a witness to a citizen movement that the city never saw in recent days: a human chain to protest a steel flyover, a no-vote collection and more. What’s happening in Bengaluru? Why is the ‘Steel Flyover’ being opposed?

Human chain near Chalukya circle. Pic: Shree D N

Bengaluru has the most active citizenry any city can dream of. A flyover planned from Chalukya Circle to Hebbal at the heart of the city has united many citizens in the city in protest. Not following the due process has irked many, while the BDA helped fuel the controversy by refusing to share the data publicly. Read: How BDA botches up the steel flyover issue by hiding information

After a human chain event held on October 16, the Citizens Against Steel Flyover team planned a series of talks on the issue of sustainability in cities. Read about it: Citizen consultation discusses sustainable transportation

The other side of the argument

While a set of people are opposing the steel flyover project, Balaji Ganesan, a techie and a volunteer for civic initiatives, argues why the flyover will help take away fast-moving traffic that goes towards Hebbal and ORR. Read: Is Bengaluru’s civil society scoring self goals?

What documents are online?

We compiled the documents the BDA released, on Eprocurement website and on its own website.

Open letter by citizens

>> An open letter from citizens to Bengaluru Blue Print Action Group
>> Kathyayini Chamaraj from CIVIC writes an open letter to the Chief Minister

>> Open letter of the citizens to the Governor of Karnataka
>> Citizen Action Forum proposes formula for decongesting Bellary Road
>> Have a mobility plan for the city!
>> It’s going to be much more than 812 trees

Bengaluru is burning!

Rubber, plastic and mixed waste continued to burn for six days, off Outer Ring Road, before the BBMP intervened to put off the fire. Read: Residents struggle to breathe as garbage fire continues third day at Bellandur

Residents of Basapura suffer from persistent cough and breathing problems, as garbage is being burnt everyday. Read: This neighbourhood in Electronic City is choking!

To follow where else garbage is being burnt, follow the hashtag #GarbageBurning and #BengaluruOnFire on Twitter.

BBMP’s advertising hoarding saga

In brazen defiance of law, advertisers put up illegal hoardings across the city, often multiple times after the authorities have torn them down. How will the BBMP deal with this menace? Read: Gone today, back tomorrow: The strange case of Bengaluru’s ad hoardings

Citizens of Bellandur get together to find a way to remove the huge advertisement displays. Meera Nair describes the drive and the learning. Read: Getting illegal ad display boards out of sight.

Welfare schemes and urban poor

The United Nations observes October 17th as the International Day for Eradication of Poverty. But for the BPL families in Bengaluru, the welfare schemes of the government continue to be far from reach. Read:So many social welfare schemes, who benefits?

Begging scam on the rise

Some strangers on the street approach you and say they have been cheated and ask you for money to go home. But you should never give money. Why? Because a begging scam is rampant on the streets of Bengaluru city, writes citizen journalist Shweta Taneja.

Citizens for the City

From a dark and dreary underbridge area to a bright and lively public space, here is the story of transformation of the railway underbridge near Shivananda Circle. Read: This railway underbridge has a story to tell.

On October 17th, Whitefield Rising launched a car-pool platform in partnership with PoolCircle o enable shared commute. Read more about it here.

Finding hidden birds

Walks are a great way to explore the hidden treasures in the city, including birds. Deepa Mohan narrates the story of one such walks in Lalbagh. Read her blogpost: Finding the hidden birds in urban green spaces.

Citizen diaries

Our writer Deepa Mohan figures out that the figures in the bill are misaligned and one can not really get proper information about their monthly bill in the piece of paper given by Bescom. Read: BESCOM’s instructions and why they are tough to follow.

Freelancer Deepa Mohan lost her driving licence. She shares her experience of the hurdles that she faced in the process of getting a duplicate licence, in this blog post.

Also read this photo feature by writer Deepa Mohan of spotting Yakshagana artists on the airport road.

How does a young Bengalurean perceive the ongoing US presidential election campaign? In a lighter whine, blogger Ritvik Mandyam makes a commentary on Donald Trump.

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