All about movement passes during lockdown: Bengaluru Police releases FAQ

Bengaluru City Police had introduced a pass system during the lockdown, but there's been much confusion about who's eligible for passes and how to apply. Police has released an FAQ to answer citizens' key questions.

Bengaluru City Police (BCP) had introduced a pass system to regulate the movement of people and vehicles during COVID-19 lockdown. But there has been much confusion on who is eligible for passes, how these can be availed, whether passes are needed during medical emergencies, and so on.

BCP has released the following FAQ to respond to these questions.

Q: Who does not need a pass?

A: Here’s the list of people who don’t need a pass:

    1. Government officials on essential duty. They are permitted to travel to attend to their duties, but they must carry their department ID card.
    2. Medical Professionals and private security guards; however, they should preferably travel in their uniform.
    3. Media personnel (print and electronic media) must carry their accreditation card, or ID card issued by the concerned media company
    4. Government vehicles with ‘G’ registration numbers.
    5. Bank employees on essential duty; they too must carry the official ID card issued by their employers.

Q: Who needs a pass?

A: Private persons engaged in the supply of essential goods and services require a pass for attending to work related to supply chain management only. The categories that are eligible for pass are as follows:

    1. Shops – including ration shops (under PDS) – dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder
    2. Insurance offices
    3. Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services. IT and IT enabled Services (only for essential services), and as far as possible to work from home
    4. Delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment through e-commerce
    5. Petrol pumps, LPG, Petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets
    6. Power generation, transmission and distribution units and services
    7. Capital and debt market services, as notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India
    8. Cold storage and warehousing services

Q: Do I need a pass to go to the hospital?

A: Emergency Passes are available at all police stations for those who need to travel within Bengaluru city limits on account of any medical emergency or demise of family member. These passes are for use within the limits of Bengaluru city only, and are only valid for a period of 12 hours. The pass must be returned to the police station within 12 hours of issue. The applicant must deposit the original of one government-issued ID to obtain the Emergency Pass.

If the medical emergency requires travel outside the limits of Bengaluru city, one can apply in writing to the office of the local DCP along with ID proof and documents explaining the nature of the emergency. If the need is found to be genuine, a letter will be given to the applicant to facilitate their inter-district movement. However, this letter does not guarantee the cooperation of police of other jurisdiction, and is subject to their discretion.

Following is a memo by BCP, on issuing passes in case of medical emergencies.

Q: Do I need a pass to travel to a neighbouring district?

A: Travel is prohibited during the period of the lockdown. If the medical emergency requires travel outside the limits of Bengaluru city, one can apply in writing to the office of the local DCP along with ID proof and documents explaining the nature of the emergency.

If the need is found to be genuine, a letter will be given to the applicant to facilitate their inter-district movement. However, this letter does not guarantee the cooperation of the police of other jurisdictions, and is subject to their discretion.

Q: Do I need a pass to buy medicines?

A: All pharmacies and medical supply stores are permitted to operate during the lockdown. Hence one should be able to purchase required medicines and medical supplies from the neighbourhood store, which would be within walking distance.

So it is expected that members of the public will buy medicines from such neighbourhood stores. This will not need a pass as only main roads have been blocked by the police, and not the internal roads.

Q: Do I need a pass to buy groceries?

A: All grocery shops are permitted to operate during the lockdown. Hence, one should be able to purchase required groceries from the neighbourhood groceries shop, which would be within walking distance.

So it is expected that members of the public will buy essential groceries from such neighbourhood stores to which they can go by walk. This will not need a pass as only main roads have been blocked by the police, and not the internal roads.

Q: Do I need a pass to take morning walk or jog?

A: All movement is prohibited during the lockdown. Hence, all must refrain from taking any morning walk or jog during the lockdown period. Please exercise within the confines of your home.

Q: Can I go to visit my elderly parents?

A: All inessential travel is prohibited during the lockdown. Therefore, one must avoid such travel unless there is great need for it. If elderly parents require some essential commodities, these can be ordered online to be delivered at their house.

If online delivery is not feasible, one may contact the Elders Helpline for the needful (1090, 080-22943226, 9243737220, 9243737230). Necessary help for senior citizens in need will be arranged through the local administration. If any urgent police response is needed, one may dial 100 for help. If need be, local police will also come to the aid of senior citizens in need.

Q: Do I need a pass to go to the bank?

A: ATMs will function as usual, so one may go to any nearby ATM by walk. Online banking services are available for regular transactions. Online payment modes can also be utilised at this time. However, ATM services and cashier desk will be operational at all banks.

Q: Can I go to the pet store to buy food for my pet?

A: Online shopping websites can be utilised for door-delivery of pet food.

Q: Do I need a pass to run my kirana/dinasi shop?

A: No pass or permit is required to operate a kirana/dinasi store as groceries are essential items required by the public. However, passes may be required for the staff at the store if they have to travel from afar, and also for the vehicles which may be required for the transportation of staff and goods. The kirana/dinasi store owner can apply for a KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: How do I obtain a pass for my workers?

A: Organisations engaged in supplying essential goods and services can obtain passes for the critical staff required for their operations, by registering for KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: How do I obtain a pass for my vehicles?

A: No private vehicle is permitted to ply during the lockdown. Organisations engaged in the supply of essential goods and services can obtain vehicle passes for the vehicles needed for their operations, by registering for KSP CLEAR Pass at

Q: What is the validity of the pass?

A: This depends on the duration sought by the applicant and the duration granted by the pass issuing authority.

Q: Does one need to carry hard copy or soft copy of the pass?

A: The digital copy of the pass can be shown in the web application. The pass may also be printed if needed.

[This article is based on a press release from Bengaluru City Police (BCP), and has been published with minimal edits]

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    Sir my husband’s is in Bengaluru ,my brother’s wedding is on April17th at Myladuthurai,Tamil Nadu will he be able get a pass and travel in his own vehicle, tell me the necessary procedure.Thankyou.

    • Praveen Vedachalam.V says:

      Even I have my wedding on April 25th, I need to travel from kolar to bangalore, Plz tell me how to get passes, and what is procedures to apply for pass, Plz help us by replying.
      Praveen Vedachalam.V

      • Rahul Shenoy says:

        My friend lost job in Hyderabad, he got new job in banglore, last week is joining date but still he struggling in Hyderabad, if he available in banglore Work from home is possible, so please help him to get into Bangalore, he struggling and getting stress bzof no job, pleae contact and please provide the details for how to get pass and everything

  2. Venkatesh.G says:

    I’m in milk&water suppley

  3. vidya pati says:

    Sir I am planning to shift to my own house . is it possible to get the movement pass..

  4. Bhsskar says:

    Yashwantpur Market APMC yard food item loading unloading epass

  5. Harshini says:

    Sir am marriage is on apr 16th am in banglore..can u plz give me pass to go it’s necessary sir… marriage in bhadravathi

    • Pawan says:

      I am from Pune and stuck in Bangalore.
      My wife and son staying there alone and need me for their support.
      Please help if I can get pass to travel to Pune

  6. Shruthi says:

    I m 9months pregnent i may delivery anytime soon my mother in law n husband is in maharastra i stay here alone ..i need them how can it happen please

  7. Pavan says:

    I need A pass to travel my relation Home..due to some emergency season

    • Joy says:

      Hello sir,

      I and wife had come to hospital, due to sudden miscarage and from there we moved to near by realtives place as she was not in a condition to travel. So we remained there but on next day lockdown was declared. So till today we are at relatives place with just a pair of clothes. So we have to go back to our house in singsandra.

      Please tell us how to reach our place.

      Please help us

  8. Neena says:

    Sir I am pregnant and I need to take injections everyday and also attend my appointment time to time. If you can please let me know how I can go to Apollo cradle from chamarajpet everyday and how I can obtain a pass?

  9. Murugan says:


    I am from coimbatore and our family came to see my uncle who was hospitalized and unfortunately he passed away on 22nd and incidentally the lick down was imposed due to virus, my brother is under treatment for accident case which is in located coimbatore so we need to travel our home town badly for further treatment kindly allow us to travel and give us the pass


  10. chetan says:

    i need a pass for 4-6 hours to go office and collect some devices , how can i get it ?

