Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award

Calling for nominations for The Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award 2009, for young women journalists.

Calling for nominations for the third The Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award 2009 for young women journalists.

For: Women Journalists 25 years and below.

Topic: Human rights and social justice

Deadline: 15 October 2008

Language: Any Indian Language

The press meet was held at Press club, Bangalore and addressed by Ms. Ammu Joseph, senior journalist and founder of the Network of Women in Media, India; Ms. Nirmala Jayaraman, Anupama’ mother and Ms. Anita Cheria a human rights writer.

Award Details

The Jayaraman family and the Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI) jointly announce the Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award for young women journalists for the year 2009.

The Award had been set up in the memory of Anupama Jayaraman, a young and promising Bangalore-based journalist who passed away in January 2006. Anupama was not only multi-talented and energetic, but she also demonstrated a keen interest in issues of human rights and social justice.

The Award is one of several efforts undertaken by her family to keep her concerns and ideas alive. It is meant to encourage and honour young women journalists who, like her, believe in meaningful journalism and have the courage and determination to write on issues relating to human rights and social justice. The Award will include a citation and a cheque for Rs. 15,000.

The 2009 Award will be for a woman print journalist in India. This year the Award has been extended from only English to all Indian languages.

The 3rd Anupama Jayaraman Award will be presented at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Network of Women in Media, India. The ceremony will be part of the three-day meeting hosted by the Network of Women in Media, Manipur, in February 2009. A jury of eminent citizens, including senior journalists, will judge the entries and select the next recipient of the Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award.


  • To encourage, support and honour young women journalists writing on human rights, social justice and people-centred development.
  • To nurture and sustain idealism, enthusiasm and constructive professionalism among young journalists.
  • To promote and strengthen journalism that cares.


The broad themes to be addressed in the entries are human rights and social justice, especially in the areas of basic needs (including access to natural resources), gender equality, and the environment and water. For the 2009 Award the theme is: human rights.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The 2009 Award is open to Indian women journalists aged 25 or less, working in or contributing to the print media in India.
  • All woman journalists in this age group, including independent (freelance) journalists, are eligible.
  • The Award is for a body of work represented by three articles relating to human rights, published over a two-year period (the 2009 Award will be for articles published between 1st September 2006 and 30th September 2008)

Guidelines for Nominations

  1. For the 2009 Anupama Jayaraman Award all nominations must be received by 15 October 2008.
  2. Please write "Anupama Jayaraman Memorial Award 2009" on the envelope.
  3. Nominations, sent to the address below, must include:
    • A short write-up on the nominee and her contact details (including postal address, phone number and e-mail ID)
    • Three bylined articles relating to this year’s specified topic (the original and 1 xerox copy of each of the three submissions must be submitted)
    • All nominations must be typed
    • All submitted articles must be printed/published.
    • For all articles published in languages other than English, an English translation signed by the author must be attached along with the original.
    • Besides editors and other media professionals, members of the reading public are also welcome to send in nominations.
  4. When couriering/speed-posting or posting the nominations, kindly send an email, or call on one of the contact numbers and provide the following details:
    • Date of dispatch
    • Consignment number
    • Name of courier/postal service used

Other Details

  • A jury of five eminent citizens, mainly journalists, will select the Award winner; their decision will be final.
  • The Awardee and the person who nominated her will be personally informed about the jury’s decision by 1 January 2009.
  • The winner of the award will also be released to various media, NWMI e-groups and the NWMI website.

Address for couriering/posting nominations

125/ 1, 15th cross, 5th main, 2nd Block,
R.T. Nagar, Bangalore -560032
Phone: 080-23534797

Nirmala Jayaraman: 9242150045 Anita Cheria: 9448484797

E-Mail: award.aj [at] gmail [dot] com

For more details on the award and previous winners, please visit the website of the Network of Women and Media (NWMI), India.

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