BDA allots flats; Quality fine, but not location

Initially there was criticism on the quality of BDA housing which seems to have died down. BDA allows the mutual exchange of same kind of flats between individuals who need it.

Taking into consideration the rate at which Bangalore is expanding and the space constraints that came with the expansion, in 2012, the BDA announced that ‘vertical’ was the way to go. With this announcement, the BDA forayed into the construction of low cost housing, announcing that 6180 flats would be made available for purchase by the public.

Private real estate sector and some people were sceptical about the quality of low cost housing by BDA. Citizen Matters wrote about this in detail.

3000 flats allotted

Of the proposed flats, applications were invited for 3000 flats across 17 sites in March 2013. The lottery was held for the allotment recently, and many readers were seen expressing anguish over them not being allotted the flat despite seniority, while a bunch of people were seen communicating about exchanging the flats with those in convenient locations. (Check comment section in this article)

After the allotment, Citizen Matters checked with BDA Commissioner, T Sham Bhatt as to when the flats would be ready. He said: “3000 flats will be ready by March 2014. The remaining will be ready by June 2014, for which we will invite applications around March 2014. We are currently looking to complete those flats that have been allotted, by March. Construction is underway at the rate of around 100 flats per day. Going by this, we will be able complete the flats as promised.”

While the BDA and the ruling government seem hopeful and want to be able to keep their promise of getting the BDA apartments ready in time, the ground reality seems to be a little different. We posed the same question to BDA Engineer Officer, Gowdaiah. He said that only some of 3000 flats would be ready by March 2014. The rest, where the construction was underway, were likely to be ready only by August-September 2014.

‘Preferences not considered’

While many folks who have been allotted flats are happy that they have made the cut, there seems to be an equal number who are disappointed with the flats they have been allotted for a number of reasons.

  • Not having a choice with respect to the floor the flat is located on

  • Some people were assigned flats in a location which did not feature in their list of preferences while applying for the flat

  • The allotted flats are in a part of Bangalore that is rather alien to them (some allottees say that the distance from the new flat to their workplace is more than 50 km)

Gowdaiah stated that the second allotment of flats was made on a first-come-first –serve basis and the third allotment through the lottery system. As much as possible, the BDA had tried to assign flats to folks as per their preference. Only when flats of a particular category or type were exhausted, did the BDA allot flats that did not feature in an applicant’s list of preferences. 

While this seems like a rational explanation, many people who have been allotted flats do want to exchange the flat. Allottees were given almost 10 days, from when the list was published, to make an application for exchange.

Is exchange of flats possible?

The BDA has stated that in case folks would like to exchange their flats, a mutual exchange was possible, so long as the flats belonged to the same category. Both parties would need to make a joint application with the allotment papers. Gowdaiah says that folks were given 10 days from the date of allotment to make a written statement if they had any reservations. The last date for this was 6 January 2014. In case that an extension was to be made on this date, he added that it could be a challenge as it would impact the dates for the subsequent processes. Gowdaiah added that this list was being compiled and the BDA would try their best to re-allot flats to folks as per their preference.

Sham Bhatt however said that they would consider an exchange if people made an application even now. Citizen Matters also checked with him if there was currently a forum on the BDA website, where allottees could post their requirements and therefore identify other people who wanted to exchange. He stated that this was not available as of now and that there was certainly merit in creating a discussion forum on the BDA website for this purpose. In case Citizen Matters hears further on this matter, we will post the details regarding the same.

For those folks who are unhappy with the flat that they have been allotted, they can do one of two things: Surrender the flat and get a refund, or re-apply for the next allotment. In case they choose to go with the second option, seniority and number of attempts at applying would be considered during the allotment.

Application date goofed up?

The list of allottees that was published threw up several discrepancies with respect to the application date. For around 80 allotments, the application date was post 15 July 2013, even though the last date for application was 30 June 2013 (extended to 15 July 2013). In 21 cases, the application date was in 2014, 4 of them with dates in March 2014. Sham Bhatt stated that the BDA had not taken in any applications post the last date and it was in all likelihood a typing mistake. Gowdaiah added that considering the BDA was making the list public, there was no way they would feature erroneous data such as this and it had to be a mistake. Both assured that they would in any case look into the matter.

BDA to retain 20 flats

Sham Bhatt, when asked why there was a difference in the number of allottees and the number of flats in the case of 2BHK apartments, said that the BDA had retained ownership of around 20 2BHK flats (in Doddabanalli and Valagerahalli) for two reasons:

1) In case there was a mistake in the allocation, for instance if an individual was not allotted a flat, in spite of the his/her seniority, these flats would be allotted to them to rectify the error.

2) Some of  the flats have been reserved for BDA and government employees and will be given to them on a rental basis.

However, with respect to number of allottees being more than the number of flats, he said there was no case of that, as the BDA invited only limited applications.

Non-allottees to be considered in the next round

Those applicants who have applied during second notification, and not been allotted flats, Sham Bhatt says, would be considered for the next allotment. Those who applied during the third notification would need to reapply when applications are called for next. They would be considered as per the seniority at the time of allotment of flats.

Gowdaiah did add that for those folks who applied, but were not allotted flats, there was no assurance that they would get a flat during the next allotment, but they would certainly be given first preference.

Transfer of ownership and payment

Sham Bhatt said that the allotment letters would be dispatched in the coming week, and folks should expect to receive ownership of their flats by April 2014. With respect to payment for these flats, he added that the full payment would need to be made within six months or 180 days from when the allotment letter had been sent. An initial payment of 25% of the total value of the flat, would need to be made in 60 days.

When checked about whether allottees would be able to sell the flats once they took ownership, he said that as of yet no provisions had been made regarding the same. However, in the case of the flats given out under the EWS category, the BDA might consider adding a clause, considering that these were given out on subsidised rates.

‘Exchange, anyone?!’

Anand Babu, a team lead with Toyota Kirloskar motors, had applied for a 2BHK flat in Valegerahalli, but was allotted a flat in Gunjur. He says the distance to his work place from the Gunjur flat would be around 40 km and he was therefore looking to exchange it. As to why he went in for a BDA flat as opposed to one by a private builder, he cited affordability and the fact that he was assured of a legal flat, considering the government was issuing it.

Deepak (name changed), an employee with an automotive company, was issued a flat in Doddabanalli, though his first preference was Valegerahalli. The distance to his workplace from here is around 60 km and he too is looking for an exchange. With respect to paying the balance amount for the bank, Deepak added that LIC Housing has stated that a loan could be made available so long as people were able to pay at least 25% of the total value of the flat by themselves.

Naresh Jamadagni had applied for a 2BHK flat, but did not get an allotment. On the discussion forum on Citizen Matters, he stated that individuals would need to confirm with the BDA if their application would be considered for the next allotment or if their file was forwarded to the refund section.

Allottees happy with quality of the flats

While people initially had reservations about the quality of the flats, considering that they were being sold for almost half of what a private builder would quote, people seem to be at ease with it.

Gurudutt, an engineer at IBM, applied for a 3BHK flat at Holagarehalli on June 2013. He  was allotted one at Doddabanahalli. He said he was absolutely fine with it, considering the flat was at a better location.

In terms of the quality of the flats, Gurudutt had this to say: “The BDA flats are apt for middle class citizens. A 3BHK flat constructed by a private builder will costs about 80 Lakhs. We have got the BDA flat for half the cost. Therefore quality of material used too will be in line with how much we have paid. I have been visiting the construction since the beginning, and the quality seems to be good. We are getting what we have paid for.”

Deepak stated that he had looked at the model flat in Valegerahalli and they had used branded bathroom fittings, so he expects the finish quality of the flats to be good.

Gowdaiah stated that they have used good quality materials for construction and the that their quality monitoring process was the best in Bangalore. He added that there has been no compromise on the quality of materials used, considering that the entire scheme is bound to be scrutinised with a keen eye by all. He also added that there was a two-year defect liability attached to the flats. Therefore if any problems arose with the quality of the flats, it was up to the builder to rectify it and they would be held liable for a period of two years.

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  1. Akshay says:

    Nice artical…
    But only thing BDA lied is its time offinishing projects…
    projects like Doddabanahalli, Kothnur will take min a year to complete.

  2. vinay says:

    Made me more clear on many things thankyou, nice article and i agree with Akshay for the project at Dobbadanahalli and Kothanur which would take atleast 15 months as they have just started ground work @ Dobbadanahalli and pillar work @ Kothanur. Not sure how would they hand over the key by March 2014.

  3. rajeshPrasad says:

    can anybody enlighten me what is the price of the 2BHK flats, is it the same as it was when we applied for it, (price stated was 13.5 lacs) or has it increased??

  4. Sudhas Albin says:

    It seems some of the applications have been rejected. If those applicant list is also published with a brief description on reason to reject, it will help. It may be possible that for some who did not got allotment was due to rejected application.

    Can some body give info on the date of first, second and third notification for applicaiton

  5. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@SudhasAlbin …As per 3rd notifiction dated14.03.2013, 2bhk flat rate is ..Valgerahalli-3-Rs17.60 Valagerahally-4
    Rs16.40,Kottanur Rs14.50 lacs,Gunjur phase-2 Rs15.50, DBHalli-1 Rs16.50 lacs

  6. rajeshPrasad says:

    thank you hemanth for the info..

  7. Akshay says:

    Hey guys der was a news in bda office when i visited all flats will cost same that is 17.60+parking+bssw&other charges, This will reach u with the bda intimation letter

  8. Akshay says:

    Hey guys der was a news in bda office when i visited all flats will cost same that is 17.60+parking+bssw&other charges, This will reach u with the bda intimation letter

  9. Akshay says:

    If anyone would like to exchange from kothnur or valgerahalli to DODDABANAHALLI plz contact 9980168754

  10. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@ Akshau, what is ur flat no @ valagerahalli .I have alloted flat @DBHalli B3-305 so that I can think of mutual exchange.

  11. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@Akshay mine is 2 bhk flat

  12. Balasubramanyam P says:

    Hi I have been alloted with 3 BHK flat in Gunjur, but I want to exchange to Valagerhalli 3BHK, pls contact me @9900566927

  13. Akshay says:

    ‘@hemanthraju Hai i have beeen allotted 2BHK in DODDABANAHALLI & I need exchange to Kothnur or Valgerahalli..

  14. vswaminathan says:

    The write-up has mainly concerned itself with the quality, etc. of the BDA promoted ‘Flats’. Again no clarity found, but one’s guess is those would be ‘apartments’, coming within the purview and governance of the KAOA. If so, it is disappointing that no mention been made about BDA complying with the same formalities as mandated and to be followed as by any other ‘promoter’; Open to correction if one’s understanding is misconceived.
    Refer mention made: “…….and folks should expect to receive ownership of their flats by April 2014. With respect to payment for these flats, he added that THE FULL PAYMENT WOULD NEED TO BE MADE WITHIN SIX MONTHS OR 180 DAYS FROM WHEN THE ALLOTMENT LETTER* had been sent. An initial payment of 25% of the total value of the flat would need to be made in 60 days.
    When checked about whether allot tees would be able to sell the flats once they took ownership, he said that as of yet no provisions had been made regarding the same.”
    • VAT, Service tax, other like- implications ?
    Not at all clear how the most essential formality of registration of ‘owners’ association’ under the KCSA, for delivering ‘ownership’ , – on the premise that equally should apply also to property conveyance of the BDA sales, – expected to be ensured by BDA. One has in mind the problems galore still continued to be confronted with by apartments buyers from promoters other than BDA.
    Provision of car parking to buyers through hassle free allotment also requires to be kept in view, and BDA be asked to clarify ; albeit, in one’s view, the recent SC Ruling has given rise to peculiar problems but only if the ‘units’ sold are ‘flats’ , not ‘apartments’.
    The author of this write-up is requested to clarify the foregoing points, should he be equipped to do so offhand.
    To add a Note of caution: Buyers, in their own interests, need to make all such prudent inquiries and get all the requisite info., as to take full care of the attendant legal formalities , including the text of the documents – Agreement To Sell and Conveyance Deed, made a clean breast of through and available material in public domain.
    Over to knowledgeable people at large to freely make known to the citizenry, their views and experience, for serving the common good.
    Tail Note: The reported CID Report needs to be necessarily gone through in detail.