  11. Syed tanveer pasha says:

    Syed tanveer sir i need a pass to travel relation home to give medicine 5to 6 kilometer and to buy vegetable for daily use sir

  12. siva venkatanarayana says:

    Yes, I need a pass to move my house hold items 3 door wadroof,Cot,sofa from BGS hospital to my new apartment sarjapur attibali Exide gate.

    Please help me with pass.

    • Sarvesh says:

      Hello, did you get the pass to move your house? I am in the same situation and wanted to know that what is the procedure to get pass to move house in Bangalore?

      • Deepti Shetty says:

        We are in the same situation. Need to move house within Bellandur. Please let us know if you get any solution

  13. Syed Faiz Ahmed says:

    Sir, I applied for gate pass since my parents are aged I have to go out to buy groceries and Diapers, waiting to get OTP on my mobile.

  14. Dhannu kumari says:

    Sir i am a supplier for house keeping goods house cleaning goods like grass broom , mops , wiper toilet brush ,floor cleaner , toilet cleaner, kitchen & floor cleaning clouths can i get supply pass i want to supply in kirana stores

    • Shaik Ahyan says:

      My wife is pregnant and we came to Bangalore since my mother had surgery. And now we are struck here. My wife has to get her treatment and check up done every week in Hyderabad. May I know how can we get our pass.

  15. Kaisar khan says:

    Sir my baby is admitted in NICU.
    Every 3 hrs i have get mothers milk for it. Can i use the attender id given by hospital to travel because as i have to go to hospital every 3 hrs with mothers milk, i m not in position to visit police station to get the pass. Please guide.

  16. Pavan says:

    Hello Sir,

    My Grand mother is expired in Hassan, Where can i get pass to go there.

    • Prabhakar says:

      You can approach Deputy Commissioner Police’s office of your area… You will be permitted if you can prove your case is true… carry garland and other stuff generally used during these times as per your customs

  17. Sagar Halenaik says:

    Sir I need a pass to travel to my hometown as I am alone here and parents are worried a lot please help me to get a pass

  18. R.Sharadha says:

    We are an NGO needed pass to distribute ration, water, and groceries.

    • srinivasan says:

      r u in bangalore for distribute of ration dont needed pass u can take things and give with the help of police person who is near to u r house madam

  19. Tulika says:

    Hello sir ,
    I have come to my relatives place in Bannerghatta road with my husband on the day of lockdown and 21 day lockdown has been done . I have 2 clothes only and I have to go back to my house in Sarjapur road

    My husband is diabetic so without prescription we are not getting medicines also .

    Please tell us how to reach at my place .
    Please help me

    • VIKASH ANAND says:

      Hi Tulika, did you get any way to go back to ur home ?
      I have the same issue. Please let me know how can i go

      • Dharti says:

        Hi Vikash, Tulika,
        I have a similar scenario here with my sister! She needs to come home as there is no one to take care of her. Did you get any help for the transport?

  20. SHIVA REDDY R says:

    Hi sir I’m shivareddy present I’m in chikkabalapura (D) but my mother in BLR (R.R Nagar) alone so I want stay with my mother plz approval and give the travel pass sir… Plz sir…

  21. Vishnu says:

    I am doctor stuck in home town need to come back to bangalore as i work in hospital in bangalore do i need pass

  22. Deekshith kumar says:

    Dear sir, am a Engineer for Diagnostics Medical Instrument ,so i need to travel customer places in emergency conditions to hospitals ,do i need to get pass or My company ID card and mail from hospital is enough to travel?

    • Madhuri says:

      Hi Sir,

      My mother recently had a surgery for brain haemorrhage and doctor suggested her for physiotherapy since she can not walk. Hence I have taken her for Bangalore. For my personal work o visited my Coorg and due to the lockdown am stuck here. And my parents are in Bangalore and it’s quite difficult to manage there since my mom can not walk and do her day to day activities. my father is also aged and facing difficulties in managing her alone. And also I have been granted with the work from home options but when I came to Coorg I dint get my laptop and all these days am on leave. So please let me know if I can get the pass to reach Bangalore from Coorg? It will help me to take care of my mom as really need support and I can continue new my work from home option as well. Hence please reply to my query

      • Madhuri says:

        And also I have sincerely following the lockdown period but am scared if it’s get continued then it will be really difficult for my dad to manage my mother since she can not walk. Hence please do the needful to reach me to Bangalore and I will assure that I will obey the government rules in Bangalore as well.

      • Siya mehta says:

        We had come to our native for a few days but then the lockdown was announced so can I get a pass to travel back to bengaluru as my great grand mom has passed away and my great grand father is also ill

    • Ravi says:

      Sir, My 5 year old Kid n wife are stuck at Hindupur since the lockdown started. I want to pick them, Can i get a pass till karnatakal border

  23. Papanna k says:

    Sir I am pvt bank employee can travel to Bangalore from Bidadi.

    • Sanjoy Das says:

      Hi… i need a pass to travel sarjapura to hebbal

      • Sanjiv says:

        Are we getting pass for such 20km travels?

      • E Madhu Sudhan Rao says:

        I am working in ambur but due to covid-19 lock down I’m stuck here in bangalore. Now the production of masks has been started there and as a production manager my presence is needed there.
        How can I get a pass to travel from bangalore to ambur

  24. Saundarya says:

    My daughter is 16 weeks old and her vaccinations are due.
    Do we need a pass to go to the doctor to get these done?

    • Malini says:

      We have also got oir babies vaccinated. We didnt take pass. We were questioned by police and expalined the purpose and dey let us go

  25. Vinayak says:

    Sir we are in karwar. My wife is a doctor in bangalore. We need to go back to bangalore. Kindly help us with pass or permission.

    • Divya says:

      Sir, my sister is in final semester of engineering.Online Classes started and asking her to give seminar online. But she is stuck in Aunt’s house in devanahalli.She is not having any laptop or computer to prepare.Can I get pass to get her home. As its her final semester it’s critical for her as she has no facility to prepare for her exam. Please provide pass.

      • chandrakala says:

        Hello Divya
        Even I have same situation did u got any response

      • Suresh Lazar says:

        U can call tv9 help line. They can only you and guide u

        • Shaik fouziya says:

          Hi Team,
          Myself Fouziya, studying intermediate in Anantapur, resident of Bangalore, came to Anantapur along with my husband and kids for taking up my first year exams. My exams started on 4th March and ended by 17th March. We were about to start to Bangalore, by then lock down was announced. We managed to stay in my in laws and relatives place from the last two months. We were waiting for lock down to be called off but unfortunately the lock downs are getting extended 4 times now eversince lockdowns started. Please help us in reaching house in Bangalore.

          Thanking you,
          FOUZIYA SHAIK.

      • Mandvi says:

        Hey Divya…did you get any response?

    • Abhay says:


      Have same issue with me, need to travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Came to Hyderabad on work and got stuck here since March 23rd. Kindly help.

      • Shwetha K says:

        Evn em strucked in Hyderabad I want to go back to Bangalore… Did you get any solution

        • swathi says:

          Hi Abhay & Shweta, did u get any reply? My 5yr old son also stuck in Hyderadbad and wants to come back to banglore. Did u get any solution. Please reply.

      • Satyapotharaju says:

        My daughter in law Suman is a student stuck up I Banglore. Now hostel and institute have closed. She has to come back to hyderabad. We have tried in Commisionerate at Gachiboli hyderabad . They said she should apply there and come. We asked for car to go and pick her up and come back. Because we don’t have any vehicle there. If anybody have to go take pass and go in my car so that she can return with my Driver and car

    • Anil says:

      Hi sir,
      I come to my native chittoor (Andhra pradesh ) for a few days but then the lockdown was announced so can I get a pass to travel back to bengaluru And also I have been granted with the work from home options but when I came to chittoor I did not get my laptop and all these days am on leave, currently I am loss of pay from one month, please let me know if I can get the pass to reach Bangalore from chittoor ? I can continue new my work from home option as well. Hence please reply to my query

    • H A Rangegowda says:

      I am in Pune want to come to Mysore let me know what is the process to get permission and Central govt has given permission to travel between states so how to get permission please let me knkw

  26. Rekha says:

    My daughter’s marriage is on May first week. Both my daughter and the groom-to-be are in Bangalore. They need to travel to Kerala and complete their quarantine period before the marriage date.
    Sir,can a pass be issued to them for travel???Pls give the necessary procedures

  27. P. Shivakumat says:

    Sir due to some medical emergency I want to go for nelamangala bcz my mother is in nelamangala. So I have to go pls can I get a pass.

