Articles by Sanju Jayakumar

Sanju is an Urban Fellow from IIHS Bengaluru. He is currently an Associate Industrial Consultant intern at CBRE South Asia. His interests include economic development, infrastructure, sustainability, and technology. He has prior experience working in mega infrastructure projects and has a background in Civil Engineering from NITK Surathkal.

As Bengaluru struggles with an ongoing water crisis, it reports a shortage of about 500 million litres of water every day. The significant water problem in the city is frequently blamed on insufficient rainfall, unregulated groundwater exploitation, and environmental negligence. However, it is essential to investigate water contamination, notably from sewage and industrial effluents, as a major cause of the water crisis. The focus then moves to Shivpura Lake in the Peenya Industrial Area.  Although a key industrial area, Peenya is neglected, as evidenced by its poor infrastructure and pollution issues. Shivpura Lake, in particular, is contaminated by the surrounding…

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