Hot Chips, Bellandur Gate

The weather, friendly people and great coffee at any random darshini – these are the reasons I proffer to folks when they ask for the secret that Bangalore became, and continues to stay, home for us. To that list, add the fast spreading delights from the small little Nondescript “Hot-chips” Shop (the NHS) in practically every neighbourhood. It goes amazingly well with Bisibele bath, sandwiches, burgers, regular dal-rice or just a cricket match on the telly. Packets disappear in a jiffy, and you really cannot stop at one. Cholesterol, fat and other such demons are momentarily swept under handily available rugs and carpets to be dealt with at some salad-dominated point in the future.

File pic: Yogaraj Mudalgi.

Till not too long ago, we in the “greater Bellandur” area had no quick access to any such – and the stuff sold in supermarket shelves etc just does not cut it. A couple of years ago one sprung in HSR Layout – almost opposite the ICICI ATM there. But it was still a planned purchase and the sudden discovery of the depletion of inventory – in these closed kitchens its really tough to track how much of the good stuff has been ransacked by various unknown members of the household – is not something that could have been solved with a short run-across-the-road.

But sooner or later, the potato fever had to infect our area as well. and voila – a little past the HDFC ATM, in the tiny lane going inside opposite Springfields on Sarjapura Road, is our very own NHS – Sairam Hot Chips! Complete with the glass-fronted display with the dozen compartments enticing you – the “taster bowl” where a few samples of the days “plain salted” or “aloo palak fry (or thats what I made of whatever the guy said)” are dropped in to seduce you into a happy state where you unwittingly commit yourself into a 100 grams of this and a 200 of that.

A trip to the NHS is very much recommended. Purely for joy, and don’t tell your doctor or trainer about it. Prices, for most varieties, are in the region of 180-200/- a kg. There’s also fresh chikki, Rose Cookies, salted peanuts, grams, mixtures … I could go on but I might get hungry.

It begs the question: why pay Rs 20/- for a few grams of Lays and the like when you can have, for the same amount, 100 grams of freshly fried, yummy, crisp potato chips right here – at your neighbourhood Nondescript Hotchips Shop ? Jaago Grahak Jaago!

P.S. As this article awaited publishing – another option opposite Springfields has sprung up – in the cluster of shops before Golden Corner as you come from the ORR. Chips lovers have choice, and much to rejoice!

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