  28. Punith says:

    Hi Sir,
    Am currently working from home from March 17th due to lock down .
    My wife and 8 months baby stuck in one of our relation home ( Prakash Nagar ) due to lock down and now they are facing to provide basic needs to baby too.
    Please provide me permission to get my wife and baby back to my home.
    I promise I wil maintain all precautions with social distance and will go early morning around 6 and come back by 6.30.

    Am requesting please help

    Thank you

  29. Lakshmi Kant Baranwal says:

    Sir my wife and daughter gone to meet her friend on 13th march, she suppose to back on 24th march, but due to lockdown she got stuck in Bangalore. Is any possibility for her to get pass to come back in Chennai on 15th April atleast

  30. Ravi AV says:

    Sir, I have applied for a Pass for demonstrating some UV Sterilisation Products to the Hospitals.
    This is very much critical item amid this Covid-19 situation. Request you to kindly issue necessary pass.

  31. Lisa says:

    Sir, can I travel to my home from Lingarajapura to hosur road. As I came to relatives house for function now I wanted to go back to my house along with my family

  32. Harish gajendra says:

    Hi sir, myself harish, it’s necessary to travel mysore within 14th during the lock down period because baby delivery date may falls in in the last week of April. Since it’s a seal down period it’s difficult to travel during that time. Please suggest me how do I get pass for intercity travel and procedure for the same.

  33. K Rami Reddy says:

    Dear sir I’m from andrapradesh currently I’m in Bangalore I have house in bangalore. Now I want to go native place can I get pass pls because recently our relative was death now we need to do some Pooja pls approve me asap.

  34. Veeresh says:

    Sir plz my father in hospital in gulbarga my go to gulbarga

  35. kiran says:

    Hello sir
    I am staying in bangalore banashankari 2nd stage
    my 2years daughter and wife are in sahakarnagar(bangalore) stuck in relative house from 21st march.I was waiting to bring them back after lockdown that is on 14th april.due to extension can I get half day vehicle pass to bring them back.

  36. Sujay says:

    Hi sir . I’m Sujay past from 20 days we are staying in my cousins home which is in itmadu near hoskerehalli. myself and my mother so basically we are from Yelahanka new town so plz can u help us to go back because there my father is alone n he is a diabetic patient plz sir do the need full thank you..

  37. Raghavendra naik says:

    Iam Raghavendra
    sir iam in Hosur my father-in-law house,my parents in bhatkal so i wants to meet my parents ,Tamil Nadu will he be able get a pass and travel in his own vehicle, tell me the necessary procedure.Thankyou.

  38. Prabha bp says:

    My native place is hassan.Iam a staff nurse,I came to bangalore for job purpose now it is postponed due covid19. Now iam in relative home,there I can’t stay please help me to move from bang to Hassan, my daughter is crying daily, how I move from bang to Hassan

  39. Supriya Varma says:

    Hello sir I’m 8 months pregnant I have diabetes also & My husband stuck in Bangalore city. Dr. Already told me my Delivery is complicated so please kindly help me. I need my husband back to Nagpur. I’m form Nagpur Maharashtra. My mom dad also diabetes it’s risky to take them in hospitals for regular checkups with me. Please sir kindly provide pass

  40. Keerthi h says:

    Hi sir am keerthi am water tanker bussiness so pls tell how to get pass and what is the procedures for applying pass

  41. Iyaz Khan says:

    Hi Sir,

    My family is stuck in Mysore and I am waiting for lockdown to open but I am hearing it may extend. I am in Bangalore if I get the pass or permission for 6 hours I can come back it is really urgent please reply to follow process.

  42. Shankar says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    Request you to kindly provide approval to pickup my daughter (8years) from hometown Chennai.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Raghavendra says:

    Dear Sir, My Aunt stays at Vidyamanyanagar she is 80 and is in need of medical supplies for her Anxiety and BP. She has called me for help as her local chemist doesn’t have her regular medicines, I could procure it at JP Nagar wher I stay, can I travel to deliver these medicines to her and return ? she is not tech savy and cannot call and talk to new people.

  44. Devi says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am staying in Whitefield Bangalore. My daughter (8years) is in Chennai. I request you to kindly provide approval to pickup my daughter from hometown Chennai. We will return on same day.

  45. Madhav reddy says:

    Respected Bangalore commissioner:

    We are staying at horamavu afara bangalore, Actually before lock down my wife went to sindhanoor (raichur)
    Because some work after lockdown announced my wife and son strucked there only.. my home aged parents are there they are suffering from sugar and BP health issue for them food is the problem . I need to get back my wife to bangalore . I tried for pass there no responce by police’s. I have my own veichle if I get 24 hrs permission i will bring back my wife & son. Unnecessarily some people are roaming they are getting pass easily we have the problem but no one is not responding sir plz help me..Please sir

  46. Dr. H H KUMARASWAMY says:

    I am physically disabled belonging to Hassan District but working at Hyderabad. I am living at Hyderabad with my wife and two children. During lockdown period, I am facing a lot of problems in getting essential commodities and medicine.
    If I have to go out, owing to my physical disability, I have to touch so many supports and walls, can’t walk longer distance. My wife is not able to speak any language other than Kannada.

    May I request some help to move to my native village Jeekanahalli Hosur, Arsikere Taluk, Hassan District.

  47. Shivapanchakshari T G says:

    Respected sir, my sister is a cancer patient. She has undergone one week treatment of radiotherapy in kidwai hospital. Her chemotherapy is pending from 3 weeks due to lockdown. We need to go to kidwai from Ramamurthy nagar, Bangalore. Cancer may grow to next stage if treatment is not continued. Pls do issue pass for two weeks to complete the treatment. Pls do needful

  48. MD IBRAHIM ansari says:

    Hi sir we have ordered the grocery from dmart for home delivery bt officers or nt letting the dmart vehicle to get in the area so Pls tell us how to survive we or in join family ther r kids to pls help us sir

  49. Mohammed rafi says:

    Hi sir ,
    My sister is pregnant and her delivery date is near so I need to drop my mother to her home to take care of her in bairkur,kindly request you to permit us to do so…please

  50. Jayachandran says:

    sir, my mother is a dialysis paitiant, she requires weekly three times to go to hospital for treatment, she cannot walk on her own, i need to take her to hospital in my four wheeler for treatment, pl issue me e pass for her to take her to hospital, pl consider my request, thank you sir.

    jayachandran n

  51. Prasanna says:

    Hello sir,
    Please help to come back to Bangalore,now we are in relations home after 21 days it’s difficult to stay here.

  52. Mohammed Khaiserulla says:

    Greeting Sir,

    I would like to know is there any number of limitations for police authority to issue Emergency passes for a medical reason on a daily basis, because I went with one of my relatives to the police station and about 40 to 50 people were standing near the gate waiting for their turn to go inside the police station (Kadogondana Halli Police Station) and get a pass, at 6 pm IST it was announced that issue of the Emergency pass will be not be continued and Lathi was charged to vacate the location and disperse public.

    Many Thanks,

  53. Zaheerahemad Aslam Jamadar says:

    My native is Pune Maharashtra. Right now I am at Indiranagar Banglore with my family. I am occupational Therapist. I was thinking lockdown will be up to 14th April 2020. So I had planned to go after 14th. Now I want to go to pune with my wife and daughter by car Please suggest for the process for approval to travel to pune

  54. Mukesh Gupta says:

    I am ceo of a mining co at davangere my staff and labours are starving I need to reach them urgently but stranded in Goa since 24th March. The staff and their depending family are nearly 600 persons. Though the circular dt 24th March of GOI made mining under essential services but local government departments is ignorant about it. Life of 600 ppl is at risk my dear karnataka govt it is all up to you to decide. I have made my stand clear to all departments.