  15. prakash raju says:

    Hi, I have been allotted 3 BHK at DB Halli. I have not yet received the letter from BDA.I been to DB halli from Hoskote main road (Old Madras road). I could not see the Main road approach. Only entry through Safal Factory, inside raod. I want to know whether DB Halli is a good choice or not. Pls write whether DB halli is a good terms of future or road connectivity, nearer to businesses etc. Thanks, Prakash

  16. Thippeswamy S says:

    Awesome Article..Thanks for the info..We have been allotted with a 2bhk in Valagerahalli..We are looking for a 3bhk in same place..If any one would like to exchange please do cal me on 9886013258..

  17. Muddassir says:

    Hi Siddharth.. Thanx for the photos. By any chance do you have the Floor Plan of 2 bhk.

  18. Ganga Madappa says:

    ‘@Muddassir: This was something I found along with the circular for the 3rd notification from the BDA site. Hope this helps.

  19. Muddassir says:

    Thanx.. Ganga

  20. rakesh kumar says:

    i have been alloted a flat in Gunjur….valgerhalli,kothanur are the only good locations of all…Gunjur doesnt have good connectivity and even wont look like it will grow for next 5 years….i want to cancel my allotment,investing 18 lakhs and waiting for 5 years,i dont think its worth it,even i cant give it for rent…mean time if any one wants toexchange please let me know on this form…so that i can exchange..BDA has done cheating by not considering the priority and difference in amount we have paid..BDA down BDA down

  21. srinivasan says:

    Have any one received allotment letter? Pl comment..

  22. Rajeswari Murthy says:

    My MILhas been alloted 2bhk at doddabanahalli any body know how long it will take to complete any pictures? plz upload plz comment on this if anybody comes to know

  23. Paniraj M says:

    Did anyone know, when we will receive the allotment letter for Kothur 2 BHK Flats?

  24. Shashikumar Doddappaiah says:

    anybody got allotment letter for valagerahalli4 2 BHK flats?

  25. Shree D N says:

    What is the procedure to apply for BDA flats? How did you all apply?

  26. Rishi Kumar says:

    Hey Hi all can ne1 tell me where t check the allotment results for 3bhk……….. pls update me …thnks in advance 🙂

  27. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Hi Rishi,Browse in 3 BHK section from below link

  28. Vidya Aravind says:

    I got my allotment letter for Gunjur 2BHK Flat yesterday. Has anybody else got it ? Please post

  29. mohammed says:

    Hi Vidya,

    What is the next day of payment writen in allotment Letter and when they will be giving keys of the flat i.e after the complete payment?

  30. mohammed says:

    Hi Vidya,

    What is the next day of payment writen in allotment Letter and when they will be giving keys of the flat i.e after the complete payment?

  31. Vidya Aravind says:

    Next date of payment is not mentioned. But they have said that the next 25% of the amount should be paid within 60 days of receipt of allotment letter.

  32. shivakumar says:

    Anybody for Doddabanahalli got allottment letter .Hi Vidya, Bank details to which payment to be made is mentioned in allottment letter? can we make Online Payment? or other details such as what will be possesion date…thanks in advance.

  33. shivakumar says:

    Anybody for Doddabanahalli got allottment letter .Hi Vidya, Bank details to which payment to be made is mentioned in allottment letter? can we make Online Payment? or other details such as what will be possesion date…thanks in advance.

  34. akash says:

    Hi Vidya… even I got allotment letter for Gunjur… but exact address is not given.
    Any idea the Flat area in sq.ft and are you planning to visit the site before deciding what to do ??

  35. akash says:

    I think Gunjur is good corridor for only IT BT people

  36. Vidya Aravind says:

    No, Bank details are not mentioned in the allotment letter. No dates are specified about the possession.
    Address of the flats can be had from the bda office.

  37. srinivasan says:

    hi,just now i received allotment letter for gunjur 3 bhk.

  38. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi All, just got the allotment letter for a 3-BHK at Valgerahalli along with the payment details…..25% within the first 60 days, the next 25% in another 60 days, and the 25% in the next 60 days. There is also a no objection certificate along with the letter which gives permission for mortgage in some selected banks like HDFC, etc……..

  39. Siddharth says:

    Hi, I got the allotment letter today too (Gunjur). The price mentioned on it is 24 lk as compared to the 23 lk. mentioned in the notification. It says so on the NOC also provided. Will that mean while applying for a loan the total cost considered will be only 24lk? And not the total lost (Registration, parking, BWSCOM, BWSSB)?

  40. srinivasan says:

    hi all, any idea about mode of payment? DD,CHEQUE OR CASH?

  41. akash says:

    Hi All,

    I visited Gunjur project on 1st March. Work is going on in full swing. It may take 6 more months atleast to complete. Approach can be done either from Marathalli ORR side or Varthur side. I think it is super location as Peripheral Ring road will be coming up.
    Although I had not selected Gunjur, I was allotted this.
    Do not give up or surrender the allotment and there will be clear title and BDA property is very secure and good investment.
    There is lot of confusion about the Payment schedule and exact amount of DD.
    Any body wants to come with me to BDA to enquire ??

  42. Kumar bhat says:

    I have a flat allotted at Valagerehalli. I am OK with exchange of flats to Doddabanahalli. If anyone interested, please let me know.

  43. mohammed says:

    Any Body from Tippasandra received the allotment letter

  44. Akshay says:

    ‘@kumar bhat..
    plz call me @9980168754 for exchange of your valgerahalli flat with doddabanahalli

  45. Akshay says:

    ‘@kumar bhat..
    plz call me @9980168754 for exchange of your valgerahalli flat with doddabanahalli

  46. hemantharaju says:

    I have been alloted 2bhk flat at Doddabanahalli DB3/305 any body wants to xchange to Valagerahalii pl call@

  47. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    I met BDA Accounts Officer today. Cost of 2 BHK is increased by 1 Lakhs in all the different places. For Eg. Kothnur cost is increased from Rs14.5 L to Rs 15.5 Lakhs. There are no specifice reasons for the increase.
    Also by now most of us have received our “Allotment letter” and “No Objection Letter”. Only cost of the apartment is included in the Allotment letter.
    Cost 1,550,000
    Registration @12% 186,000
    Service Tax @ 5.5% (Not mentioned in the notification) 85,250
    BWSSB 91,250
    Parking (Approximately) 100,000
    Total 2,012,500

    1. I had a discussion with HDFC Bank, Bank will only fund for the amount mentioned in the allotment letter i.e Rs 15.5 Lakhs.
    2. Remaining all other amounts are not mentioned in the allotment and bank will not fund. It has to be paid by us separately.

    Request all of you to come to BDA office at 3 PM tomorrow ( Mar 04, 2014 – Wednesday), there will be a Public meeting with BDA commissioner, we can express our concern and request them to include all the cost in the letter and revise the allotment letter so that bank will be provide additional loan

  48. shyama bhat says:

    Banks have stopped funding the cost of Registration Expenses, but will fund Car Parking, BWSSB & KEB Deposit etc

  49. rajeshPrasad says:

    Murali, I think you have clarified that the meeting with the BDA commisioner is today, March 5th, at 3 p.m……

  50. rajeshPrasad says:

    Mr. Bhat it would be helpful to mention the bank that would fund all this……..and i hope BDA gives us something in so it wud be easier for the banks to fund car parking, bwssb, keb deposit etc….

  51. rajeshPrasad says:

    something in writing……

  52. akash says:

    ‘@ CMAMurali @RajeshPrasad .. can you please check what comprises of 25% of cost within 60 days. Is it (15.5 minus deposit paid while application) x 25%… The DD has to be made in favor of whom??.. the allotment letter is not clear of the additional costs and exact payment schedules.

  53. ullas says:

    I havent received Allotment Letter for Valegerahalli 3BHK. Pl can any one comment who has received allotment letter for Valegeranahalli

  54. prabhu si says:

    i have alloted flat in valagerahalli still not received letter from bda

  55. prabhu si says:

    in valagerahalli some flat was complited since two years but not given keyfor allotee

  56. prabhu si says:

    bda when they allot parking aria anybudy know about this

  57. shyama bhat says:

    Earlier banks used to fund including cost of registration. As per RBI guidelines now banks do not fund the registration cost. The same has to be borne by the purchaser. They will fund the cost of Car Parking, BWSSB/KEB deposit etc, provided BDA quote the exact amount of the same.It seems, the exact amounts towards the above are not mentioned in the allotment letters. Loan eligibility criteria differs between MNC Banks and Public sector banks. Public sectors are bit slow in processing the loan applications, but definitely better. Loan eligibility mainly depends on income and cost of the property

  58. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Met BDA commissioner today. Expressed dissatisfaction of increase in price of Kothnur from 14.5 L to 15.5L. Surprisingly even he was not aware of it. He informed his team to look into the issue and revise the price. Also we will be getting one more letter from BDA mentioning the price of BWSSB/BESCOM and Service tax. There is no clarity of Car parking charges at this point of time. About the 25 % payment. If your cost is 15.5 L and assuming you have paid Rs 220000 as down payment at the time of applying for flat. you need to pay now (15.5 L -220K) * 25%

  59. Akshay says:

    ‘@CMA Murali..
    Sir thank u for information.. will bda commissioner adress the quiries every wednesday or is der any scheduled time… plz post so next meeting we also can attend n clarify other quires too

  60. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Every wednesday commissioner will address public between 3 PM to 5 PM. Atleast 15-20 people should approach again to turn around the things quickly

  61. Muddassir says:

    ‘@CMA Murali: Thanx for the information. This is very helpful. Do you have any idea when will we receive the second letter. And if so should we pay the money after we receive the second letter.?
    Thanx in advance.

  62. mohammed says:

    Many havent recieved the allotment letters , can we know the status of the application alloted i.e when they will be sending the letters and also do we have any landline/mobile number of officals whom we can call and get approriate Answers

  63. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@kumar bhat, i am interested exchange of 2 bhk of db halli to valagerahalli if u are interested call me@9481035951

  64. mohammed says:

    Dear all,

    I had spoken to BDA officials for all 1 BHKS Flats Allotment letter are not yet issues as they haven’t received the format they will be sending the same by this month end

  65. prabhu si says:

    Thanks Mohammad but which format they want . They are very lazy

  66. Gurumurthy P says:

    my Mother-in-law has been allotted 2bhk flat at doddabanahalli as we had applied for valegerahalli if any one interested for exchange please contact 9448010225 or mail at

  67. Vishwa says:

    Pls contact me (8971837837) for mutual exchange of 3BHK from DODDABANAHALLI to kothnur or valgerahalli.

