Week’s news in brief: Oct 10-16

This week's scan of Bangalore's Kannada dailies includes reports on a high tech business park near Devanahalli, Karnataka losing an SEZ for Aerospace Engineering to Andhra Pradesh, and more.

Arts and Culture

Kannada books go go hitech

Nallur Prasad, President of Kannada Sahitya Parishad, a supreme body of Kannada literary works, said that a proposal to computerise the administration and digitalisation of all Kannada books is submitted to the government. Work on the website has also begun.. Mr Prasad opined that Kannada books should be made available on the internet so that anyone across the world will have access to them. (Kannada Prabha, Saturday, Oct 11)


Not a bus in sight

The rapid development of the city has surprised many. However there is a village in Bangalore which still has never seen a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus. Visit Nallurhalli, which is adjacent to tech hub, Whitefield. This village was included under BBMP two year ago. However the infrastructure facilities are still a dream for its residents. There is no primary health centre, roads are ruled by stray dogs and the people have to walk two-three kilometres to get to a bus. (Prajavani, Saturday, Oct 11)

Swathantrya nagar is not free from problems

The irony of this area lies in its name, Swatanthryanagar (meaning, an independent town). This small hub is attached to Sheshadripuram, which lies in the heart of Bangalore. However from scarcity of drinking water to sanitatation mess, this area is crippled with a number of problems. Paradox is that the residents here produce incense sticks, but themselves live in a stench. (Prajavani, Thursday, Oct 16)


Web of fake driving licenses in Karnataka

Mohammed Shadan applied for a passport giving his driving license [DL] as proof of address, which said that he is a resident of Haveri. When the police questioned Shadan, it was found that he had never even seen Haveri and that he had bought the DL by paying Rs.1500 to an agent. This incident throws light on the business of issuing fake DLs, which is rampant in the state and Bangalore in particular. Police sources say there are many such cases reported. However they admit that they are not able to book the culprits as yet. (Prajavani, Friday, Oct 10)


Late comers to meditate

Sheshadripuram Education Institution which runs a college in Sheshadripuram has a unique ‘punishment’ to the students who come to classes late. The college will send those student to a meditation center. Principal Professor M R Srinivas says this proved very positive as punitive measures like sending them back home becomes a blessing in disguise for irresponsible students. He claims that meditation has brought changes in the attitude of students. (Vijaya Karnataka, Monday, Oct 13)

Students get higher tastes

After successfully starting the mid day meal scheme, ISKON is now trying its hand in college canteens as well. Principal of Sheshadripuram College, Professor Narahalli Balasubramanya approached ‘The Higher Tastes’, a wing of ISKON to serve quality food to his students. Higher Tastes caters to the needs of the students from 8.30 AM through a mobile canteen. The mobile canteen is a big hit as the nearby hotels are highly priced for the students. (Prajavani, Thursday, Oct 16)


SAS to be implemented from November. The state government gave a ‘Dasara shock’ for Bangalore residents. It has decided to continue with the self assessment scheme (SAS) in BBMP with certain modifications. Apart from average 20 percent increase in taxes, the government decided to impose infrastructure and solid waste disposal cesses on people. In all probability, new SAS will be implemented from November. (Kannada Prabha, Friday, Oct 10)

New signal lights in city

Installation of new signal lights in many junctions has garnered mixed response from the public. Some welcome this move as it may reduce minor accidents. However many feel that additional signal lights may hamper smooth flow of traffic. Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) Pravin Sood informed that 100 more signal lights were installed in three months. So far 160 signal lights were working since 30 years. Of 40,000 junctions in Bangalore,the police have narrowed down 2000 junctions as important ones. The goal is to increase the number of signal lights to 400 by 2009. (Prajavani, Friday, Oct 10)

No time for Kannada

Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa’s style of keeping the key portfolio with him has a negative effect on a number of developmental works on Kannada. Ministry of Kannada and Culture is with the Chief Minister now and he has released Rs.184 crores for the deparment. However looking at the speed in the works, one doubts the use of this huge amount. Appointments to a number of academies and committees are pending. Lack of coordination between different sections has further worsened the situation. (Udayavani, Saturday, Oct 11)

BMTC-vehicle of ads

For the first time in the history of Kannada cinema, new feature film Vamshi, starring Puneeth Rajkumar, used BMTC buses for advertisements. With BBMP tightening noose around banning wall posters, film producers are now looking for alternatives for wall space. BBMP has decided to put 100 big hoardings specially earmarked for cinema posters. According to the BMTC sources, an advertisement on a bus for a month may cost Rs.two lakhs which is still less compared to other advertisement options. (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, Oct 12)

Funds release for city development

The state government had earmarked Rs.1800 crore for the development of Bangalore. However not a single paise is released so far. This is disclosed by none other than the government itself. In a reply to an RTI filed by former mayor P R Ramesh, government said that Rs.300 crore each was released to Metro rail and other usual development programmes. Ramesh alleged that there is no mention of the government’s assurance of releasing Rs .1800 crores. (Kannada Prabha, Wednesday, Oct 15)