  55. Godson. S says:

    Sir I am suffering from back pain I need to go pes hospital kuppam.i need pass to move from Banglore to kuppam

  56. HANEEF M.M says:

    Respected sir ,my Daughter is strucked in her sister’s house near Devanahalli
    Actually we are staying near Achaya college ,chikkabanawara.i request your kind self to issue a moving pass for our own car to bring her to home she is having a appointment with docter in malleshwaram. So once again I request you to please issue a pass according to procedure. Thanking you

  57. Jyothi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a private Bank employee in Bengaluru. Can I get a pass to travel just once to get some paperwork.

  58. Rajesh KK says:

    Dear Sir,
    I live in Bangalore, my mother lives alone in Coorg. She is 70 years old and she is not getting food items, medicines and necessary groceries as she lives in interior part of Coorg, also due to network issues unable to reach her frequently on phone. Therefore my humble request is to issue me a pass to go visit her or at least make arrangements for her necessities. Thank You.

  59. Silva says:

    My pet has his 3rd Vaccination due which is very important for health so do i need pass to go to vet for the Vaccination?

  60. Lavinia Edna Wahlang says:

    Respected Sir/Madam

    I require a pass to travel from Hoskote to Shantinagar because my house is located there whereby the vacating date is on 25th April . I need to go there to shift all my things to avoid paying rent for the forthcoming month . Please consider my request sir , it is an emergency . I will commute in my private car and no contact will be made with anybody . Thankyou

  61. Praveen Kumar M C says:

    Dear Sir,

    My parents are there in a village in Shimoga. I am in Bangalore with my wife and kids. This is high time for me to reach my parents as my father is a diabetic patient and mother ia a hypertension patient. I need to join them in this critical time to support them to avoid any exposure to this deadly virus during any outing to buy required essentials for day to day needs (medicines, groceries, vegetables, etc.).

    I would like to request you to allow me and my family to join them to avoid any future possibilities of getting them into any unwanted exposure.

    Hope, my request will be approved to go to my native.

    Looking for your support in reaching my native.

    Thanks and regards,
    Praveen Kumar
    +91 9844076670

  62. Vasanth.P says:

    Greetings Sir,

    My Wife and Daughter(3 years) old went to native last month March 13 2020, Unfortunately they got struck in Mettur(Tamil Nadu) my daughter she’s not able to sustain with climate she has got heat bubbles in her body.I will make all necessary procedure i e i will take blood test of both my wife and daughter once all gets clear i e if corona virus is negative after that i will proceed with travelling.

    So its humble request to grant me pass for travel i will take all precautionary measures and i will come back on the same day.

  63. Roshan says:

    Hi Sir, I’m from kerala and working in Bangalore. I have Kidney related disease and under medication for last 5 years from 2016. Consulting Dr.Jayakumar, Nephrologist very frequent and currently got stucked in Bangalore. I was waiting till this april 14 to travel to Kerala but now i heard it will extend. I’m taking BP tables to control hypertenstion and I’m desperately looking for a chance to travel for further checkup If you want, I can produce my medical files. Please reply how to get a pass to travel.


    Dear Sir
    I am Raman Chandrasekaran residing at Jakkur Plantation Road , My Brother-in-law by name Rama Chandran age 78 , is suffering from cancer 4th stage and he is in very serious condition and my sister is 74 and she is suffering health issues and my brother in laws Mother is 96 and they are all staying at KK Nagar Ponnambalam Salai , as my brother in law is in serious condition Doctors have sent him back to the Flat as he is in critical stage , I AM AT BANGALORE AND THEY ARE AT CHENNAI KK NAGAR , CAN YOU HELP ME WITH A PASS SO THAT MY RELATIVES CAN COME AND PICK ME UP TO REACH THEM , PLEASE DO HELP AND WE WILL NOT DEVIATE ANY RULES OF BOTH THE STATES

  65. umesh jayanth says:

    HI.. there is no proper information to where to reach out, if we reach out to local police station they are telling to get online but online nowhere i found the link to register. if we reach out to DCP office on the way police is ceasing the vehicle asking to go by walk 4.5 KMS from my home to DCP office give us the proper information instead of dragging things.. see we reach out only incase of emergency and not bluffing around i see people are simply roaming having passes for people who need passes are not getting.

  66. Shounak Chavan says:

    Sir, i wish to obtain a interstate pass from bangalore to goa since my parents live there and they are sick and worrying. So i need to go to my parents. Please approve

  67. Akshay shelke says:

    Respected sir,
    I am basically from Maharashtra, but right now working in Shivajinagar, Bangalore. My grandmother health is very critical right now so I wanna go to my village. Can I get the pass?. Please help me sir.
    Thanking you.

  68. Anita aigali says:

    I am staying in pg native is in belgaum.i want to go my relatives home in Hebbal Bangalore.pls help me sir

  69. NIRMALBABU says:

    Sir, we are basically electrical service providers to all essential hospitals / pharma industries etc, how can we get passes to reneder our services to hospitals / pharma ind etc, kindly reply.

  70. Deepa says:

    My Father his in Udupi , he is aged and we are stuck in Bangalore.
    Is there any possibility that we can get the pass to travel .

  71. JAIPAL says:

    Sir… My sister’s is harrased by her IN LAW’S. And beaten up and also try to murder her. Can i get pass of it and pls also revert with procedure also.

  72. Shweta says:

    Sir, I am stuck at my relatives place. I have some medical problem , my medicines are in my apartment.It is not available in medical stores as i got them from my hometown. Please grant me permission for one time movement to my apartment.

  73. Radha says:

    My own brother marriage is on April 17th in Trichy, tamilnadu. We don’t have parents. My husband and me in a position to take hold of marriage. Marriage dress and mangalsutra are all with me.please say procedure to process.

  74. Samim Rahaman says:

    Respected sir,
    I m Samim Rahaman from Debpur Bhatar Bardhaman West Bengal 713121.
    Please permission to be used a car pass . suddenly my wife is Seriously ill, wife name is Sahanaz Sultana .Rajgram Murarai Birbhum. WB

  75. Harshini Subramaniam says:

    I am in Whitefield, Bangalore. Yesterday due to hypertension attack my father fell into illness and he is alone in Tamilnadu. Also he is a senior citizen. So myself and my mom need to travel to my hometown in Tamilnadu.

    Kindly help.


  76. Anita says:

    Hello sir,
    I need to travel to my home in Mumbai as I am alone here in Bangalore and parents are getting worried now due to extension of lockdown. Please advice how can I get a permission letter or pass to travel to airport
    Thanking you

  77. Nasir Shaikh says:

    one of my friend do vegitable and fruits supplies, need pass for his vehicle.
    he runs between chitradurga and Mangalore. how to obtain pass for him and his vehicle.
    waiting for your earliest.

  78. Mugeshbabu.Ms says:

    Dear sir/mam I am Mugesh.
    My wife 7mobths pregnent .i am staying Bangalore along with wife and my family’s also in Tamilnadu I need them how can it happen please. Can I travel to there . Can I get the passes for traveling. Tq.

  79. Akshaya says:


    I’m stuck alone in bangalore and my parents/family in Coimbatore. Can I go home please?

  80. diksha says:

    Do we need pass to get married in Court

  81. Vidhya says:

    Plz allow for the hostipal I want go for checkup plz allow me to go

  82. Shivansh says:

    I am staying at a friend’s house in HAL. I need to move out to my home in Hoodi. I don’t have my essentials and it’s problematic staying at someone’s else house. Please help me commute.

  83. Hemachandra babu says:

    Good morning sir,
    My self Hemachandra.
    Sir I am requesting you kindly give permission to come back to our home at AECS layout A block behind singasandra Bangalore.
    Sir as we came relatives home for ugadi festival at andhra Pradesh kurnool district pattikonda town sir.
    But me my wife & my son blocked here since 20 days.
    We are getting more problems & not able to continue here sir.
    So that I am requesting you sir kindly give us permission to come back Bangalore.

