Week’s news in brief: Sep 19-Sep 25

This week's scan of Bangalore's Kannada dailies includes a number of reports from Bangalore University passing students who returned blank answer sheets in exams to a Parliamentary committee expressing dissatisfaction over Bangalore International Airport.

Business & Economy

11 floor apartment to come up in just two months

Well known property developers Golden Gates Properties is planning to construct an 11-floor apartment in just two months. An architectural firm called Hock has prepared the design for the building, to come up near Yeshawanthapur. An earthquake-resistant aluminum system used by the developers can enable the fast construction. (Kannada Prabha, Thursday, Sept 25)

Floating hotel on Halasuru lake

The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) is planning to set up a floating hotel on Halasur lake (better known as Ulsoor lake) to attract tourists. Similar hotels have been built on the Kabini reservoir earlier. KSDTC also wants to set up two artificial islands on the lake. Managing Director Vinay Lootra said that KSTDC had earmarked Rs.200 crores for developing new tourism places. (Vijaya Karnataka, Thursday, Sept 25)

No new industries in Bangalore

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa made it clear that no industries would be allowed to be set up in Bangalore henceforth. Speaking after inaugurating a seminar on the need for Small Scale Industries, he said that the concentration of industries in Bangalore led to unbalanced development of the state. Also, the present infrastructure was inadequate to cope with the increasing burden of industrialisation, he added. (Kannada Prabha, Sunday, Sept 21)


Ray of hope for migrating children

Children from families who move from place to place in search of work do not have access to education since they change places regularly. To help such children the education department is planning a new scheme called Asha Kirana (Ray of hope). It is convening special meetings on October 2 and 3 to woo migrating families to enrol their children into 567 special boarding schools called Asha Kirana schools set up in different parts of the state. (Kannada Prabha, Friday, Sept 19)

Bhagavad Gita in school curriculum contemplated

Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri has said that the education department is contemplating on introducing Bhagavad Gita into school curriculum. Participating in a seminar called Bhagavad Gita and Mental Health, held at NIMHANS, the minister stated that its teachings were relevant to all communities and should reach everyone. (Vijaya Karnataka, Sunday, Sept 21)

BU passes students submitting blank answer sheets

Bangalore University is in the news for wrong reasons again. Students who scored marks in the range of 5-30 in Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi and Telugu have been ‘passed’ and promoted to the higher class. Worse, blank answer sheets also got the minimum passing marks of 35. This was brought to the notice of the Syndicate during a meeting. MLC Narayana Swamy who is also the member of syndicate said that this was brought to his attention by some students. (Prajavani, Tuesday, Sept 23)


Quarters for the poor

Maverick Holdings and Investments, owner of Garuda mall near residency road, has been given the contract of constructing quarters for poor families in Ejipura in Koramangala. However neither the government nor BBMP has details about the project, each expecting the other to be responsible for it. Maverick Investments is likely to build 1,640 houses in 14 acres of land. After their old quarters were demolished for poor quality of construction, the families in Ejipura are now living in sheds. (Kannada Prabha, Friday, Sept 19)

Rs.15 lakhs fine against footpath encroachment

The BBMP has fined three companies Rs.15 lakhs for encroaching footpaths in Indiranagar. A Maruthi showroom, KFC and Experience Electronics have been asked to cough up this huge fine. These companies have converted footpaths into parking area for customers. (Prajavani, Friday, Sept 19)

Quarters for poor to make contractor rich

The government’s decision to handover the contract of building quarters for poor families in Ejjipura to Maverick Holdings and Investments has raised a new controversy now. The promoters of Maverick who allegedly have connections with the BJP, were given the contract even though another company also qualified in the open bid. Maverick is investing Rs.200 crores for the construction, whereas the land value is more than that. Maverick Holdings will own 3.5 acres of land once the building is over and will also enjoy commercial rights for the 3.5 acres for the next 30 years. (Kannada Prabha, Saturday, Sept 20)