  68. Siddharth says:

    Hi All, I have noticed that the application form did not have a provision of applying as co applicants. Hence the allotment letters also has only a single allottee. I wanted to get my flat in Gunjur in both mine and my wife’s name. On speaking to SBI for Home Loan I was told, that they will allow me to register on both our names only if we apply as a co-applicant for the home loan. But they will only accept my wife as co-applicant only if her name appears on the allotment letter as a co-allottee. I plan on going to the BDA office to inquire if they could hive me another allotment letter with both mine and my wife’s name on it. Has anyone else inquired about this?

  69. Thippeswamy S says:

    ‘@siddharth: Hey Siddharth even I have the same concern..when r u planning to go BDA office??If possible I ll also join you..text me ur number on 9886013258…

  70. akash says:

    Yes it is true.. BDA has increased the prices of flat for those who applied in first notification. When I applied June 2013 the cost mentioned was 14.5 to 17.6 lakhs…
    Now my concern is what if after one year, BDA issues a notice to us that cost is increased to 25 lakhs,, which is the cost as per current notification…
    I think we have to attend the public meeting with BDA commissioner tomorrow and find out more… even if we take housing loan it will be difficult as Bank will have to disburse money as per BDA decided dates and not project status.. at the end the borrower will suffer

  71. Thippeswamy S says:

    will there be a meeting tomorrow with BDA commissioner??if yes,wat time it would be??please share the details so that I can also plan and attend..

  72. mohammed says:

    Dear All

    I would to like to give a suggestion, we all can post our concerns and if anybody can take the responsibility to consolidate all the concerns and put in front of The Commissioner and also if we can document it a professional way, we can also get the positive response from BDA.

    This will help all of us to put our concerns we will be having multiple questions unanswered 

  73. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Yes there will be a public meeting at 3PM in BDA office. Please come and join. price of the apartment is increased as per BDA wish and the hopes of common man is ditched. Let’s meet and raise the voice. Request all to come in collective effort we shall get this corrected

  74. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    BDA commission available on Wednesday @ 3 PM

  75. Akshay says:

    ‘@ CMA Murali
    Sir plz let me know wr he will b available.. in office or is der any public adressing location

  76. Akshay says:

    ‘@ CMA Murali
    Sir plz let me know wr he will b available.. in office or is der any public adressing location

  77. Akshay says:

    Hai all… tom i am going to BDA.. if anybody joinig drop me a message so everyone can fight for some benifitsand enquire the doubt which we hav.. Drop me a message @9980168754

  78. Akshay says:

    Hai all… tom i am going to BDA.. if anybody joinig drop me a message so everyone can fight for some benifitsand enquire the doubt which we hav.. Drop me a message @9980168754

  79. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    even i am coming 9901906270

  80. kumar swamy says:

    I am shocked to see the article in times of India, and today even kannada news papers have reported the same. When applied cost mentioned was 15 Lakhs , they increased it to 27Lakhs . Are they increasing it again? It is nothing but daylight robbery from BDA, they are playing prank on us. We should get together and protest.

  81. kumar swamy says:

    Folks, I am not able to make it today, but I will be going to saturady to BDA to enquire about the price hike. Can we form a Google group of the allottees so that we can disuss about these matters?

  82. Thippeswamy S says:

    guys,lets not far as I know revised price is applicable for people who r gonna apply for flats as per new notification…hope there won’t be any more price hikes for us (who have been allotted already as per previous notification)..Even I am planning to join Akshay and Muruli today..hope we can clarify all our doubts there..

  83. rajeshPrasad says:

    Agree with Mr. Thippeswamy….and you could also ask the commissioner if they are going to take out an insurance on the buildings as many other builders do….

  84. Ganga Madappa says:

    ‘@kumar swamy and others concerned about the price hike: I spoke to the BDA Engineer, Mr Gowdaiah earlier today and he said that the article was false, probably fabricated by the media in collusion with parties with vested interests. He also added that the BDA would not be increasing the price of the flats as mentioned in the article. Will try to talk to Mr Ganganna, BDA Finance Member, who was quoted in the article as well.

  85. akash says:

    Thanks for the follow up Ganga ji..

  86. Kokila. K N says:

    H All , Anyone know the conatct number of B. M. Shivakumar ( Right To Information (RTI) activist )

  87. raghavendra says:

    Hi, I am still waiting for my allotment letter, please suggest whom to contact on the same.
    Is there any price hike in allotment letter compare to notification.

  88. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Thanks Akshay & Swamy. Price of Kothnur revised to 14.5 L compared to BDA allotment letter price of 15.5 L. Those who have not got the letter. BDA is sending the revised letter with Down payment and BWSSB deposit details. Allotment letter is not sent for 1 BHK still.

  89. mohammed says:

    ‘@CMA. Murali, Thank you sir, any update on date of sending allotment letters and when will be ocupancy, i,e after the complete payment to BDA, as per payment dates etc it will take another year for ocupancy

  90. Rishi Kumar says:

    ‘@shree DN : thanks for t update.Do you also get allotted with a flat……. If yes whts the location.. and do u have ne idea of the quality of the material being used. …

  91. Shree D N says:

    I haven’t applied for a flat 🙂 For firsthand information on quality, contact the readers who have commented above.

  92. Rishi Kumar says:

    ohk Shree DN ..thnk U 🙂

  93. Ranjeet Kumar Akela says:

    My name is also there in the list of 2 BHK at Gunjur but till date i did not get the allotment letter . What should I do?

  94. Vishwa says:

    Hi Kumar Bhat,
    I’m interested to swap 3BHK from Doddabanahalli to Valgerahalli.
    I do not find your contact number. Please call me at 8971837837.

  95. Kokila. K N says:

    Hi all ,I allotted the Flat in Valagerahalli Phase 3 (B4 502) ,Any one want to exchange with Valagerahalli Phase 4 to Phase 3. Please call me at 9945168052

  96. mohammed says:

    Dear All,

    I had written a mail to Public Relations Officer, BDA , regarding the allotment details, have received the responce with Contact Number, i called the officer they have asked to visit the BDA office DS 4 for details of Allotment letter

    Please find below the Number and ext

    Deputy Secretary-1 Allotment for further details on 23368615, Extn 225

  97. srinivasan says:

    hi, all i had approached sbi ,wilson garden br for loan. they are very co-operative, anyone if needed can approach them.

  98. Siddharth says:

    Hi All,
    I received my revised allotment letter for my flat 3 bhk flat in Gunjur. The following details are provided in the letter:
    Cost of Flat: 23,00,000
    Initial deposit paid: 2,875,00
    Remaining Amount : 20,12,500
    BESCOM+BWSSB connection charges: 1,28,250
    Service tax: 5.05% of the cost of the Flat
    1st Installment= 25% of outstanding amount (0.25* 20,12,500)=5,03,125

    Information got by calling the number provided by Mr. Mohammed:
    1st Installment be paid within 60 days of receiving the new letter (24th March for me).
    Payment to be paid via a Demand Draft in the favor of :
    Commissioner, BDA, Bangalore, to be paid at the Canara bank branch at the BDA head office. They will provide us a challan as a receipt.
    Please call the number 23368615, Extn 225 for any queries.

  99. Kokila. K N says:

    Thanks Siddharth

  100. Kokila. K N says:

    This may help for 2BHK (valgerahalli flat Allottees )

    Total= 1760,000-93000=1600700
    (1600700+91250+88880+100000) = 1880830(Approximate)
    (Amount+ BWWSSB and BESCOM+5.05%tax+Regestration charge)

    17,60,000/- 80% loan

    Total= 1760,000-93000=1600700
    1st instalment (0.25*1607000)=4,01750
    If Any correction, welcome for your suggestions

  101. Rishi Kumar says:

    ‘@kokila: Hello ,there r mistakes in ur calculations (1760000-93000 = 1667000 n not 1600700)……..I have a doubt suppose the flat value is 27 lakhs (excluding others charges lik bwwssb , tax , bescom etc..) then the 80 % will be of 27 lakhs or 27 – the advance amount already paid during registeration…..

  102. Siddharth says:

    ‘@Rishi It will be be for the Cost of the flat=2700000

  103. raghavendra says:

    Hi, Please let us know legal opinion is required? as i checked with SBI bank for loan they have confirmed its manadatory… and Paying full amount option is available for Gungur Phase 2 flat, request to suggest part payment / full amount

  104. vinay says:

    Did everyone got there allotment letter, I haven’t got yet. Do I need to wait or visit BDA once?

  105. raghavendra says:

    Vinay, you need to visit BDA, as you need to make payment for 1st installment.

  106. shivakumar says:

    I too not got Allottment letter for DBhalli,when i called BDA still they are in process of despatching hte letter and told me to wait for one week.

  107. Shashi Kumar says:

    Hi everyone, I got allotment letter for Valagerahalli phase-IV 2 BHK flat. In notification it was mentioned for 2BHK VH-4 the cost was 16.4 Lakhs but in allotment letter it is given as 17.6 Lakhs. If anybody got allotmet letter for VH-4. Pls let me know. We can approch BDA for the reason. I am planning to go this week. if anybody is willing to join call me 8722669234.

  108. Paniraj M says:

    Hi I have been alloted with 2 BHK flat in kothur, but I want to exchange to Valagerhalli 2BHK,

  109. Thippeswamy S says:

    ‘@Shashi Kumar : Once I spoke to BDA officials and they were not able to give proper justification for the price hike instead they just said price has been revised to 17.6..better u also check with BDA once and let me know the number is 9886013258…

  110. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi did any one paid first 25% of Money to BDA

  111. Vidya Aravind says:

    Hi, Has anybody paid the first instalment amount of 25% to BDA

  112. Clam says:

    Hi everyone, any idea about parking place cost? Someone told we have to buy parking place in aution !! if it is correct whats the cost approximately for 3 BHK @ V Halli. Thanks in advance.

  113. rajeshPrasad says:

    No info yet on the parking place auction….maybe that will come after they give us possession…

  114. Clam says:

    Mr.Rajesh – Thanks for the information

  115. Tulasi Vk says:

    Dear All, Hi – I have been allotted a Single Bed Room flat in Valagerahalli and as my son is young and still studying, I cannot occupy the flat. I have got already registered and Possession certificate to be received. And as I cannot shift from YPR to Kengeri now, I am planning to sell the falt. Aboslute Sale Deed has been provided by BDA. Can anybody share the procedures of Re-sale ? Is this provision has been made by BDA ?

  116. Thippeswamy S says:

    ‘@Rakesh M: one of my friend want to sell his allotment in Valgerahalli..if u r interested then call me on 9886013258 to discuss more..

  117. Ramesh says:

    Hi! is any one wants to exchange 1 bhk flat from Valagerahalli to Alur, Please call me on 9945606809, I have a flat allotted at Alur,

  118. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    ‘@Vidya Aravind, have paid First 25% ? do you have any update?

  119. rakesh kumar says:

    Hi All Does any one wants to sell 2 bhk flat of there allotment in GUNJUR if so let me know I am interested to buy.

  120. Vidya Aravind says:

    Manjunatha Baligar, No I have not yet paid the first 25% amount. Has anybody else paid it ?

  121. Siddharth says:

    Hi, Could any one confirm on whose favor we have to draw the DD for the 1st installment?
    For the initial deposit it was :Commissioner, Bangalore Development Authority
    Is it the same?

  122. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi, Yes Siddharth, it is the same DD in favor of “Commissioner, BDA”…..and submit it to Canara Bank BDA branch (same complex)….Can Bank also wanted two copies of the allotment letter at the time of giving the DD.