    Thanking you sir
    Hemachandra babu

  84. mamatha Mohan says:

    Sir, please help me. My 10yr old daughter is stuck in Mysore at my relatives place and need to pick her up from Mysore to Bangalore. Please help me by providing pass for 1 day to pick up her, she is a very small kid and getting depressed by staying away from family. It’s been a month she is staying there. Please please please help us.

  85. Sarala says:

    Sir , Iam staying in Vijayanagar, I want to give the food daily to my uncle who is 80 years old stays in Basavehwaranagar who is single person .
    Please kindly help me how do I get the pass.

  86. Harish says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am Harish, A big thank you to all for being there for us.

    Sir, I had two queries,1)My wife is in her 8th Month pregnancy, I will have to take her to the hospital(rainbow hospital) for last scanning and testing. 2) It’s just me and my wife two of us are here in Bangalore (Rammurthy Nagar) therefore I will have to take my wife to hometown for delivery or I will have to get her Parents here. Please advise how I should go about it.

    Thank you in advance.

  87. Mohan Kumar R says:

    Hi Sir,
    Good Day!

    This is to inform you that, due to some personalreasons, we have moved to Hindupur, Ananthapur district(AP).Now it’s been almost 20 to 25 days passed, My mother is alone in my native place Kolar aged about 73 years, need to take care of my mother.Still we stuck in Hindupur because of lockdown. Don’t know whom to take permission,where I will get the permission. Moreover we don’t have own vechicle to return to back my native place. Please help us. Hope my need will be fulfilled.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Mohan. R.

  88. Surabi says:

    I am stuck at my relatives home in Mysore ‘with few pair of clothes. I want to go back to my home At uttarahalli Bangalore. My kids also feeling dull and sad as from past twenty one days they are staying idle as we don’t have any books toys and other stuff. I don’t want them to suffer mentally. Another 18days of lock down will seriously effect them. My parents who is having diabetes and authritics are also in Bangalore and they are also having trouble with day to day activities because of lock down. I and my family have seriously followed this lockdown and have not been gone any where outside during this last 21days. I want to go back to my as another 18days of lock down will effect my kids health. Please grant me pass

  89. Nithya C says:

    Hi, I am staying in Bangalore and Coimbatore is my hometown. I am a diabetics patient and now 13 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t manage here, Can I please get a pass to travel to my hometown.

  90. C K Mehta says:

    My elder brother got stuck in Hindupur during 21days lockdown. Till today he waited there, but now as the lockdown got extended, it will be difficult to stay there because there is no proper facility for food and stay there. Is there any way he can come to Bangalore city? Please suggest.

  91. Lionel lama says:

    Hello sir/madam
    Greetings of the day !!

    Me n my aunty came down to Chennai for some business purpose before lockdown
    My aunty is 55years n she is suffering from arthritis problem from past 34 years ….. once in 4 months v go to Manipal hospital for checkup
    But this time v r unable to visit the doctor as v r stuck in here
    HCQ 200mg tablet is not available in Chennai n she been consuming this medicine from 30years
    Now she is feeling week n side effect started due to not consuming HCQ 200mg

    Please help us to get back in Bangalore
    It’s a urgent requirement for medical treatment

  92. Abhishek says:

    Sir I dont have internet banking and iam a house wife and I want to draw money from a bank which is in a different ward should I need pass

  93. Mohammed Rizwan says:

    Dear sir,
    I need to travel (Intercity) for medical purpose.(Bangalore to Tamil Nadu).
    I have requested a lot in ulsoor DCP police station on 14.04.2020 with a valdid documents.
    Denid giving me intercity pass. Without even checking my documents.

  94. Inayathulla khan says:

    Sir I have farm in tyamagondlu village nelalamangala I have lots of issue is there like labor and mango crop pls tell me how I get pass

  95. Ramya says:

    Hi sir we r in chandapura. My 3 yr old daughter is in our native since march 7 in karur,tamilnadu. Now a days She is not eating and sleeping plz give us permission to bring back our daughter with us . We will go by car . We will come back within ur timeline. On same day we will return back with her . Plz sir give permission. She is asking us to take her with us.plz plz …. I need a favour sir . Help me to go.

  96. Kavitha N says:

    Hello Sir/ Madam,
    I reside in Bangalore, Akshay nagar.I travelled to Coimbatore with my husband and kids on 20th April to visit our parents but got stuck due to 21 days lockdown.
    Now online classes have started for my son and it’s very difficult with out laptop. Moreover next 21 days lockdown is continuing.
    Request to give us e-pass to travel back to Bangalore.

  97. Hitendra Patel says:

    Sir, I have to give to salary to my maid as she doesn’t know any digital transaction, she is staying in Ejipura so I need only 30-45 pass to start from Domlur and come back home.

  98. Prakash Raj says:

    Hi sir my sister alone at home she as one baby along with her she is as some health issues from past 1year she stay in Kovilpatti I need to get her from thr I stay in Hebbal kindly requesting you to pass to travel to get her to Bangalore

  99. Indhu says:

    Sir I need a pass to travel to my hometown as I am alone here and due to lockdown extension my parents are worried a lot, so please help me to get a pass to Attibele

  100. Mahesha says:

    Hi Sir,

    My sister in law is alone in bangalore. We are struck in Maganuru (malavalli tq Mandya dist) . She is not feeling well there and we need to accompany her. Could you please help us to get a pass for a rented cab to go to bangalore and to return of the cab back ? Please check if any possibility.


  101. Swarali says:


    17th of April is my last working day at my office which is located at Nagwara, Hebbal Bangalore and my Manager has asked me to return the laptop so that they can give to someone else. Please let me know how can i get a pass so that i can quickly go to office and handover the laptop

  102. Ark Chatterjee says:

    My elderly parents are there in Kolkata and I’m in Bangalore, I need go back to Kolkata urgently. Train and Flights are not functional, can I travel by road? If yes, then plz let me know the procedure.

  103. Raman Chandrashekaran says:

    This is the 3 rd time I am writing this ; My brother in law is in the 4 th final stage of cancer and need my immediate support, I NEED TO GO TO CHENNAI URGENTLY , I have the letter from our doctor HOW DO I GET THE PASS ? Please do help

  104. Ramya says:

    Hai Sir

    I am staying in Bengaluru. My son is in my mother’s house in Salem, TamilNadu.We left him there before lockdown. Both my mother and father are senior citizens. They need our help. Can me and my husband avail a pass to travel to Salem. Please help us as my parents are suffering. Looking forward for a reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  105. Saunderya Kapoor says:

    Respected Sir / Madam,

    I am Saunderya Kapoor a resident of Goa currently pursuing my Graduation from Symbiosis. I came to Bangalore in December for my mandatory college Internship at DDB mudra group. My internship ended last month on 27th March ’20.

    The lockdown which was announced on the 24th evening, made it impossible for me to go back home to my family. I was helpless and could do nothing but patiently wait for the lockdown to end and the situation to get better.

    I am writing this letter to you, to express that i have no other option and i need help to get back to my family. I hereby request you to please grant me a pass, to be able to cross the state borders as i have no local guardians, friends or family living here that i can rely on.

    Please help me, I am alone in this situation.
    Thank you
    Saunderya Kapoor

  106. Swetha Adinarayan says:

    Hello sir, we stay in Bangalore and my husband had undergone a surgery on before lockdown due to which I had sent my 3 year old son with my parents who stay in kuppam in andhra pradesh, but unfortunately lockdown was done after 2days, he has started to cry and not eat food, now we need to bring him back please please help me through this sir we beg you. Please

  107. Vijay says:

    Sir my wife and kids are struck in Mysore. We need to get back to Bangalore.. Please help us

  108. Kamal Kumar says:

    My son is 16 weeks old and his vaccinations are due.
    Do we need a pass to go to the doctor to get these done?

    If yes, I am planning to book doctor appointment further. Please provide the solution


  109. manish gandhi says:

    Dear sir,
    I have to go to my office to make payments to bescom and labours. Hence i require a movement pass.

  110. T Nagaraj says:

    Hi sir Iam supplier vegetable and dairy products for hotels so I need a pass

  111. Saunderya Kapoor says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am Saunderya Kapoor a resident of Goa currently pursuing my Graduation from Symbiosis. I came to Bangalore in December for my mandatory college Internship at DDB mudra group. My internship ended last month on 27th March ’20.

