Theme performances this month in JP Nagar

60 musicians will enthrall music lovers for six days. Here's a look at who's performing.

A week long musical treat is in store at Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy, 3rd cross, 3rd phase, JP Nagar, from January 23rd.

The event, ‘Aradhana Sapthaha’ will witness about 60 musicians delivering vocals, whistling and instrumental music, over 6 days, under the guidance and expertise of Vidwans and Vidushis in Carnatic classical music. The stage will be on a high octane drive with all the musicians delivering Purandaradasa, Thyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Shyamashastry, Jayachamaraja and Kanakadasa’s krithis. The concerts are organised by the BTM cultural academy.

The vocalists and instrumentalists are disciples of very well known names in carnatic classical music.

Some very popular krithis and songs to look forward to will be the Pancharatna krithis – Jagadanadakaraka, Duduku gala and Endaro Mahanubhavulu, by Thyagaraja, Eka dantam bhajeham, gajadhisadanyam najaneham by muthuswamy dikshitar, Gaja Vadana Beduve Gowri Thanaya by Purandaradasa, Kamakshi anudinamu maruvakane by Shyama Shastry etc.

20th Aradhana Sapthaha programme

Mon 23 Jan 5.30 pm Inauguration by Dr R Ganesh

Tue 24 Jan 5 pm Disciples of Pushpa Kashinath: Kamala Ravi and Padma (Veena), Kashinath (Mrudanga)

Wed 25 Jan 5 pm Disciples of Mathura: Chinmayee P, Sanjana, Rakhesh Datha, Prithvik Bharadwaj, Venkatesh H M – Flute, B N Suhas (Mrudanga), Ganesh V (Ghata), Avinash (Morsing), Pranav P (Dhalak)

Thu 26 Jan 5 pm Suhai Kumar, M A Rohit, Sushrutha, Lakshmeesha – Violin, Karthik K (Mrudanga)

Fri Jan 27 5 pm Madhava Bhat: Saikeerthi, S Prashanth, M Nagaraj – Whistling

Sat, 28 Jan 5 pm Ashwin Bhagavan, Rahul Krishna, Shashank C, Aditya, Prajwal, Shashank, Padmaksh – Mrudanga

Mon Jan 23 5.30 pm Sri Purandaradasa Krithis: Shankari Moorthy Balila, Mysore Dayakara, C Cheluvaraju, S N Narayanamurthy, Bhagyalakshmi Krishna

Tue Jan 24 5.30 pm Sri Thyagaraja Krithis: K Lahari, B K Raghu, Jayachandra Rao, B N Chandramouli, Phanindra Bhaskara

Wed Jan 25 5.30 pm Sri Muthuswamy Dikshithar Krithis: Amritha Murali, Dv R Hemalatha, B K Chandramouli, Sukanya Ramgopal, Bharadwaj Sahavalli

Thu Jan 26 5.30 pm Sri Shyamasastry Krithis: Dr Baby Sriram, Charulatha Ramanujam, Ananthakrishna Sharma, G Guruprasanna, Pramathkiran

Fri Jan 27 5.30 pm Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Krithis: Vani Satish, Mysore Srikanth, B C Manjunath, A S N Swamy, M A Krishna Murthy

Sat Jan 28 5.30 pm Sri Kanakadasaru Krithis: Chandan Bala, Nalina Mohan, S Ashok, G Omkar, Prasanna Kumar

Sun Jan 29 9.30 am Aradhana

Ph: 65616693/65611336,

Shree Ramana Maharshi Academy, 3rd cross, 3rd phase, JP Nagar.

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