Week’s news in brief: Oct 03-09

This week's scan of Bangalore's Kannada dailies includes a number of reports from borewell water contamination to terror training in the city.


Fuel thefts rising With costs of fuel increasing, petrol thefts are also increasing. Fuel thieves are working very systematically throughout Bangalore. There is no check as many victims prefer not to lodge complaint. Police too fail to arrest them. There are reports that thieves are more active in the vicinity of CMH road, M G Road, Brigade Road, Malleshwaram and Jayanagar.(Vijaya Karnataka, Friday, Oct 3)

Bangalore – hub for terrorists

A report by the Intelligence Bureau revealed that Bangalore has become an online training center for terrorists. Some software engineers working in prestigious companies are also used for this. Training is provided for kidnapping, bomb making, use of arms and ammunitions, creating fear among public through bomb explosions, etc. Police are working on warfoot to identify those suspected terrorists working in software companies. (Udayavani, Monday, Oct 6)

Short temper proved costly for film producer

Film producer Govardhanamurthy is in soup for loosing his temper and killing his friend over a petty issue. Govardhanamurthy became famous with the production of the controversial Kannada film ‘Madesha’. Initially censor board declined to clear the film for showcasing violence. Ironically its own producer now implemented the ‘message’ of the film. Govardhanamurthy is an interesting character. He earned crores of rupees in the real estate business. Now Bangalore police face tremendous pressure for filing a not too stringent case against him. Govardhanamurthy is absconding now. (Vijaya Karnataka, Wednesday, Oct 8)


Lake in ruins

Do you know Singapura Lake? No, it is not in Singapore. It is a lake in a place called Singapura village, behind Airforce establishment on the Yeshwanthapur-Yelahanka road. The lake was the source of water for grapes and other cultivation in the surrounding areas before. Now the lake is in ruins. Drainage pipes are linked to lake, like the other lakes, encroachments has also reduced it. (Prajavani, Monday, Oct 6)


Switch off mobiles while driving or get fined

Talking on your mobile while driving will not be the only reason to get fined by the Police. A new rule introduced by the government (under 230 (e) of Motor vehicle Act of 1988) makes it mandatory for drivers to switch off mobiles while driving.This step has been taken as there has been an increase in the number of accidents due to the usage of mobiles while driving. (Prajavani, Friday, Oct 3)

Teachers write flawed exam

The questions prepared by Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) for the Common Entrance Test (CET) for the appointments of Kannada lecturers in pre university colleges contained a number of mistakes. The CET was held on Sept 28th. Some questions did not even have particular answers. And in some cases there were no right answers to choose from in the objective type of questions. Candidates wonder how KPSC would select talented candidates with these kinds of questions. (Udayavani, Sunday, Oct 5)

Terrorists cast shadow over tourism

"The tourism sector has been badly hit by the terrorist activities in Karnataka. There is a remarkable collapse in the number of tourists visiting the state. This has prompted the Government to think over appointing ‘tourism police’ for selected places. These specialized police will be appointed in 30 tourist attraction places. The Home Guards are also being considered for this purpose. However the issues over salary are not cleared yet." (Udayavani, Sunday, Oct 5)

Waste makes electricity

After trying its hand in making fertilisers from city wastes, BBMP is now thinking of electricity production from waste. Though an old concept, BBMP has taken up two projects, each in Mandooru and Doddabidarakallu. They claim that the initiative is first of its kind in India. Two plants in these two places will produce power as well as fertilisers, says the BBMP. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Oct 6)

Companies increase prices of cycles

The state government’s much talked about scheme of providing cycles to girls hit a hump with cycle manufacturing companies increasing prices of their products. Already opposition parties allege rampant misappropriation in procurement of cycles. Companies increased prices by Rs. 400 making the cost of each cycle Rs. 1,600 now. However the Government has empowered the chief secretary to take a decision in this regard. (Vijaya Karnataka, Wednesday, Oct 8)


One room police station

You have read about Highgrounds police station working in a shed. Now look at Chenammanakere Achukattu police station. It has only one room to work, that too it is working in a parking lot meant for a theatre. Started as a separate police station in 2006, the station has 80 personnel. All requests to provide basic infrastructure facilities fell on deaf ears.The single room acts as a working place for the inspector, constables, public visitors and doubles up as their record room. (Prajavani, Friday, Oct 3)

Freedom Park may be delayed

Freedom Park, which the state government wanted to construct at old Central jail near Gandhinagar, may be delayed by three months, thanks to the slow pace of work.The government ordered the construction of the park at a cost of Rs.10.32 crores. However it has now escalated to Rs.20 crores and more. The first phase of the park should have opened in November. There are unconfirmed allegations (source not specified) the BBMP releasing Rs.5 crores without bringing this to notice of the government. (Kannada Prabha, Friday, Oct 3)

BBMP plays spoilsport for smooth traffic

The BBMP has done it again! It started a subway in front of the busy Townhall, on the way to K.R Market. The road is dug up; however the work has been stopped since two months, throwing the traffic out of gear. A huge rock it came across on the subway route is hindering the work. (Vijaya Karnataka, Saturday, Oct 4)

Aquarium in ruins

Aquarium, a centre of attraction in Lalbagh is in ruins since a year. The Aquarium was inaugurated in 1987. It is sad that exactly after 20 years it is closed for the public. Though closed initially for renovation, the work never started. The Fisheries department which used to collect lakhs of rupees from visitors is at the loosing end. The Horticulture department assures to look into the matter and take immediate action. (Prajavani, Saturday, Oct 4)

High speed train to find a new way

The much talked about High Speed Rail, that connects M.G road and BIA in Devanahalli is at a standstill as a series of problems have surfaced on the initial route map. It has now been said that the proposed terminal in BRV grounds on M G road will be shifted to Baiyyappanahalli. The National Highway Authority has opposed the high speed train route on Bellary road. The cost of 34 km long high speed rail route is Rs.3716 crores. It would take hardly 25 minutes to reach BIA. (Kannada Prabha, Saturday, Oct 4)

Legislature committee expresses displeasure over BIA

"A legislature committee appointed by the State Government to look into the infrastructure facilities in Bangalore International Airport (BIA), expressed its displeasure over
the things happening in the airport. Chairman of the committee, MLA Dr D Hemachandra Sagar opined that original pact between the Government and BIA should be made public. There is an increase in the land and costs for BIA against the original agreement, he said. " (Prajavani, Sunday, Oct 5)

Severe water contamination

Some of the borewells in Bangalore have water contaminated with nightsoil. This is revealed by environmentalist Yellappa Reddy. Speaking in a seminar on disposal of solid wastes, Reddy said that a survey conducted in 169 borewells revealed this bitter truth. Borewells that were dug beyond 400 feet have water mixed with drain and nightsoil. (Kannada Prabha, Tuesday, Oct 7)

Skywalks with escalators

Recognising public’s hesitation in using skywalks, BBMP is planning skywalks with escalators in eight places. Commercial Street, Race Course road, Richmond road are some of the places mentioned. BBMP has plans to have skywalks in 57 places in the long run. Tenders are invited for this. Private companies will build these skywalks. BBMP will only provide the land for the project. (Kannada Prabha, Tuesday, Oct 7)


First ever community radio for blind inaugurated

The first ever community radio for blind in Asia was inaugurated in Bangalore. Named ‘Ramana Voices’, the radio will cater to the needs and categorical information to blind people. The radio is started by Ramana Maharshi Academi for the Blind (SRMAB) and Voices, an NGO. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Oct 6)

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