    The lockdown which was announced on the 24th evening, made it impossible for me to go back home to my family. I was helpless and could do nothing but patiently wait for the lockdown to end and the situation to get better.

    I am writing this letter to you, to express that i have no other option and i need help to get back to my family. I hereby request you to please grant me a pass, to be able to cross the state borders as i have no local guardians, friends or family living here that i can rely on.

    Please help me, I am alone in this situation.

    Thank you
    Saunderya Kapoor

  112. M.Zabi says:

    I am Zabi from Bengaluru and we are Value added Ressler ( VAR) and System integrator ( SI) for the Healthcare & Medical Department. This is to request that we need some passes to our organisation to deliver the part in Hospitals & Medical department for testing.

    Like Servers Parts, Hard Drive, Medical grade monitors Etc… Also i have requested on online portal, Still i have not received any mail or message for the passes. So please let me know whether we can get the pass for police station by submitting the request latter in the companies letter head..

  113. Dr Niyaz Roy says:

    Hi sir , I am Dr Niyaz roy , I am
    Native of thirrsur(kerala ) actually my wife is from
    Bangalore and I came her to drop banglore as she is pregent and I am stuck in Bangalore from last 24days Due to this many patient in my native is waiting and there are many chronic condition patient whom I have to give medicine as I am Unani doctor we have to give our medicine… so please sir can you get me a permission to pass from Karnataka to Kerala
    Hoping for reply to my email ..

  114. S. Teekaram says:

    Dear sir
    I am a shop keeper of JP FANCY & GENERAL STORE at 111/1 Kalamma road, near MMET SCHOOL, (Next to Manjunath Medicals) R.S.Palya, Bangalore 560033. Requesting Needed a pass to buy essentiall grocery items to my shop

  115. Gagan joshi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am stuck in prestige transqulaity at my friend’s home.
    My home is in ND passion , Harlur road.
    How can I get one hour pass to go to my home only

  116. Vinodhini says:

    Me and my husband are working in Bangalore. We came to chennai for medical check up. Now stuck in chennai. So please tell me the procedure to get the pass.

  117. Renuka Jami says:

    The Police Commissoner,
    Sir i need to travel from bangalore to orrissa via Andhra to attend my Sister in laws Funeral,by toady itself, please can i get a pass to travel.

  118. Rajid Ali says:

    My dad is stuck in Rajasthan and we live in Bangalore.

    Need help to get him back he is 90 years old.

  119. J GOWTHAMAN says:

    Respected sir, I J GOWTHAMAN, working in BCG VACCINE laboratory Chennai, ministry of health and family welfare I came to Bangalore on 21-3-2020, to stay with my family, due to section 144, no transport, my office is functioning, I booked on 15-4-2020 train cancelled, so I humbly request you sir, kindly any transport goes to Chennai please send me along with, once again I request you sir please help me,

  120. Mahesh Radder says:

    Dear sir,
    I am staying in Bangalore, my wife and daughter have been stuck in their home town due to Covid 19 lockdown. In my right ankle I have a rod (Met with an accident), consulted a Doctor here, to get the rod removed post surgery. Decided to admit and get operated, by that time the lockdown was imposed. Now I am getting severe pain in my ankle, not able to put weight and walk also. I am alone here very difficult to manage, kindly allow me to get the Pass to go to our native Hubli so that I can consult a Doctor there immediately. Please understand the situation.

  121. KSS ENGINEERING says:

    sir, we need permission/pass to transit our staffs to their native places in Tamilnadu. suggest the relevant pass application and procedure.

  122. Shyam Paul says:

    Sir I am 66 years old and was to take MRI, the doctor in Baptist hospital advised and proscribed some medicine and instructed to see him after 30 days. I can not get medicine without latest proscription, I live in Ozone Urbana near Devenahalli, I wish to take a travel pass using my Car driven by Son, but to enter and come out of Devanahalli there are barricades and police check post who are not allowing without the Pass. I have to see the Doctor for check up and new proscription. Advise me how to go to the hospital

  123. siddalingaraje.urs says:

    Sir my wife delivery happen in 20th we are in 2people only we can’t able to maintain food and child maintain that reaosn I as to travel my native periyapatana pls suggest for pass

  124. Karthikeyan S says:

    Sir I am a defence personnel I am staying in my friends home our office is not functioning for the past one month I want to go to my native Tamilnadu how can I able to get pass

  125. Karthik says:

    Hi.sir this is Karthik my wife mother get serious injury in sakleshpura she need to go there because no one care about her my wife mother crying for pain sir kindly request you sir give me a pass for drop

  126. Vignesh M says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Wedding is fixed on 27th April now we are planed to do at home only within 10 members but My mother is passed way. My sister have to do all marriage formalities but she is in Chennai. Can I get a pass to bring her from Chennai.

  127. Tanuja says:

    Hi i had to leave my 2 pets at my friends place for 2 days to go to my native. But due to lockdown the next day had to cancel the trip. But i couldn’t get my pets back due to travel restriction. They have been with my friends for 22 days already. Please can you provide me pass to get them back. Also i don’t have a vehicle of my own. How do i avail transportation too.

  128. Ramya.N says:

    Hello this is Ramya. I reached here in Bangalore during February, basically I am from tamilnadu due to some unavoidable reason I reached here. After that I could not go back to tamilnadu due to lockdown . With in all this my father in law is suffering because he is a heart patient. We were planned to admit him in the hospital. due to this reason now I would like to go back to Tamilnadu. ( It is almost 2 months )I am requesting the Karnataka govt to give me a pass to travel to Tamilnadu. Kindly help me in this situation . Really I am depressed. If you help me in this it is going to change my entire life . Kindly do the needful.

  129. Chandrakala says:

    Hi, I have been stuck in PG from 21 days under lockdown.
    I have got wfh option from my office for 3 months. Can I get pass or approval to travel to
    My native Bellary,Karnataka. So that I can look after my elderly parents, during this lockdown. Please reply .

  130. Srihari says:

    Respected Sir
    My name is srihari. On March 17th, 2020 I came to banglore from AP along with my father for his helath checkup relating to vascular surgery which is already done in Narayana hrudayalaya hospital. On 18th of March 2020 my father faced some issue with urine passing which is all together different from the vascular surgery which is done earlier. To get the treatment for free urine passing they did one small surgery which made us to stay in Bangalore for another week. Mean while lockdown announced. To obey with the lockdown rules prescribed by the government we are in banglore till date. Now my father is facing severe gastroenterology problem for which I am not in a position to afford to get treatment here and my grand father who is staying in AP also on bed. I am worrying about my father health as he is not taking food because of my grandfather health condition is worsen.

    Request you to please let me know the procedure to get pass for to travel from bangalore to AP

  131. Manasa says:

    Dear Sir,

    My marriage is on 17th May and we are planning to make a simple marriage at home in Chikkanayakana Halli taluk Tumkur. But now I am staying in HBR Layout Bangalore. I need to travel for my native, what is the procedure and when can I able to travel to my native. After travelling what steps need to be taken. I do not have any travel history or not contacted any travel persons. I do not have any health issues. Please reply to me.

  132. Sairam says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son got stuck in our native Andhrapradesh. We thought we can bring him back after April 14th. He is crying a lot daily with home sick. Could you please help us in bring him back to banglore. We are ready for the quorantane after bring him back. Pls let us know how to get the permission.

  133. Sudha says:

    My son is stucked in Bengaluru. He had flight reservation for 24th March but the flight got cancelled and there after all this happened of lockdown which is again extended now.

    He is also facing difficulties there and I am also quite worried about his well being which is affecting my health too. He also has followed strictly the lock down rules.

    Kindly allow me to travel to Bengaluru to bring him back. I am from MP and reside alone here.

  134. Shreyas V says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just had an issue of going to my place from my parents place. I’m heading back to my room near my company in manyatha. I’m in dire need of a pass for that. Could i get any sorta help?

  135. Suresh says:

    Dear Sir, I came to bride house after marriage from Chennai and got stuck here for the past one month. Do we get pass to travel back to Chennai. Please respond.