  123. Siddharth says:

    ‘@rajeshPrasad Great!, Thanks a ton for the quick response.

  124. Ramesh says:

    Hi! is any one wants to exchange 1 bhk flat from Valagerahalli to Alur, Please call me on 9945606809, I have a flat allotted at Alur,

  125. Venkatesh Methre says:

    I too received the letter, but may i know what’s the procedure to pay the rest of the money. Through DD? Need to deposit in bank or BDA? if you guys have already paid then Let me know about this . Venkatesh

  126. Naveen Kumar says:

    ‘@ Tulasi Vk: I am interested to buy your 1 bhk flat in valagerahalli… pls share your contact# or reach me @ +91-9742133309 to discuss…

  127. Naveen Kumar says:

    ‘@ Thippeswamy S – I am interested to buy 2 bhk flat in valagerahalli… pls reach me @ +91-9742133309 to discuss…

  128. Sharath Chandra says:

    I would like to sell my 3BHK flat in Valagerahalli, please reach me @ +91-9591674674

  129. Venkatesh B T says:

    Dear Friends, if any 2nd notification Applicants wants to file a case against BDA to stop / stay to the BDA flat allotment for 3rd notification applicants. Giving flats to 3rd notification is illegal as BDA has not followed their word as per 2nd notification and even in seniority also made a mistake so if any wants to file a case please reach out me so that we can plan asap. Venkatesh 9980344391,Arun – 9945564063 Nanjuni – 9845970808 Vidyantathan – 9448291522

  130. Venkatesh B T says:

    Dear friends, during BDA flats allotments many malfunction / mismanagement had occurred and many 2nd notification applicants (applied during May 2012) not got their prescribed flats but 3rd notification applicants which they applied on 2013 got Kengeri / Valgerahali and which is illegal. As per BDA 2nd notification Applicants should get 1st and if any left out should be handed over to 3rd notification. So we are planning to file a case against BDA – filing a RIT to stop 3rd notification allotments so if any one interested pl reach out to Venkatesh 9980344391,Arun – 9945564063 Nanjundi – 9845970808 Vidyantathan – 9448291522. BDA did mistake in the following points:- 1) All 2nd notification applicants did not get allotment but they allotted to 3rd notification applicants. 2) Gunjur 3BHK is not allotted for 2nd notification applicants but allotted to 3rd notification applicants. 3) They shortlisted 2nd notification applicants which is not supposed to do and even while shortlisting they were not followed the BDA allotment procedure – Engineer will say applicants were selected on DD purchase date but few BDA officer will say on Application submission date but even through RTI which is not clear and not informed the right information.

  131. Thippeswamy S says:

    Hi All..Does anyone paid 25% to BDA by taking Loan in LIC HFL??? I heard that LIC issues only check (Not DD) in favour of BDA,however not sure whether BDA guys accept checks or not as they clearly mentioned they need DD. If anyone paid through LIC then please do let me know how to proceed.

  132. Clam says:

    Dear Mr.Thippeswamy, I had paid 25% through SBM cheque, In my bank also refuse to give DD, so i submit SBM cheque. Dont worry about it. BDA will accept cheques also.

  133. Thippeswamy S says:

    ‘@Clam : Thanks a lot for the info..

  134. Clam says:

    Hi all, I heard some private persons put fencing at valagerahalli (Kengeri) 2BHK & 3 BHK flats because of land not acquired BDA. without acquiring land from private person they construct the building some land as per TV9 JUST BANGALORE NEWS Dt. 27.06.14. Then whats is the next procedure ? When shall we get our flats ? If it is goes to court it will take years together. what is the solution ? We already paid 1st instalment also. Bank EMI also started. Please advice.

  135. shivakumar says:

    Hi Mates, Visited Doddabanahalli construction site,Though construction is in progress and the project was started during March 2013, it’s now 17th Month from the start date, however even 20% of the work is not completed. The big question from all the allotties to BDA is When will be the possesion????.hope most of them have paid the second installment already. BDA should come up with annoncement of possession date.according to earlier press release it was in JUlY 2014.

  136. hemantharaju says:

    Hi all allotees of Doddabanahalli flat, it is learnt that only 20% of work has been completed as of now.The way in which progress of the work it will take minimum 2 yers to give possession.As some of us have already paid 2nd installment also.Thinking that if one has availed bank loan u have to pay int of Rs1100/- per month per lakh , calculate how much u have to pay till u get possession.BDA is making money out our funds keeping that amt in banks.Even pvt builders will collect installments linked to progress of the work.But we allotees paying the installments in advance.There is no secintific link to progress of the work.Hence we have to unite and go for deligation to Commissioner or to give representation to concered minister other wise our total cost of the flat would be more than the private builders cost.we all allotees should unite and defer making payment of further instalments so that we save some int.Banks might have given 18 months gestation period before alltment we may have to pay installment as per the progress of work reported one of the allotee.

  137. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    ‘@Hemantharaju, am agree wit you. i have not paid my second installment yet, do you have any suggestion at this moment ?

  138. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@Baligar, I have paid 1st installments on 21st of june.I have to pay 2nd installment on 21st August.Still i am in delima to pay or not to pay if u have any idea share me.If not paid what might be consequence wheher we have to pay interest for delayed installments if so at what rate pl check up with BDA.I am stationed at Davanagere.If iwould have in B’lore I would have enquired .So pl check up withBDA and share the information.

  139. kishor kumar says:

    Hi All,

    Nice article and discussion, Thanks all.

    My father applied for 1 BHK in tippasandra on EWS catagory. Application filled on March 2014.

    i would like to know, if flat allocated to my father and if we cancel the same, do we have to pay any penalty(we alredy paid 112500 Rs).?

    Please some one clear my doubts?

    Thanks & Regards
    Kishor Kumar BR

  140. harsha raju says:

    hi kishore
    if flat is allotted to ur father
    am ready to take it. we will make an agreement and I will pay the initial deposit to u.
    u can contact me if the flat is allotted and u don’t want it. ph.9448060905

  141. Kumar says:

    Hi All Can anybody tell me when is the next allotment date or when is Lottery is gonna happen in BDA, Kumara Park……

  142. Rohan D' Cunha says:

    Hi All, I have taken a loan from SBI RACPC Banaswadi and the amount is being sent to the Canarabank at the BDA building in Chowdaiah road. And on asking the Canara bank I was told that the money hasn’t gone to BDA. I will have to take some Challan and then the amount will be sent to BDA. Has anyone done this before?

  143. Siddharth says:

    ‘@Rohan I have taken a loan from SBI RACPC Koramangala. I got a banker’s cheque which I deposited at the Cannara bank branch at the BDA Head office along with 2 copies of the allotment letter. They gave me two sets of challan. One is for you and the other is to be submitted to the BDA PRO office , along with a copy of the allotment letter and an written application.

  144. Tulasi says:

    Dear All,
    It seems there is some problem in issueing Khata for the flats allotted from BDA. Does anyboby knows the reason and when same is expected to get?

  145. Tulasi says:

    Dear All,
    It seems there is some problem in issueing Khata for the flats allotted from BDA. Does anyboby knows the reason and when same is expected to get?

  146. hemantharaju says:

    ‘@Baligar have u paid ur 2nd installment ? So for I have not paid the 2nd installment which was due on 21st of Aug.Whether BDA will send one more demand notice calling for 2nd installment or on our own we have to pay 2nd installment based on allotment letter .I seek ur advise in the matter.

  147. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    have paid my 2nd installment in July-14( was due in July for me). we will not get any letters from them

  148. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi some good news on BDA flats

  149. Ranjeet Kumar Akela says:

    Anyone has checked the carpet area of 2 BHK FLAT AT GUNJUR?

  150. Muddassir says:

    Gunjur has 850sqft of Carpet area and 600 sq ft of built up area..

  151. Muddassir says:

    Does anyone here has a idea when we will receive the flats, we have already paid the third installment and bank EMI’s have started. This has become really very annoying because there is not much of progress in the work also.. By the look of the progress of the work, it just feels like we will not receive the flat for another 2 years also..

  152. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    My name is Gautham Kumar. I have been alloted a 2bhk flat at Gunjur Phase 2.
    I would like to form a group/forum of people who have been a flat(any type) at Gunjur Phase 2. We can use this to discuss common concerns etc and be updated about the latest proceedings, completion dates, payment details and registration date to quote a few examples. I think this would be mutually beneficial for us.

    Please contact me at 9980913762.
    Lets get together. United we gain to benefit.

  153. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    My name is Gautham Kumar. I have been alloted a 2bhk flat at Gunjur Phase 2.
    I would like to form a group/forum of people who have been a flat(any type) at Gunjur Phase 2. We can use this to discuss common concerns etc and be updated about the latest proceedings, completion dates, payment details and registration date to quote a few examples. I think this would be mutually beneficial for us.

    Please contact me at 9980913762.
    Lets get together. United we gain to benefit.

  154. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    within 180 days should 75% of the total amount be paid and the last remaining 25% + cess etc be paid at the time of registration?

  155. Ramanath says:

    we should collectively ask BDA to commit to a handing over date for all flats at different locations else they will take years together.

  156. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Good Idea. We can get together on a saturday?
    For the Gunjur phase 2, on visiting the place several times, I have now got a rough approximate of 8 months for completion in my head. Hopefully sooner.
    Work is going. But at a a slow pace. But defentely there is some progress, but not at a fast pace.
    The quality looks good. The approach from Marathalli OOR has a real bottleneck of about 1/2 km at Panathur. rest of the way is good. There are many villas and appts comming up. The approach from Gunjur us easy and quick. so you are lucky if your workplace is on that side. Hope once the place is fully operational, BMTC will put buses. Until then Auto wallas will have a great time! 🙂

    The surroundings are pollution free/green and for a nature lover, its a good place.
    However if you want to give it for rent, ….not yet….

  157. hemantharaju says:

    Hai friends I am alloted 2bhk flat at Doddabananahalli paid 1st installment .Yet pay 2nd installment. Can any one visited DB halli and what is the progress when we may get the possession.kindly share the information.Based on that iwill decide whether to pay 2nd installment or postpone.

  158. shivakumar says:

    Hi Doddabanahalli allotties,
    I have visited the construction site, quality seems to be good and construction is going at the rate of 2 floors per month, right now 10/11th floor is under construction. My guess is construction will be completed at the end of January-15 and finishing work may requires 8 to 10 months after construction, Overall we may get possession during at October/November 2015. I have already paid 2 installment and preparing to pay 3rd installment next week.

  159. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi Shivakumar thxs for the update. did 3BHK model flat ready in DB halli? have you heard anything about that?

  160. shivakumar says:

    Hi Manunath,
    Not sure about 3BHK, Even 2BHK model flat is also not completed , Bathroom and electrical fittings are incomplet.

  161. Rohan D' Cunha says:

    Anyone been to Gunjur Phase2 off late? Any idea on the status of construction of 3 BHK flats. Last time I saw, the structure was up until 5 floors I guess.

  162. Siddharth says:

    Hi Rohan,
    I had been to Gunjur Phase2 about 2 months back. The roofing of the 7th floor was close to completion for the 3bkh building back then. No idea of the current situation.

  163. vinay says:

    Rohan/Siddharth, I am also allotted a flat at Gunjur Phase 2…and my 3rd installment is due on Oct 1st week..Last week had a visit to the site, i had a talk with the engineer and he was not in a mood to talk 🙂 when asked how long it would take for the possession he told that BDA had hold the payment for almost 3 months now so not sure where our money is going. Any idea when is the 4th installment need to be paid along with the other payments.

