Craving for ice cream in Koramangala?

Swensens, a popular American ice-cream chain is now a well-known hangout place for ice-cream lovers near the 80 feet road in Koramangala. With 40 different Sundae varieties and 24 different flavors, Swensen’s has the perfect ambience to relish a scoop of ice-cream. The three popular flavors, which have been attracting a lot of customers, are the nutty crispy tower, Ceit tower at Rs 139 each and the hot fudge bonaza split at Rs 119. Price range is Rs 60 per scoop to Rs 399 for a special Sundae.

Address: 621, Ground Floor, Opposite Barista, Near Sony Center Signal, 80 Feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Ph: 41313674

Pic: Abhishek Angad

Worried about bulging waistline? Counting calories on everything you eat? Then all health-freaks, head to Mamamia, located at 3rd Block, Koramangala. Savour ice-creams made with skimmed milk, which claims to be 96 percent to be fat-free and the specialty low fat gelatos and sorbets prepared without milk and cream. Sicily Lemon to Blue Berry and Raspberry flavours are priced as low as Rs 39 to 59 per scoop. Do also check out, the Fererro Rocher priced at Rs 139, and the Tropical fruit Burst at Rs 119. The raw material, however, for these ice-creams are directly imported from Italy. Mamamia also supply ice-creams to the Italian restaurants in Bangalore.

11, Jakkasandra Road, 7th Cross, Near Raheja Residency, Koramangala. Ph: 9379416398

A small ice-cream parlour, opposite Raheja Arcade in Koramangala, satisfies your cravings for naturally flavored ice-creams. Thanco fresh Fruitz Ice-cream, serves ice-creams prepared with fresh milk and natural fruits. The fresh fruit ice-cream flavours available are the tender coconut, custard apple, apricot and anjeer, among many others. Apart from the fresh fruits, even the dry fruit ice-creams and the Belgium dark chocolate are a hit among the customers. The price is about Rs 35 per scoop.

Address: No. 113, Prestige Pinnacle, 7th block Koramangala, opp Raheja Arcade. Ph: 9844015497

Pic: Abhishek Angad

Ideally located in the peaceful HSR layout, near the NIFT campus is Custard Beach Ice Creamery, a newly opened ice-cream parlor. With an open-air sitting arrangement for its customers, the parlor specializes in Sundae’s. The varieties include Monster, Banana Nut Cake, Devil’s food Cake, Walnut Brownie and a their specialty, the French Apple Cake Sundae. They are priced anywhere between Rs 35 per scoop to a maximum of Rs 125.

Address: Custard Beach Ice creamery, next to MK Ahmed Super market, Opp. KEB office, HSR Layout. Ph: 9900038915

Re-live your childhood memories with one scoop of vanilla ice-cream at just Rs 5 at the Sri Hanuman Mix Ice-Cream. A ‘desi-Sundae’ mobile hawker, near HSR BDA complex is surely one of the places to relish a quick scoop. The menu is not fancy, but the desi-Sundae or Faluda is a must-try. One glass of Faluda is an amazing blend of badam milk, faluda (Vermicelli), cherries, rose syrup, Gulkand, and all this, just for Rs 25.

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