  136. Shilpa says:

    Hello sir,

    I also wanted to shift to my own flat and having few items only..
    Let me know if I can shift in thia month end


  137. Raghwendra Pratap Singh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Emergency or not can’t differentiate, you decide Sir.

    I am a residence of Bihar (Village:-Agrahan, Dist:- Munger, 811211), today 20th April 2020 I got to know someone from my village got expired, and his ONLY son is stuck in this lock-down in HSR.
    Any help or suggestions highly highly highly helpful.
    Sir, please please guide how to send him his hometown.
    Please Please help guide suggest anything will be helpful.

  138. Rakesh Katti says:

    Hello Sir,
    We need permission to go to Dharwad as we have ailing Parents (Father has undergone bypass surgery recently and Mother is having neuropathy issues, they are above 75 years of age) and are unable to take care of themselves. And no servants are available, so please request you to permit us to travel to Dharwad.

  139. Vithal Rao says:

    Dear Sir I represent a company and am a selling agent having godown in TRMILLS COMPOUND CHAMRAJPETE WHO Mnaumafactures and sell agriculture tyres,commercial vehicle tyres and sellas all over karnataka to registered dealers.Since Govt allowed to sell TRACTOR TYRES for farmer s request us to give pass pl let us know who to contact or can i apply onbline

  140. RANGANATHA says:


  141. Pushpa latha says:

    I have appointment with doctor….can I go without pass to hospital

  142. Lakshmi Kanth Sarma S, Deputy Manager says:

    I have to shift to my new flat in Mysore road from Girinagar before the end of this month. Where can I apply for the movement pass?

  143. Prasanna says:

    Did you get any response from them, we are also from hyderabad and struck in bangalore

  144. Prakash says:

    Hi sir

    We are working in courier service so I need to pass essential shipment is moving

  145. Mukesh says:

    Ammage husarila hospetelge sersbeku ali yaru ela adaki hogadaki pass kiltidini

  146. Nawaz pasha says:

    Hlo sir I am Nawaz from Bangalore JP nagar .I am a grill work is in a martahalli so pls arrange me one pass for car drive ..thank u

  147. Smd irfan says:

    I came to my relative house jaynagar before one day lock down happened I want to go back to my home in Whitefield,I got stuck from one month
    Please assist how to go back to Whitefield.

  148. Javed Ahmed Khan says:

    Sir I want to shop some grocery for my family and indont have cash due to lockdown business is not happening so i want travel from Kumaraswamy layout to Jayanagar D mart need permission. My purchase is through cresit card due to non available of cash in bank. Running in critical with food and other essential. Please help me to go out for my family needs.

  149. RAJENDRA says:

    We are water purifier Dealer

    Customers is calling
    Water purifier is not working
    Drinking water not there please
    Come at home
    Kindly request you

    Crystal Inc

  150. Nilu Ghosh says:

    Sir I need a pass to travel to my netive please. I am alone here, parents are worried a lot please help me.

  151. Ranjith says:

    Hello sir we are into food manufacturing of badam powder mix i would like to know can we start our operation with 30% of employees, We dont have a cab facility in our office, Do we need to take passes for each and everyone.

  152. Geetha says:

    Me and my husband are staying in Bangalore.But my kids are staying with my parents in Karur , Tamilnadu. The problem is my son is 4 yrs and crying daily as he want to stay with me.Its really hard for my parents to console him.If this continues his health may get affected.So kindly help me how to get the pass for state travel pass.

  153. Soumya says:

    Sir, my wedding date fixed on 27th Apr and we have decided to get married with least people but need approval from commissioner, we are going to nearby police station but they are just saying come after some time and not helping out. please tell us what to do

  154. Anand Kumar says:

    Hi Sir

    I came to my native Yadgir district before lockdown, I got strucked here, I need to go back to Bangalore to do Work from home. Please help any way to travel back to Bangalore in my own car

  155. ANSAR PASHA says:

    Sir Iam a building contractor i want pass to travel to construction site and to buy cement steel and hardware items,everything is around between 2 kilometres range from BTM layout to jayanagar 9th block eastend road, if yes where can I get the pass,

  156. Dharmaraju K says:

    I am working in pharma testing lab in Bangalore. my wife went to Andhra to attend function and held up in the lock down. we booked ticket 15.04.2020, but lock down extended. Is it possible to get the pass to travel from Rajahmundry to Bangalore by cab.

  157. Velumurugan. says:

    Hi sir, my daughters are strucked in is at 14 years another one is 7 yrs old.they are in mother’s mother age is 60years.she can’t able to manage them.they went to see my mother.please help me to take from thumbapalyem village via bangarupaleyam to Bengaluru. I have two wheeler.please grant me the pass for one day.

  158. Bojappa says:

    I live off kanakapura road mallasandra, I sent my Daugher to my sister’s house in Rajarajeshwari nagar, for a week vacation on 22nd lockdown happened on 24 i was not able to go and pick my Daugher back, then thought i can go and pick her on april 14th, now lockdown has got extended. Can i get permission pass for few hours to pick her??

  159. KUPPUSWAMY RAVI says:

    I have my new made company shed in cheemasandra main road
    Have put a new rolling shutter but not locked.
    I need permission to ensure protection for my company

  160. Syed Hashmi says:

    I have to visit doctor. How can I get pass for the same.

  161. Prakash Sharma k says:

    Hello Sir

    We are in manufacturing of Tissue paper napkins and Toile rolls used in hospital we need to supply to hospital and to our regular facility distibutor.Can you please share me how to get online pass for organisation and for vechile.We have reached to nearest police station not got any proper information.

  162. Velu says:

    Hai sir
    My grandmother died on April 14 but we did get pass on that day because she died at 5:30 pm . Actually police officer said pass will give on on ward .but some body did final ritual. My father is feeling bad due to her died we are unable to see her face last journey.
    Now i will get pass for thithi 29th april . Will i get a pass ( we are staying in bangalore my grandmother house in tamil nadu) please suggest me what to do sir

  163. sriram reddy says:

    I am struck in andhra. I should come back to karnatka and join back to my job.

  164. Sangeetha says:

    Sir could you please confirm is pass mandate for employees of shops and establishment. As per the order released by MHA on 24 th april 50 percent of employees wearing mask and maintaining social distance can work.So to travel to work place is pass mandate for employees

  165. Senthil says:

    My son 6 month old, I want to go native dharmapuri tamilnadu to put vaccine and medical check up, what is the procedure to get pass

  166. mahendra kumar says:

    Sir, my wife and son held in ahmedabad. We are settles in bangalore last 25 year. my son online exam start.what I do? Pl.advice and help me

  167. S. Anandapadmanaban says:

    We are in Sringeri Chikmagalur District Karnataka and would like to go Chennai as we are settled pl help us for self and wife

  168. Yosha says:

    Hi sir,
    I am from Mumbai and was working in Bangalore
    I am alone in my PG since the day of lockdown and managing alone during this situation is very diffucult plus I have anxiety issues
    Is their any possibility to travel interstate in a private vehicle
    Please give me a way out

  169. Rajath kudtarkar says:


    Me, my mother and my brother are stuck in bangalore and my dad aged 60 years with BP problem is alone in karwar. He is facing problems with daily food and other essentials. We are only 4 in our family and we have to be together, its becoming difficult for us to be in bangalore leaving dad to stay alone in karwar. Please let me know if we can get vehicle pass to travel back to karwar.

  170. Chinmoy B Chowdhury says:

    This lockdown is slow poisioning/killing people stranded outside their homes. Are there being any kind of thoughts that the govt. is thinking or arranging some means/ways to get people back home who all are stuck outside Karanataka.

  171. KrishnKumar says:

    Hi sir

    I came to my relative house in Tamil nadu and get locked in due lock down.. I reapect the lock down so o stayed in my relative house itself for 28 days .. Now it’s looking like still it’s going to extend after may 2 also. Please help me how to reach my home at banglore ..