    Current status: they are doing plastering work outside and inside..

  164. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Hi All,

    What about water? In Gunjur last time I saw there were only 2 bores.
    BDA has said they will provide Bore well water to Gunjur flats till Cauvery water comes.
    When that will come is any ones guess. Are they going to drill more bores till then?

    Does any one have info reg this. or If anyone is meeting some BDA officials, pls ask them this impt question too.

    Also has any one paid the 4th installment? Has any one recieved an email for registration of a completed flat?

    I have paid only 3 installments and am waiting for further intimation from BDA till I pay the last(4th) installment.

  165. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Hi Vinay,
    What was the name of the site Engineer you met. This is just for information sake, so that next time I visit the place I can talk to him and get some info on the latest status.

  166. Harish kumar says:

    Hi , I have an Flat in Doddabanehalli ; If any one is interested in exchange to vallagherahalli please contact me @ 9986479882

  167. shyama bhat says:

    BDA has sent letters to the allot tees stating that the Flats are ready for registration and asking them to pay the final installment along with BWSSB/BESCOM depsits and Service Tax. Whether anyone paid. If paid when will registration and handover of possession will take place. What about car parking.

  168. Siddharth says:

    HI Shyam, Is this only for the Valegerahalli flats? has anyone received any such letter for Gunjur? I have not paid the 4th installment yet and plan on not doing so until asked for it.

  169. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Sidharth, Valegerehalli 3 BHK flat owners have received intimations asking to pay last installment plus BEscom/BWSSB deposit & Service Tax. They have also writen to furnish 8 photos, photo & signature Identification letter, Affidavit, Address Proof etc and I do not know about others.

  170. shashank says:

    Hi Shyama, Have they sent the Affidavit Format, Signature Identification Letter . The letter sent by BDA only lists the the documents required.

  171. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Shashank, You can download the formats from BDA Website

  172. shashank says:

    Hi Shyama,
    Thanks for the info…. I couldn’t find the affidavit format…. By the way has anyone completed the registration.

  173. mohammed says:

    Dear All,

    Has any body paid the first installment after receiving the allotment letter, what is the process to be followed ?

  174. shivakumar says:

    Hi Shyam and Shashank,
    What will be the total extra amount to be paid apart from Basic cost of House, Extra amount meance BWSSB + BESCOM + Service tax. is there any registration charges apart from this.

  175. shashank says:

    Hi shivkumar,
    The bwssb+bescom charges are mentioned in the allotment letter. Stamp duty,registration charges will have to be paid at time of registration.

  176. shashank says:

    Hi shivkumar,
    The bwssb+bescom charges are mentioned in the allotment letter. Stamp duty,registration charges will have to be paid at time of registration.

  177. shivakumar says:

    Just I am calculating Amonut after basic cost for 2 BHK
    BWSSB + BESCOM =91250
    Serivec Tax @ 5%= 83325 ( for Rs.165000, 2BHK DBhalli)
    Total =91250+83325 =Rs174575
    Apart from this what will be the stamp duty and registration charge??


  178. shyama bhat says:

    Additional amounts to be paid other than the basic price are mentioned in the allotment letter. For 3 BHK Flats, BWSSB &BESCOM Deposit Rs 1,29,250 and Service Tax @ 5.05% Rs 1,36,350. The above amounts are to be paid along with the last (4th) installment. After paying this amount, they will take few days for registration and at that time registration & Stamp paper expenses (about 6% of basic price) we have to bear. We have to take draft in favour of the Sub Registrar. So far they have not told anything about Car Parking Facility. Some people say it will be auctioned.

  179. shivakumar says:

    Thanks Shyama for the information.

  180. Vidya Aravind says:

    Has anyone received registration leter for Gunjur ?

  181. Muddassir says:

    No I have been alloted a Flat in Gunjur but I have not received any registration Letter yet. Has anyone else who has been alloted a Flat at Gunjur received a registration letter?

  182. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi Mr. Bhat, received the letter from BDA saying I was late for the last instalment. Have you already paid and got the flat registered. I have been alloted a 3BHK at Valgerahalli. Anybody who has paid the last instalment plus the bescom and bwssb deposits is welcome to throw some light on this please.

  183. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Mr. Rajesh,
    I have paid the last installment and BESCOM/BWSSB deposit and Service Tax and also furnished 8 photos, affidavit, signature & Photo identification certificate & residence proof as required by BDA.. I think they will verify the payments made etc and send the draft sale deed. I hope the registration will take place within this month.

  184. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi Mr. Bhat,
    Good to know that. I have to get everything ready too. Do you have any information about the RTI activist Shivakumar and the case he has filed against BDA which was in the papers yesterday (Times of India).

  185. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi Shyam, Thank you for sharing the Reg information

  186. rajeshPrasad says:

    In a quandary whether to pay the last instalment or wait to see how this case plays out. Comments invited from all allotees. What do you think about RTI activist BM Shivakumar’s case

  187. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Visited Gunjur.
    The view from the terrace is awesome. Want to move in asap;But….

    All Laborers gone for festival and not yet come back.
    Friends, Gunjur will take another year(or more; dont tell me 2). What can we do to speed it up?

    Payed 3 installments.

  188. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Whats in this link?

    I can see the table of contents etc. Can you please tell me what to search/page number/heading of the article etc.

  189. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    My price has remained the same. 15.5L basic , for 2 BHK in Gunjur. The quality is fine or more than ok. But the progress is slow.
    Another year?????? or more!
    What can be done to get things moving fast.

  190. Ramanath says:

    I believe, we should all form a group and ask for month progress on all the apartments or shoot emails/RTI about progress reports. Every government organisation has a monthly progress report which can be shared with the public or on their website. In bdawebsite( ) they need to give the progress monthly which is not updated.

  191. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Shyam-Can you please let me know should i include BWSSB&BESCOM amount along with last instalment and DD in favour of BDA Commissioner?

    Service Tax in whose favour you got the DD and on what price?

  192. shyama bhat says:

    Dear Murali Narayan,
    Take 3 separate Demand Drafts, one for the balance amount of allotment price (4th installment) another one for BESCOM/BWSSB Deposit amount and 3rd one for the Service Tax (5.05% of allotment price) all drawn in favour of The Commissioner, BDA and payable at Bangalore. You have to give these drafts to Canara Bank BDA Complex branch along with 2 copies of Allotment letter. They will give 2 copies of the Challan receipts, out of which one copy you have to hand over to BDA along with a Covering letter, 8 photographs, affidavith in original, Photo & Signature identification letter in original attested by Gazetted Officer or Notary, residence proof, copy of allotment letter, all copies of the payments made by you etc and they will give acknowledgement for the same. I believe thereafter they will take about 15 days for excuting the Registration (Valegerehalli flats)

  193. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Thanks you Shyamji.

  194. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    I agree with you 100%.
    Can ALL Gunjur allotees respond to this.
    We should fix a date and meet one saturday soon, at BDA office and ask for progress.
    With every month not only are we loosing iterest on the installments we have paid, but also paying rent for the house we are now living in.

    Please lets take this issue seriously and meet. and decide on actions/ideas etc.
    Sitting idle and being mute spectators is our GREAT LOSS.

    The flat design/quality everything is good. But the SLOOOOW progress is absolutely unacceptable.At this rate we will get possession only in 2016.

  195. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    one more suggestion is on wed 4 pm to 5 pm all the allotees can meet BDA commissioner irrespective of which place you have got the allotment.
    By this way we can force them to complete at the earliest.

  196. Neel says:

    Yes Mr. Gautham & Ramnath, I completely agree with you all. I am also one of the allotee in the Gunjur and suffering because of interest and rent. Anything regarding this, I would support and cooperate for all your ideas and actions. Please let me know how to proceed further and how to accelerate the progress?

  197. shashank says:

    The registration Documents remain the same as mentioned by shyam .You can submit the 8 photos on the day of registration and also all the challan copies are not required as we have already submitted a copy to PRO each time after payment. After submitting registration may happen after 15 days.


  198. shyama bhat says:

    Recently BDA has sent letters to the allottees of Flats in Valegerehalli stating that the Flats are ready for registration and requested them to pay the balance amount and BWSSB/BESCOM deposit amount and Service Tax and also informed to furnish the following documents for Registration. 1) Signature & Photo Attestation 2) Payment receipts towards the cost of the flat 3) Affidavith 4) Additional information (I think it is for special category) 5) 8 Photos 6) Address proof like Ration Card/Voter ID/Adhar.
    As per the letter it is clear that they want all the challans. I have submitted all the above along with a covering letter stating that I have completed all the formalities and requested to register the flat and got the acknowledgement from PRO. I am waiting for the information about the registration. I think they will take few days to cross check their records whether all the payments are received in their account (because we are remitting the money with Canara Bank)

  199. Shashi Kumar says:

    Dear friends,
    Does anybody got letter for registration from BDA for Valagerahalli Phase4 B2, 2 BHK flats?

  200. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi Shyam, i heard we have to pay reg charges of 6.06% on Cost, when we have to paid ?

  201. Manjunatha Baligar Baligar says:

    Hi Shyam, i heard we have to pay reg charges of 6.06% on Cost, when we have to pay?

  202. shyama bhat says:

    The registration charges (Registration fee and stamp duty) are to be borne by the Purchaser. Separate drafts in the name of Sub Registrar are to be taken on the day of Registration which will be informed by BDA

  203. Clam says:

    Hello Shyama Bhat

    I also paid 4th installment along with BWSSB & BESCOM deposits, I enquire about parking in BDA, nobody will give proper information. somebody told we have to purchase in auction, do u have any idea abt it ? after submitting all documents. It may take to 30 – 45 days for registration as per BDA offcials. If u know more abt it pls update me.

  204. shyama bhat says:

    I also enquired about Car parking. They told they will inform in due course. Somebody told that Car Parking will be auctioned. I was told that it will take about 10 to 15 days for registration after paying the full amount +BESCOM/BWSSB Deposit + Service Tax

  205. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Untill now i only heard about the Registration notification for Valagerahalli. Apart from VH is there any one who got the letter from BDA inviting for payment and Regis…..

  206. shashank says:

    I too have submitted the documents for registration at PRO. The chances of photo getting lost are high. As well as the repetitive submission of the challans only increases the file size so these two requisites are not required now as per PRO.

  207. Clam says:

    Mr.Shyama Bhat tnx for the information, I think registration not possible in 15 to 20 days. They wl take 30 days for scrutiny.

  208. Venkatesh Methre says:

    Hi, Shyama Bhat

    As of now we have paid 3 installments, hopefully will pay 4th as well. Just had a query.
    Whats is PRO and were we need to submit all the documents related to registration, In Canara bank (were we have submitted the DD’s ) or to BDA (through post)?

    I have been allotted 2bhk at Kothnur, and haven’t received any letter from BDA about submitting the documents of registration, has anyone from Kothnur location have received the letter from BDA for registration? and any progress about the construction?

    Please post any feed back

  209. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Venkatesh Methre,
    As per the allotment order you have to pay 255 within 60 days, another 25% within 120 days and 3rd installment within 180 days from the date of the receipt of the allotment order. In the 1st installment you can adjust the amount paid along with your application.The final and 4th installment has to be paid before the registration. BDA will send letters stating that the Flat is ready for registration and on receiving such letter, you can pay the 4th installment along with BWSSB/BESCOM Deposit and Service Tax.Perhaps Kothanur project is not ready for registration and once it is ready you will receive the letter.