Minister travels in BBMP van

State Urban Development Minister S Suresh Kumar is known for his style of working. This time he left his luxury car and travelled in a BBMP van to get first hand information on the city’s civic problems. Starting his journey at 8.30 AM, he visited a number of places and walked for about two kms to have a glimpse of the new proposed walter filteration plant as the road is not motorable. Then he boarded the press vehicle from Information Department to get scribes’ view on the problems. (Udayavani, Wednesday, Oct 15)


Hitech business park near BIA

The state government is planning to have a Hitech business park adjacent to Bangalore International Airport (BIA). The new hub is termed as the ‘mini-commercial capital’ of Bangalore. 413 acres of of land has been identified for the project. The park will include special economic zones for IT, BT, multi-speciality hospitals, luxury hotels, etc. Global tenders are already invited and ten consortiums have expressed their interest in the project. (Kannada Prabha, Saturday, Oct 11)

Water supply from Nagavara and Bellandur lakes

Struggling to meet the increasing demand for d
rinking water, BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board) has decided to pump water from Nagavara and Bellandur lakes. State government has earmarked Rs.280 crores for these works. The lakes will be developed and in the second phase, pumped water will be filtered and supplied. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, Oct 11)

NGO lights lives of street vendors

They, so far, were selling their vegetables either in dark or in the shade of street lights. Now they have bright CFL bulbs to light up their business. Come to Malleshwaram market, you may find a number of vendors selling their goods in bright lights thanks to efforts by an NGO, called S3IDF (Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund). S3IDF has a unique scheme called ‘Darideepa’. Under this, it trains and provides financial assistance to young enterpreneurs through bank linkage. Those enterpreneurs supply bulbs and battery to vendors on a rent of Rs.15 per day. S3IDF can be contacted on 6590 2558, 9980834203 (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, Oct 12)

Government to sign with private consortium for high speed rail

The government is likely to sign up with a private consortium for the construction of high speed rail link to Bangalore International Airport (BIA) on the day of its first anniversary. The BJP government is completing its first year in May 2009. Government sources say Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa wants to highlight the project as government’s gift to Bangaloreans. (Kannada Prabha, Sunday, Oct 12)

Railway station to get Chinese makeover

Baiyappanahalli has one of the oldest railway stations in Karnataka. Now its rennovation is taking place under the guidence of experts from China. With the technical know how from China, Railways wants to upgrate this station to world class standards. It is one of two such staions in India which would have world class facilities. The station in Bhuvaneshwar in Orissa is the other one. (Prajavani, Monday, Oct 13)

Industries to be power free for a day

Keeping in view the shortage of electricity that Karnataka faces, industries have decided to impose a self ban on using electricity at least one day a week. Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association announced that its member industries will not use power for a day. However they requested BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company) not to impose loadshedding everytime. Association president, Aravinda Burji said that this system was successful in states like Maharashtra. (Vijaya Karnataka, Tuesday, Oct 14)

Shootings make traffic jams

Reasons for traffic jams in Bangalore may make good subjects for a study. Apart from various reasons, cine shootings too contribute against smooth traffic flow. Shootings are common in the areas like K R Market, Majestic. People gather to have a glimpse of stars thus throwing traffic out of gear. Though producers get prior permission from police for shooting, not enough personnel are deputed at the place to oversee them. (Prajavani, Tuesday, Oct 14)

Karnataka loses yet another project to Andhra Pradesh

Delay on the decision over land, costed dear for Karnataka as Andhra Pradesh grabbed Special Economic Zone [SEZ] for Aerospace and Precision Engineering. The state government wanted to have this SEZ near Devanahalli to supplement the Bangalore International Airport. But the land was not alloted soon enough. However Andhra Pradesh was quick to decide on the land and the central government gave its green signal. (Kannada Prabha, Thursday, Oct 16)


Meet youngest scorer in cricket

Cricket has seen many wonders. Here is the latest addition. Chandan from Bhadravathi is preparing to become the youngest scorer in international cricket. The work of a scorer is burdened as he needs to look into existing records, performance of the players and should have all statistics with him. At 14, Chandan worked as scorer in the India-Australia test cricket match in Bangalore. He is appearing for a test. If he passes, he will become the youngest scorer in the world. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, Oct 11)

Agencies to provide domestic help

We have seen agencies and agents in every field. Now it is the turn of domestic help. There are a number of agencies working in Bangalore to supply domestic helpers to residents The IT, BT employees are front runners in hiring their services. Agencies take commission on the basis of annual salary fixed for the domestic helpers.They will supervise and monitor the helpers they supplied on whether they are working in accordance with the requirements. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, Oct 11)

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