  172. Maheswari S says:


    My mother came to banglore to visit us on march 5th , but because of lock down she stuck here , she is having health issue and severe knee pain , need to visit doctor in tamilnadu, How can i go to tamilnadu, kindly guide . Thanks in advance

  173. sudhakara rao says:

    I got stuck in hyderabad and my family is alone at bangalore worried about situation. Can I get a pass for travel from hyderabad to bangalore

  174. Prashant Kale says:

    Hi Sir, My family (wife, 6 year daughter and just 1 year son) got stuck in Hubbali. Till date I was managing considering the situation but now my daughter is not having food and want to be with papa. Feeling very sick, can I get the permission to get my family from Hubbali to Bangalore home. Please help.

  175. Divya says:

    Sir we are in Kukke subramanya of our native. I am a banker and my husband also working in PSU in bangalore. We need to go back to bangalore. Kindly help us with pass or permission.

  176. Naveen says:

    Hello this is Naveen Kumar

    I am staying at YalahankaBangalore . with my sisters .As I am working for one small company because of covid-19 the company has been closed from several days and till know salary as been in pending because of that I can’t able to pay my room rent also . because of salary issue it is hard to prepare my food to eat .I m from poor family . . and my mother is also not well . me and my sisters need to go my native(shimogga) please grant us the permission to go our native .and please give us to provide pass

    Thank you .

  177. K PANIRAJU says:

    I am an insurance employee in BANGALORE,I strucked at my native Andhra . In BANGALORE my offices are working under essential services. Kindly help me to travel from my native BANAGANAPALLI to BANGALORE.

  178. Haribandhu Sahu says:

    I came to Bangalore from Chennai on 18th March 2020 for an official work and stuck in lock down and staying in the hotel. I am taking outside food and my health is not good for taking outside food. My family is at Chennai and there is no one to take care of. So I need to go to Chennai and need your help. Your early action is highly appreciated.

  179. Gomathi says:

    My mom went to bangalore for relative family function and got stuck in bgl.,she has to get medical treatment every 3 months,i need to bring her to chennai,please let me know the procedures

  180. Nanditha says:

    Sir we came from hebbal, Bangalore on 22March to meet my father in law who was aged and ill. We got stuck in kattankulathur, chengalpattu district, tamilnadu. I am a diabetic patient and am undergoing treatment at cholanayakanahalli hebbal. I wanted to go back to hebbal. I have a Tn registered car. What shall I do

  181. Chandru says:

    This is chandru staying in mahaganpathy nagar(Rajajinagar) with my wife and 2 years old daughter. My daughter is very much attached to grand parents but there are in native place (Bagalkot dist) so since last one month our daughter is not eating food and not sleeping properly due to their absence.

    Sir we wanted to go back to native with our own transportation and i will ensure that we will be at home only at least for a month with maintaining social distance.

    Sir initial we thought lockdown will be lifted on 14th APRIL and somehow we managed but later it extended to till 3rd MAY but still we are managing with difficulties to hopping that we can travel on 4th MAY.

    But we afraid if lockdown again continues even after 3rd MAY.
    Sir i am requesting you to kindly provide us PASS to travel back to our native and i will ensure that we will be at home only at least for a month with maintaining social distance.

  182. madhu says:

    My wife and kids are stuck in chennai (been to a function and stuck there), and am in bangalore, how do i get a pass to get them back to bangalore

  183. sneha vvss says:

    i am stuck in bangalore in my relative place ,i have to move to hyderabad to my parents could you please issue pass so that my father can come and pick me up and go back to hyderabad.
    please help

  184. Saravanan says:

    Hi, we came to our parents place in Trichy. Our work place is in Chandapura, Bangalore. We git stucked in Trichy due to this lockdown. As here is no internet connectivity we have to return to our place as soon as possible. We need a pass for our vehicle. It has Karnataka registration board. Please allow us to travel point to point travel from Trichy to Bangalore. Even we are ready to be in quarantine after reaching our place. It’s been 2 months now. Please help us to get the pass to reach Chandapura. Please.

  185. R. Kathiresan says:

    I am kathiresan.R my native place tamilnadu dindigul I will move my native place sir pls help my dad critical stage sir pls help I will go to my twowelear bike sir pls properly pass sir pls help me sir

  186. Aravind Anbalagan says:

    I along with family from Bangalore came to Tirupattur, Tamilnadu before Lock down ie on 21-03-2020. But unfortunately got lockdowned from 24th March. Now I received a letter from my company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore to join the duty on 28-04-2020 as our company comes under essential support to our Indian Airforce. So I tried online epass (KPS clear pass) to enter Bangalore via Hosur. But the app is not working. Please guide me or help me to return Back to Bangalore for duty.

  187. Ankita says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am staying in a PG in Nagawara Bangalore, I want to go to my brother’s home in BTM layout Bangalore after 3rd May. Please let me know If I will be able to go there or not.

  188. Sowmya says:

    I am from Hyderabad my family travelled to Anantapur, I further travelled to Bangalore with my 2 kids , now I am in Bangalore my husband in Anantapur, pls help us get an interstate pass so I can reach Anantapur and later Hyderabad

  189. Sujata Pinjani says:

    I used to work in JP Morgan Bangalore, and had resigned from my job in March 2020. Now I dont have any job and I am stuck here. I want to go back to my native place Amravati, Maharashtra. Is private vehicle allowed after 3rd May? What permissions are required?

  190. Samir Kuila says:

    My parents and families are there in Kolkata and I’m in Bangalore, I need go back to Kolkata urgently…Train and Flights are not functional, can I travel by road? If yes, then plz let me know the procedure.. I am stuck here from 24th March.. I thought may 3rd everything will be alright but hearing once again will be extended.. please please help me

  191. MAHESHWARAN says:

    Respected sir,

    I and my wife are working in Bangalore and we left our daughter in my village on March 2nd week as the school’s and the daycare were closed. we did not expect the lockdown by that time. Now it’s been more than a month we are away from our daughter. My in laws are taking care of her. they are also old my father in law is affected with stroke, hence we would like to bring our daughter back to Bangalore. Moreover online classes have also started. Hence kindly help us in this situation by providing the pass to go to tamil nadu and bring our daughter This could be a big favor for us.

    Thanks and regards

  192. Arun kumar Doddi says:

    Hi Sir
    I am from Hyderabad. I am working in a corporate company in banglore due to shutdown my office was closed now. I wanted to go to Hyderabad please help me sir. I have my own vehicle. Kindly help me sir I need to be with my family in this critical situation.

    Thank you sir

  193. Tissan Mathew says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am stuck in Kerala due to lockdown. My family is in Bangalore. I want to come back to Bangalore and join my family. Please healp

  194. S venkatesh says:

    We want to go to our home town present we are in Bangalore we are totally depending on govt only please help us

  195. Vinay Mahale says:

    My wife is 9 month or 35 weeks pregnant, we are based in Bengaluru however family is based in Sindudurgh maharashtra(Green zone) . We do not have any support here to help us during her pregnancy time. Please help us with complete procedure to be followed if any once her mother or sister travel to Bengaluru.

    Vinay Mahale

  196. Surendra says:

    I want to shift my home material to my Rajasthan for my own house I need Epass

  197. Satya says:

    Before Lockdown, i went to andhra to drop my family then i suppose to come back bangalore on 23rd march….unfortunately they announcned lockdown on 22nd march night onwards, i have an option work from home, here i dont have net connection in my village and i am working on mobile data…so can I get a pass to travel back to bengaluru with my family it will be helpfull

  198. M. K. Sikdar says:


    We are from Chennai, my daughter is 3rd year Law student in Christ University, Bangalore. Due to lock down unable to leave Bangalore. Now very long time, she is unable to manage & wants to come back to Chennai to her parents and as a father I want to pick up her in my private car. Please advise how to get permission. Thanks.

  199. JAGADEESH N M says:

    My father aged about 73 years admitted into hospital due to heart pain. My mother is there but she is also aged. They need immediate support from me. Kindly suggest/help to travel myself & my wife to Madurai (Tamil Nadu) from Bangalore.

  200. Srini says:

    Any body travelled to Bangalore with epass from telanaga? What about the quarantine process, I am ok with my home quarantine.

  201. Nisar Ahmed says:

    I have received a pass from Government of Karnataka t travel on 8th May by road in my own vehicle.

    Once i arrived to Bangalore i want to be stayed in Quarantine for 14 days can you clarify..

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