Is weight loss on your New Year’s Resolution – again ?

Losing weight is among the most common New Year resolution and probably the most broken. Here's how to stick to your goal...

It’s that time of the year when people fret over the time wasted not doing something they had decided to and promptly put it on the list for the next year! Was one of your resolutions for this year weight-loss? Is it now at the top of next year’s ‘To-do’ list? Well, you’re not alone! According to surveys conducted every year-losing weight is among the most common New Year resolution across the globe.

The two main reasons why it gets conveniently pushed into the next year’s list, year after year are that people are either “too busy” or just plain lazy to make the much needed changes in their life. Others who do venture to make the changes are disappointed at not seeing “quick results” and soon give up sometimes as early as February or March.

This year make it a resolution to not break or give up on your resolution list. Here are some tips to help you on a successful weight loss journey in 2013:

  • Make a lifestyle change: your weight at present is a result of the kind of lifestyle you’ve been following till now. Make up your mind to change it. Take charge of your life now so that you can enjoy the benefits of good health later on in life.
  • Aim at attaining good health: look at it at ‘gaining health’ instead of looking at it as ‘losing weight’.
  • Join a gym: Pay for the whole year in advance. It may cost a bomb, but it will be worth it especially when getting “back in shape” doesn’t seem motivating enough to make that trip to the gym-the money that you already paid up will! If gymming isn’t your ‘cup of green tea’, then look around for an aerobics class, or even dance lessons. The idea is to get your body to move-so find any physical activity that you enjoy and watch the fat melt.
  • Meet a qualified dietitian: not the types in the fancy weight loss clinics who put you on fad diets to show you quick results, but the


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