  210. shyama bhat says:

    Please correct 1st installment as 25% instead of 255

  211. Parthiban says:

    hi gyus…i need clarification .. i have allotted for 1 BHK in Gunjur.. still the construction is going on …. is that BDA is sending letters after completing the entire project like 1BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK… OR they are sending one by one… and dont understand how long they will take to complete this project…. 🙁

  212. raghavendra says:

    Hi Venkatesh , can you please help with kothanur project land mark

  213. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Hi Shyama@

    Where do we need to submit these documents?
    Service tax – DD in whose favour?

    Thanks for the help once again…

  214. shashank says:

    Service tax also in favour of “COMMISSIONER BDA”

  215. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Hi Venkatesh,

    Please reach to Jammbusavari Dinne last bus stop. From there it is 1.5 Km. Let me know if you need even more detailed route map

  216. Venkatesh Methre says:


    How is the progress of the work at the Kothnor?
    Can i find the pictures of it.


  217. Venkatesh Methre says:

    shyama bhat

    What if we don’t get the letter (about the registration), and we are near to 180th day, say in my case, assuming that the kothnur is not ready for registration do we still go ahead and pay the 4th installment and service tax?


  218. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Kothanur – 2 BHK status: Block 1 & 2 – 4th floor in progress and remaining blocks 3rd floor in progress.
    There is one model house completed. You can look at that.

  219. Venkatesh Methre says:

    Hi, Murali Narayan and all

    Have you received any information on the registration letter (as stated by shyama bhat) for kothnur site? if any body has got intimation for registering the flat at kothunor please let me know.


  220. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Neel, Ram, Sandeep and others.

    Can we fix a date for all of us to meet.

    This month I’am free on any sat/sun untill 25th, when I will be going out of Station.

    ALl Gunjur allotees. lets first meet at our Gunjur Flats location and hold meet the site engineers etc and then with info at hand we can proceed to meet the BDA officials.

    All Gunjur allotees pls respond. Thanks. My number is +91 9980913762.

  221. mohammed says:

    Dear All,

    Any Tippasandra Allotes, can we also schedule similar meeting

    Mohammed Imran

  222. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    I dont think so anyone has got the letter apart from Kengeri apartment.

    For Kothanut i have created what’s up group – 9901906270.
    Let’s share the photo and video. Please send me a sms to add to the group and share the communication

  223. Ramanath says:

    Hi all, does anyone know where 1BHK list is uploaded in the bda website for the lottery held on 27th Nov 2014 ? Kindly send a link if anyone notices..

  224. Srilakshmi says:

    Hi Ramanath, The list is not yet up in BDA website. When I checked with BDA, they told that it will take some more time and all allotees will receive allotment letters to residence address.

  225. shyama bhat says:

    Hi, this is to all those allotment holders of Valagerehalli Flats waiting for registration. Yesterday I received a letter from BDA stating that I have to collect the draft sale deed from the Loka Adalath held yesterday itself. It is continuing today also as per newspaper.1st of all I do not understand why they distribute the draft sale deeds through Adalath.(It is a type of Court as I understand) After signing few papers in front of Presiding Officers I got the draft deed. When I asked what is the next steps, they told I have to type the matter in stamp paper and hand it over to them on Thursday. I know little bit of law. I have gone through the draft letter typed in Kannada. It is a general draft and not pertaining to any particular flat. There are 3 Schedules of the properties, A Schedule mentions about the area in which flats are constructed, B Schedule refers to the undivided share of the flat owners and C Schedule refers to the particular flat being sold by BDA. In the draft it is mentioned that the Flat is being sold but not mentioned particularly about the undivided share of the land. We are purchasing the flat along with the undivided share in the land and it should be clearly written. I will consult some lawyer and confirm. My question is whether we are allowed to change the draft. Please every body raise this question with BDA.

  226. shashank says:

    Hi Shyama,
    Just wanted to know before registration are they showing the particular flat which is allotted or is it just the model flat. As last time when i visited the apartment, they told they don’t have the keys to apartments.
    If the draft copy is submitted on thursday when is the registration expected.


  227. Ramanath says:

    Hi Srilakshmi, i saw a list in the bda website, on the initial page left down(last under quick links), i think they have put the lists for GENERAL and EWS.

  228. kishor kumar says:


    My father name listed in 1 BHK EWS Tippasandra, what is the next procedure?
    Please let me know.

    and any one intersted in changing my father falt with Valgerihalli falt.. please let me know.

    My contact number is 9164607767

  229. Srilakshmi says:

    Thanks Ramanath.. I was able to find the Link.. we got 1bhk alloted in Gunjur:-)

  230. Ramanath says:

    ‘@ Srilakshmi, Gunjur is a good location for you? I heard the progress is very bad there. Try and catchup with the engineer there

  231. Srilakshmi says:

    Thanks Ramanath.. yeah Gunjur is a good location.. I actually visited the place yesterday and ya progress is slow.. but the quality looks good. Best part is, pollution free and good ventilation.
    They had started plumbing work for 1st four blocks for 1 BHK, may be people who got flat allotted in these 4 th Blocks might get possession in another 5 to 6 months is what I heard. Remaining is delayed even more.

  232. Ganga Madappa says:

    ‘@Srilakshmi Update on construction at Gunjur here –

  233. Srilakshmi says:

    Thanks for the information Mam. Please let us know if any progress for Gunjur

  234. Ramanath says:

    Mr. Shyama bhat,
    Sir, kindly let me know your number please. I have some clarifications on how to collect the draft deed

  235. rajeshPrasad says:

    Mr. Bhat, what did your legal advisor tell you. Does the deed format that BDA is giving to us entitle us to the undivided share of land like with any other apartment. If not, what is the next step we can take??

  236. kishor kumar says:


    My father name listed in 1 BHK EWS Tippasandra, what is the next procedure?
    Please let me know.

    and any one intersted in changing my father falt with Valgerihalli falt.. please let me know.

    My contact number is 9164607767

  237. Srilakshmi says:

    Hi All, 1 bhk flat is alloted in Gunjur in last week lottery. Can some one please help me understand what is the next step. should we go and collect allotment letter from BDA. How about the payment details. Pls give me some information.. Thanks

  238. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    BDA will send allotment letter to you.

  239. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    The allotment letter will contain payment details, etc.

  240. Gautham Pothapragada says:


    I’am visiting the site on this saturday at 11:15 am.

    Any one else interested please come to the site.
    You can note down my number and call me if reqd. 9980913762.


  241. Ranganath Babu says:

    Many of us have joined together on whatsapp, whoever wishes to join can send their details to 9901906270(group admin Mr. Murali).
    It will help us to be united and information can be exchanged immediately.

  242. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Thanks for adding me to the group

    Visited Gunjur and came back Happier.

  243. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    hope to move in by Dasara or before 🙂 Cheers.

  244. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Hi Friends, i am getting good number of request to add to BDA Buddies Group. While sending the request do let me know ur name also. I can not add a unknown name…

  245. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Shyam Sir, we would appreciate if you join our BDA Buddies Share & Care group.
    Can we have your mobile number

  246. CMA.Murali Narayan says:

    Advantage of joining:
    Group has started sharing the picture of the progress
    No need to use system. Information from mobile through what’s up will be obtained.

  247. kishor kumar says:

    HI Murali,

    Please add me to whatsup group.

    Number : 9164607767
    Name : Kishor Kumar BR

  248. Parthiban says:

    hi Murali,

    Please add me to in whatsup group. I got 1 BHK in Gunjur B1 504

    Name: Parthiban
    Mobile: 9886120029


  249. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Hi ALL, and especially Gunjur Allotees.
    During my last visit I came to know of a fact.
    The locals halted work for 2 months demanding extension of the road in front of our Flats.
    That is, space meant for Visitor’s parking has now been merged with public road.

    What does it mean for us:
    we loose about 10 feet of parking space from the starting to the end of our project.
    Our flats will be nearer to the road.
    We will have less parking space/open area.

    What can be done about this???

    Can we meet the BDA Commissioner and find out how and why this happened and get it back?

    I request all of you to please respond.


  250. mohammed says:

    HI Murali,

    Please add me to whatsup group.

    Number : 9902016139
    Name : Mohammed Imran

  251. immanuel says:

    please add me to Whatsup group

    Name :Immanuel
    No. 98451 84269

  252. prabhu si says:

    Please add me to whatsapp my name:Prabhu Si. Mobile 7204130919

  253. rajeshPrasad says:

    Mr. Bhat, have you finished registration and has BDA given you possession ..please share the details.

  254. Clam says:

    Hi Rajesh
    I have submitted papers which you require registration, BDA officials told me to meet after 8 days to take registration date. I think now registration started for Valagerahalli 3BHK flats.

  255. shyama bhat says:

    Hi, Rajesh, I had submitted all the required papers on 2/12 and I have been given a card stating that registration will be done on 13/1/15. When you submit all the papers, they will issue a card mentioning the date of registration. I had requested them to do the Registration earlier for which they have agreed.

  256. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi Mr. Bhat…that sounds comforting….will go ahead full steam now…thank you 🙂

  257. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi Clam, nice to hear that, will join you guys at VH shortly 🙂

  258. Chaitra says:

    Hello @ Mr.Shyama Bhat. I’m trying to support my mother to pay the final installment. She has 3BKH allocated in Valegerehalli.All your posts have helped me greatly to understand the process.Can you please provide me with these informations
    1) 5.05% of 27 lac? = 13635000
    2) what is required in affidavit??
    3) we have shifted our house, what do we do we address proof??

  259. Chaitra says:

    Hello @ Mr.Shyama Bhat. I’m trying to support my mother to pay the final installment. She has 3BKH allocated in Valegerehalli.All your posts have helped me greatly to understand the process.Can you please provide me with these informations
    1) 5.05% of 27 lac? = 13635000
    2) what is required in affidavit??
    3) we have shifted our house, what do we do we address proof??

  260. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Chaitra,
    You have to take 2 separate demand drafts in favour of Additional District Registrar, Bangalore payable in Bangalore for Rs 1,51,200 and Rs 27,000 (towards Stamp Paper & Registration fee) and take them on the date of Registration along with copy of PAN Card.
    Affidavit is in the format of BDA and Photo & Signature Identity form are supplied by BDA and should be handed over along with the final payment (BESCOM Deposit & VAT Amount) They are not asking for residence proof and do not worry

  261. Vidya Aravind says:

    Has anybody paid the 4th instalment of Gunjur 2 BHK. Is it to be paid along with BESCOm & BWSSB charges ? Kindly post.

  262. Chaitra says:

    Hello Mr.Shyama Bhat. Would you mind please inbox your phone number

  263. vinay says:

    Hello Vidya, I think we need to wait for final letter from BDA which will have the break ups of other fees to be paid along with the 4th installment, however when i went last time to BDA to pay the 3rd installment, i had the same question put to the lady in the counter at inquiry room and she told me if we wish we can also go-ahead with paying the last installment. Going by the slow progression but good construction at Gunjur, i believe it would take a year for the completion. Anyways i would be going to Gunjur site this month and would post the status here..However by any chance any 1 goes to BDA please ask this question as when we would be getting the allotment letter for Gunjur site…Again thx to all the allottee for posting valuable comments.

  264. Ramanath says:

    ‘@Mr. Shyam Bhat,
    if the basic cost of flat is 25 lakhs what (percentage %) cost of DD’s should be made towards
    1) stamp paper ?
    2) registration fee ?