Minister takes an official stroll in park

The Mountain came to Mohammed, and in Rajajinagar, the minister went to the people! Urban Development Minister Suresh Kumar visited the Gayitridevi garden in Rajajinagar along with officials to listen to their woes. He spoke to joggers and instructed officials to rectify several problems that people came up with. (Kannada Prabha, Monday, Sept 22)

Rs.7 crores spent on renovation of ministers’ houses

Do you know of the ‘great’ achievements of the erstwhile JDS-BJP government? It spent Rs.7 crores on renovating bungalows of various ministers, purchased furniture worth Rs.4 crores and spent Rs.2 crores on painting. Rs.60 lakhs was spent just on renovating the residence of former minister H D Revanna, the ‘super CM’, and Rs.34 lakhs went on painting his house! These details were revealed when Bheemappa Gundappa Gadad availed of the same through an RTI application. (Vijaya Karnataka, Monday, Sept 22)

BBMP to touch base with citizens

The BBMP wants to set up contact points for every 2000 population in every ward, in order to provide immediate relief to people’s grievances. So far nine such points have been inaugurated by Chief Minister Yeddyurappa. Altogether 200 points with all services where depts like revenue, health etc., will receive complaints under a single roof, are scheduled to be set up in phase 1. (Udayavani, Sunday, Sept 21)

No takers for Home Ministry

The Home Ministry was once a prestigious and coveted ministry. But now, with increasing attacks on places of worship and terrorism threats, there are no takers for this ministry in the present Yeddyurappa cabinet. In a brief cabinet meeting held in the backdrop of increasing attacks on churches, all ministers took Home Minister VS Acharya to task. But when the CM handed an open invitation for anyone to come forward and take over the portfolio, nobody volunteered. (Vijaya Karnataka, Tuesday, Sept 23)

Government continues agricultural land acquisition

There is hardly any agricultural land left around Bangalore. And now the government is eyeing the remaining fertile land in adjoining districts also. The Karnataka State Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) has started de-notifying land for various ‘developmental’ projects in Devanahalli, Bidadi and Dabaspet regions. Farmers are up in arms against this move by the government. (Udayavani, Thursday, Sept 25)

Women benefit more from employment scheme

Women outnumber men again, this time in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme of the central government. At 53.4 per cent, the scheme has more women beneficiaries than men. Uttara Kannada district topped the list at 75 per cent. (Vijaya Karnataka, Thursday, Sept 25)


Parliamentary committee expresses dissatisfaction over BIA

A parliamentary standing committee headed by CPI (M) expressed its dissatisfaction over the infrastructure facilities at the BIA. Speaking to reporters after a meeting to discuss status of BIA, Yerchuri felt that new airports should provide facilities not only to commuters inside, but also to those who were outside the airport. The committee submitted a proposal to reopen the HAL airport where small planes with capacity of less than 80 passengers could be allowed to operate. (Kannada Prabha, Sunday, Sept 21)


Unwanted children find a new friend in Sathi

Children who run away from their homes for various reasons may end up as beggars or develop bad habits. An association called Sathi has now come to their rescue (literally). Sathi is trying to give a new lease of life to these unwanted children. Its members identify and pick up children from bus stands and railway stations and rehabilitate them. Started in 1992, Sathi also has workers in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The sssociation can be contacted on 23131305, 9880214706. (Prajavani, Saturday, Sept 20)

Drivers beware – ladies aboard your bus!

Do not use singular form while addressing a woman – you may have to appear before the court for the lapse. KSRTC driver Raghupathy faces this allegation as a lady passenger complained to the police that Raghupathy used the singular form and insulted her in front of spectators. Incidentally she turned out to be the wife of a COD (Corps of Detectives) inspector. Police have registered an FIR (First Information Report) against the driver. (Prajavani, Tuesday, Sept 23)


Chinnaswamy stadium has no licence!

In a startling revelation, Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari said that the popular Chinnaswamy stadium on MG road did not have a license at all. He insisted on KSCA getting a license before hosting the India-Australia Test match to begin on 9th October at the venue. This is something new for KSCA, which has never been challenged thus by any official before. The authorities acknowledged the lapse, though. (Kannada Prabha, Thursday, Sept 25)

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