  265. shyama bhat says:

    For Rs 25 lakhs it would be Rs 11,40,000 plus Rs 25,000. When you go to BDA or Canara Bank for making final payment, please visit Registration Office located next to Canara Bank and inquire. They will give a slip mentioning the exact amount.
    Registrations can take place only after the building is completed and hence only after the completion of the building, BDA will intimate for making final payment. There is Xerox shop in front of BDA gate. They have the sale deed draft ready and they will fill up your name, flat no etc and give the sale deed. Before that please know the 4 side boundaries of your flat which are to be mentioned in the sale deed. You do not have choice to alter or change the draft and accept the draft deed of BDA. There are few mistakes in the draft but we have to bear with the same.

  266. shyama bhat says:

    By mistake it is typed as Rs 11,40,000 and please read as Rs 1,40,000

  267. Ranganath Babu says:

    ‘@shyama bhat,
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for the above information. I did not understand what do you mean by “4 side boundaries of your flat” kindly let us know.

  268. shyama bhat says:

    My flat is having 4 side boundaries as
    East: Open Sky
    West: Open Sky
    North: Flat No 603
    South: Open Passage.

  269. Vidya Aravind says:

    Hello Vinay,
    Thank u for the reply. We are also thinking of visiting Gunjur site shortly.

  270. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hmm..for the 4 side boundaries, will have to visit the site again…thanks for all the info Mr. Bhat…

  271. Venkatesh Methre says:

    Hello all

    Is there any updates on Kothonor site. Has anyone got the letter from BDA for registration ?. Currently i am in USA, May i know whats the best procedure to get change the address in the BDA records?

    Please do post the latest updates on kothunor site.


  272. mohammed says:

    Dear Venkesh,

    With regard to address change, you can post a letter to BDA office for change of address, regarding Allotment letter delivery many of the allotment which were send through post and not delivered can be collected from the BDA office, submitting the copy of documents (Initial amount paid, Identify proof, passport size photo) they will be giving the allotment letter only for the allotte

  273. rajeshPrasad says:

    Mr. Bhat, Has your registration gone through. I am still waiting for an intimation for a date from BDA.

  274. shyama bhat says:

    Yes. The registration was done on 30-12-2014 but not received the possession certificate

  275. rajeshPrasad says:

    Congrags sir….wonder why the delay in handing over PC…hope you get it soon sir….

  276. Clam says:

    Mr.Shyama Bhat, I submitted all the documents & visted to bda twice regarding registration. They are not reponding properly, Every time they told me to come after 4 days or next week like that. I think they expect something !!! Did u paid bribe to case worker ? If yes pls let me know how much ?

  277. Ranganath Babu says:

    I havent paid bribe anywhere in BDA till now and i oppose the habit of paying bribe. If one pays bribe it just creeps to all BDA flat allotes. If we are not getting work done please meet the BDA higher authority immediately, but do not pay anything as cash without receipt

  278. Clam says:

    Hi Ranganath even I too oppose to give bribe. Thanks for the support.

  279. shyama bhat says:

    Got Possession Certificate. Next is to pay Property Tax and Khatha

  280. kishor kumar says:

    Congrates Sir 🙂

  281. Clam says:

    Congrats Mr.Shyama Bhat, What are the documents have to submit to get possession certificate? You got key ?

  282. rajeshPrasad says:

    Congratulations Mr. Bhat. Did they intimate you to collect the certificate or did you have to remind them…

  283. shyama bhat says:

    Disappointed. The procedure is after receiving the P.C. we have to collect the keys from the Site Office (of the contractor) by showing the same. Yesterday evening I got the P.C. and today I went to the Site to collect the keys. I got disappointed, I was told that regular power connection is not yet done and wait for a week or so to collect the keys. In the BDA office, they will take few days to issue P.C. after the registration is over. My registration was done on 30-12-14

  284. Clam says:

    My registratiom was done last week. BDA official told me to submit registrstion card original and NOC original which we received with allotment letter to get P.C. Is it require? Why they asking this unnecessary.

  285. rajeshPrasad says:

    Disappointed is putting it lightly……No power yet…..what sort of planning is this. Almost one month after regn, you have got the PC, I would be disappointed too. Wonder when they will wake up. Anyway, we have come so far, waiting a little bit more should not be very difficult. Hang in there Mr. Bhat, we are all with you….:)

  286. shyama bhat says:

    Mr. Rajesh Prasad. Thanks for the moral support. BDA is doing blunders. Actually they cannot withhold the handing over the possession with keys once the sale deed is registered. In the sale deed it is mentioned that the possession is handed over and hence there is no sanctity for the P.C. Even after the P.C. they do not hand over the keys is a criminal one.
    Mr Clam, the reason why they are insisting for the return of NOC is that if you have taken bank loan, then the bank people will come to the Registars office to collect the original sale deed.

  287. Clam says:

    Mr.Bhat thanks for the information

  288. Venkatesh Methre says:

    Any updates on the Kothnour site, did anybody got there flats registered?


  289. akash says:


    i have paid 4th installment for gunjur as per the allotment letter stipulation of 180 days from date of allotment..
    not sure when we will get the flat ready..
    i have taken loan for this…
    any idea when we can expect call for registration ?
    thanks all for valuable inputs

  290. Ranganath Babu says:

    ‘@ Devidas,
    I do not know if my understanding is right, but i read the allotment letter saying, pay 3 installments with in 180 days and 4th installment upon BDA notifying me via letter or newspaper advertisement etc. So, till date i didn’t pay my 4th installment.

  291. shivakumar says:

    Hi Shyma,
    Many congratulation to you for owning BDA flat. Please can you provide the Break up cost for registration like stamp duty, central tax or any other expenditure….etc so that we can estimate and prepare ourself for registration. Thanks in advance..

  292. shyama bhat says:

    Hi Shivakumar,
    The Registration fee is Rs 27,000 by way of draft and Rs 365 by cash towards service tax on the same, and Rs 1,51,200 towards Stamp Paper by Draft

  293. shivakumar says:

    Thanks Shyam for sharing valuable info..

  294. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    I Have paid 3 instalments only for my Gunjur flat.Will pay the fourth when I get the letter for registration.(which will be another 1 year!)

    How about the others. How many have paid the 4th instalment.

    And how about those in other locations, especially those who have got registered. When did you pay the 4th.

    BTW I made a detour yesterday and made a short visit. 1st floor Vetrified tiles, Ivory colour of Orient company. are being layed, I flat was over. 2nd flat was being done.

    A BDA official was there and I posed a number of questions. He said it will be ready in 6 months.(I said it looks for me it will be 2016; He said no, penalties will be levied if it is delayed, 6 months is the time).
    I think it will be 1 year though.Let me see how much progress in another month, THs visit I saw a progress of tiles starting to be layed. Good. Hope they finish the plastering by my next visit.

    Next I asked him about the water. There are only 2 bore wells. I said this wont be enough. He said we may have to adjust with alternate days supply.
    Can we raise this issue??

    How about the water supply in other locations?

  295. Parthiban says:

    hi Gautham, You are correct that we need to pay the 4th instalment when you receive the letter from BDA…

    Compare to other location Gunjur construction is dead slow…I came to know that there was some issue with BDA and Gunjur contractors … hope now BDA have given strong instruction to complete the project ASAP. …

    But truth is if they go on this speed definitely will get next year only flats.

    If the contractor will speed up the work we might get the flat at least by October or November this year.

    The problem we are facing is we are paying Loan EMI as well rent ; its burdening us.

  296. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Hi Parthiban,

    You are on the spot.

    We are paying EMIs and also rent. With a delay of 1 year I see a loss of 1.5L for me as rent being payed. This is such a crime and a waste of my.our Hard earned money. We are Salaried people and 1.5L is a big amount for us.

    I hope by Dec atleast we get our new homes. and with sufficient water.

  297. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    Why did they collect the 1st 3 installments so much ahead in advance. About 2 years in advance. Shame on them.

  298. Clam says:

    Hello Mr.Shyam Bhat, Yestaurday i received PC 2 copies one for me (Blue colour) another for Revenue department (Pink colour). But they took received signature for PC & RO, What is the meaning of RO ?

  299. shyama bhat says:

    I also do not now. It must be Revenue Officer. Have you received the key. I have not yet received

  300. Clam says:

    Hi Shyam Bhat, There is no power supply yet, I enquired in HPD (Engineering) department, They will issue keys after 3 weeks in BDA itself.

  301. Venkatesh Methre says:

    HI, shyam/Clam

    how is the construction of your apartments? say flooring, wood work, colors etc? please post if you have any information.


  302. Clam says:

    Construction quality is okay, Flooring vitrified tiles, Wood work is very bad (Plywood Doors) Painting colour not bad.

  303. Clam says:

    Bathroom fittings are Jaquar, Kitchen sink Nirali, Electric switches Havell, Fans i think Bajaj,

  304. Clam says:

    Windows – Aluminimum Fabrication

  305. Clam says:

    Please read Aluminium fabrication

  306. shyama bhat says:

    Overall the construction is satisfactory. Bath room fittings, electrical fittings etc are of standard qualities. Kitchen needs some investments and also wardrobes etc are required. he front door lock is padlock and it requires change. Gysers are required in bath rooms. think all these require about Rs 2 to 3 Lakhs

  307. Chandrakumar Swaminathan says:

    Does anyone know when and how they will allot the car parking?

  308. hemantharaju says:

    Can any one give the progress of DB Hally flats and probable completion of the project/ procession date as I have paid 3rd installment recently.

  309. rajeshPrasad says:

    Mr. Bhat and Mr. Clam, has BDA handed over the keys??

  310. Vidya Aravind says:

    Hi, Has any one paid the 4th instalment towards Gunjur 2 BHK Flats. Any idea about the registration etc. Pl. post

  311. Clam says:

    Hi Rajesh, Still they are not issuing keys, Hope we get keys within a week

  312. prakash raju says:

    Hi, Has anyone visited the DB halli project? Is there a model apartment which can be seen? When can we expect registration notice, as we have paid 3 instalments… please update if you have any recent info…

  313. Krishna Chaitanya says:


    Can any one please tell what is the cost of Resale value for 3 BHK and 2 BHK, also Please share some of the Photos of ready to move flats from BDA


  314. Rakesh Cr says:

    I did’nt received 4th installment payment notice from BDA still for Valagarahalli flat,, Can 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK alooties confirm weather all received the 4th installemt payment notice from BDA?

  315. Jyothi S says:

    Hi friends
    If anyone wishes to sell 3bhk in Mysore road BDA
    please inform me
    Mob. 9448585797

  316. Rajan Sankpal says:


    if anyone want to sell their 2 BHK flat in Valagarahalli then please contact me on


  317. Raju J S says:

    Anyone interested to buy 3BHK ( 7th Floor, North facing ) BDA flat at Mysore Road contact me at


  318. Vidya Aravind says:

    What is the status of 2 BHK Flats of Gunjur ? When to pay the 4th instalment amount and BWSSB, KEB Charges ? Kindly post.

  319. akash says:

    Hi Vidya,

    I have paid 4th installment last year… you can pay any time… i am not sure of status as i am now in pune.. i hope we get possession by year end. Did you visit the site ? how is the progress ?
    is there any whatsapp group i can join to stay in touch with fellow allottees ??

  320. Gautham Pothapragada says:

    There is a whatsapp group.

    Muralli can add you. give him ur number.

  321. Rakesh Cr says:

    i didn’t received 4th installment payment intimation for valagarahalli falt till now,, please some one clarify once we receive the 4th installment payment notification then only we need to pay it to BDA or we need to pay it without waiting for the notification ?

  322. hemantharaju says:

    I have allotted 2bhk flat at DB halii till now paid 3 installments.can any tell me the progress of DBHalli flats,probable date of possession/registration.If any one received payment notice for final installment.please inform me as I have native of rural place.

  323. rajeshPrasad says:

    Hi Clam, did you have to pay any extra charges or were only the 2 DDs enough at the time of registration

  324. Thanabal says:

    2014 2BHK notification applicant attention; check your status here more over the flat number selection lottery will be held on June 18 at 11 PM in BDA head office

  325. som hosahalli says:

    Hi Thanabal, thanx for the good news but where to find the date for the flat number selection ie when will the lottery system will be held?

  326. Praveen Bajantri says:

    I had applied for valagerahalli 2BHK in 4th notification, but BDA has sent me a letter saying no flats available in valagerahalli, I can either chose from Kanminike or doddabanhalli. I wanted like to go with Doddabanahlli since its near to ITPL. Before I commit I would like to know some info.

    1. Quality of the construction.
    2. Chances of re-sale in case I need money.
    3. Chances letting it for rent.
    4. Amenities such as hospital, school, market e.t.c

    Please let me know If some knows the answers to my above concerns…

  327. Dinesh says:

    Mr.shyam bhat…did they give EC.
    We have to give EC to get khata.
    But I have received only registration certificate and PC

  328. shyama bhat says:

    I have not yet taken the Khatha. I understand that we have to pay the Property tax at BDA Office, Vijayanagar, obtain EC from the Sub Registrar’s office, Kengeri and along with these apply for Khatha at BDA Office, Vijayanagar .

  329. vinay says:

    Hello Guys, please add me in what’s up group – 9886726630
    Will share some picture of Gunjur location with more updates.

  330. Venkatesh B T says:

    Dear friends,
    Could any one share me the Housing loan details – which bank is best. I need to get around 20lakhs. as per BDA we should be payed 2 months and my 1st installment should be paid before Aug 2015. Bank will give in 1 shot or can we request them to give 4 installment to the BDA so that we can save interest and even i am interested to take 3 to 4 installment from Bank – please suggest as i am planning to go with SBI.

  331. Venkatesh B T says:

    Dear Gunjur Allottess,

    Construction Quality is really worst / poor Quality and they were using all cheaper materials and total quality is worst when compare to DB Halli / V Halli.

    Please if any one visit and update to BDA Engineer / Commissioner and also we need to talk to Media team to update to the public

  332. Venkatesh B T says:

    Comparison of GUNJUR Quality with other location
    Sl No Construction Quality / Items DB Halli / VH Gunjur
    1 Construction Quality Good Poor & Neglected
    2 Construction method RCC Brick
    Construction Method With Equipment’s – Cranes & JCB Manual
    Construction Progress Very Good & fast Delay and Very Slow
    Tiles Quality Good Worst & Cheaper Quality & lower thickness
    Proposed date of Completion 12 Dec 2012 Three Years delay
    Bathroom size Good Less space
    Road Approach Good No & congested
    Fire System Installed Not Installed
    3 Safety System Installed / Good Not Installed
    4 Parking facility Good & having outside space OK – no outside space

  333. Vidya Aravind says:

    Hi Murali,
    Pl. add me to whatsapp group. My no. is 9035416110

  334. som hosahalli says:

    Did anyone got allotment letter for the 4th notification – 2 BHK ,For the selection lottery held on 18th June 2015?

  335. harsha raju says:

    Hi Murali, Pl. Add me to WhatsApp group. My no. Is 9448060905

  336. Fazlulla Saquib says:

    Hello Murali, Please. Add me to WhatsApp group. My no. Is 9243112865

  337. som hosahalli says:

    Hello Murali, Please add me to WhatsApp group, My no is 9448883020

  338. srrre says:

    Can anyone pls let us know when will the shortlisting/lottery is likely to happen for 3BHK flats?

  339. Venkatesh B T says:

    Any latest updates on Gunjur construction, every one is telling on their own dates starting from Oct 2015 to Aug 2016.
    even Gunjur location started from 2012 along with Kengeri and by that time DB halli construction is not started but Kengeri is ready and already people are staying and DB halli will be ready asap before Nov 2015 and both are in Good quality but BDA is not taking care on Quality or concern on Gunjur allotees.

  340. mohankumar says:

    HI Murali,

    Kindly add me to whatsapp group.

    Name: Mohan
    Number: 8147897396

  341. Vikram says:

    Hi, please add me to watsapp group.
    Name: vikram number : 9964137092, tnx

  342. Vikram says:

    Hi, please add me to watsapp group.
    Name: vikram number : 9964137092, tnx

  343. Vikram says:

    Hi, please add me to watsapp group.
    Name: vikram number : 9964137092, tnx

  344. Praveen says:

    Hi, Does Doddabanahalli Flats comes under SBI approved list?

  345. hemantharaju says:

    Murali add me to your watsapp group.I have been allotted flat at D B Halli.
    Name…Hemantha Raju ,mobile no 9481035951.

  346. Balaji says:

    Please add me to watsapp group.
    Name: Balaji: Mobile no : 9886636045. Tnx.

  347. Kavi says:

    I have been allotted and received letter for 2BHK flat of 4th notification @ Kaniminike..But am clueless about the construction status. Do you have any idea?

  348. akash says:

    hi Murali

    Please add me in whatsapp group… i have got gunjur

    pls don’t forget to add zero in front…


  349. Vikram says:

    Hi I’m looking 2 bhk flat doddabanahalli. If anyone is interested to sell please call Ph:9964137092

  350. hemantharaju says:

    Any one received final instalment notice from BDA Doddabanahalli phase I.If received kindly share.I have paid 3rd installment and waiting to pay for final instalment.

  351. som hosahalli says:

    Dear allotees of BDA DB Halli phase 2, I am also an allotee of 2BHK,and I think it is becoming really very difficult to discuss about the instalment payment, developmental activities of the flats, dates etc therefore I have created a watsapp group by name DB Halli Phase 2. So to add to this group you can give your no so that we can chat and clarify the various doubts. somashekhar

  352. hemantharaju says:

    My name is Hemantha Raju my mobile no 9481035951. Mr som hosahalli Please add my number.

  353. Varun says:

    ‘@som hosahalli:Add my number 9886093053,Rgds Varun

  354. GOPI J says:

    Hi , anyone have an idea on when to pay the 4th Installment? How about Gunjur 1BHK construction status?

  355. Vidya Aravind says:

    I have received the registration letter today for Gunjur 2 BHK. Has anybody else got it ? pl. update.

  356. Shiva Kumar says:

    ‘@Vidya Aravind,Have you received notification to pay 4th installment?

  357. Shiva Kumar says:

    hi Murali
    Please add me in whatsapp group… i have been alloted in gunjur –

  358. hemantharaju says:

    Have any body got final instalment notice of D B Halli phase 1 . If any body got registered pl inform the procedure how much we have pay including registration and other charges.

  359. Praveen says:

    ‘@ Mr.Som hosahalli: Please Add my number 99028270283,

  360. Praveen says:

    ‘@ Mr.Som hosahalli: Please Add my number 9902827028,
    Regards Praveen

  361. sathya raj says:

    Hi I’m looking 2 bhk flat doddabanahalli. If anyone is interested to sell please call Ph: – 9886150707

  362. hemantharaju says:

    I have alloted 2bhk flat at Doddabanahalli phase I flat no 3/305 any body interested to exchange for Valagerahalli,Kengeri pl call 9481035951.

  363. vinay says:

    I haven’t received final installment letter for Gunjur 2Bhk..did any 1 of you haven’t or received the letter ?

  364. Shiva Kumar says:

    I have received letter to pay final intallment along with Bescom & Bwssb fees for Gunjur 2BHK.

  365. Vidya Aravind says:

    I have also received the letter of final instalment along with Bescom, Bwssb and service tax amt. I have paid it also along with 8 photos, self affidavit and copies of the challans of the previous instalments paid.

  366. vinay says:

    Thx guys for the response …not sure why i haven’t 🙁 received the letter, do i need to visit BDA or wait for the letter ?….seeing the construction i don’t think…to pay the entire amount now….looks like it whld take another few more months…may be 8 to 10 months or more 🙁

  367. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  368. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  369. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  370. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  371. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  372. Mohan says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9886400556.

  373. Mohan says:

    My Flat number is B4- 006 in Doddabanahalli Phase 2

  374. Praveen Bajantri says:

    Please add my number 9731096123.. Got allocation in Doddabanahalli phase 2.. Does flat number indicate floor as well ?

  375. Venkatesh Methre says:

    Hello All

    am not sure how many of you guys are still active under this site. But anyways, i need a quick information which is spoiling my sleep. Last week i had received the letter from BDA for getting registration for the flat in kothuner which is allotted me. The letter contains the list of documents, under this i need to present a confirmation letter from bank stating the initial deposit ( of 82500 for 2BHK) was deposited in the BDA account.
    May i know which bank issues the letter? the one were the application along with initial DD was submitted or at canara bank behind the BDA office (which maintains the BDA account)

  376. Prasad Kumar Vetcha says:

    I have applied for 3BHK flat on 21st April 2014 & chosen Doddabanalli as preferred location.

    so far no communication from BDA.

    1). is there information on list of eligible 3bhk applicants for the applicants 30th April 2014?

    2). who are the officials, I should contact in BDA, apart from RTI?

  377. Ranganath Babu says:

    RTI should work…one of my friend has also applied, he was also worried. we are all on whatsapp group…i will add you on if you can pass your number …

  378. Prasad Kumar Vetcha says:

    Hi Ranganath,
    Good morning!
    Thanks for replying and sharing the info.
    Just now, I messaged my number Mr.Murali to add into whatsapp group.


  379. Prasad Kumar Vetcha says:

    Hi Ranganath & Murali,

    My number is 9986189675

  380. Prema Mohan says:

    Hi Dear friends,
    Firstly congratulation for all the pride owners of BDA, can any body tell us about doddabanahalli phase 1 project is it ready to move, roads and other facilities as we are planning to move to this place.

  381. Prema Mohan says:

    dear friends we also came to know that there is a PRR coming up between BDA phase 1 and phase 2, could any body tell us where this road connects. have people occupied in this apartment

  382. Ranjith Tharayil says:

    4th Notification 3 – BHK Doddabanahalli 1st List of Allotment

  383. Ranjith Tharayil says:

    hello Som and Murali Please add me in whats app group , my nuber is 9 88 66 27 8 27

  384. prabhu says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2.
    Prabhu – 9900340980

  385. prabhu says:

    watsapp group

  386. Ranjith Tharayil says:

    3 – BHK Doddabanahalli Phase 2 , Allottees have you guys received any letter form BDA ?

  387. Prasad Kumar Vetcha says:

    Why BDA is notifying for new applications, while it didn’t allocate flat for previous applicants? Refund is also not given yet. I am one of the applicant, where I didn’t get refund yet.

  388. Balaji says:

    Hi Som and Murali Please add me in whats app group to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2.
    Balaji — 9886636045 Thanks.

  389. MI KHAN says:

    Hi Somu Please add my number to BDA Doddabanahali Phase 2 watsup group. I have got alloted flat in Doddabanahalli phase 2. My falt number is B4 – 006 and my number is 9341285906.

  390. Vikram Rajappa says:

    Please add me in the whatsapp group

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