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Bangalore’s airport controversy continues to hover around the courts. Last-minute attempts being made by city organisations with the support of infotech firms to get a stay on HAL’s closure. In the meantime, the central government postponed the opening of the airport by a day from 23 May, causing some confusion.

9 June: Access remains a worry

Reports are coming in BMTC’s shuttle services not running on time. On Saturday 7 June, at the airport, a 5.20 Volvo to Koramangala (route BIA 7) did not leave until one of the passengers went upto to driver and conductor and persuaded the duo to drive out. There were about 10 passengers already seated, awaiting departure. The bus left at 5.35 pm. The driver was dilly-dallying for more passengers, evidently.

In the meantime, the new Toyota-Innova based shared taxi service, Airlift, (+91-98450 47788) was running booked two days in advance at the end of last month. Several calls to them on May 30 for rides to the airport were not picked up. To one call on May 30 night around 7pm, a staffer came online to say that they had been booked upto to end of May 31 night by May 29 itself. Airlift is currently asking people to book at least 5 hours in advance on their website.

23 May: Airport opens?

May 24, going by the most recent central government announcement.

23 May: How do I get to the new airport?

In the current transport and traffic scenario, getting to and back from the new Bangalore International Airport at Devanahalli is not likely to be breeze for most citizens. BIAL has published a range of options.

A range of options have been published by BIAL. Here’s a quick list.

»Guide to reach BIA
Information on the 24-hour BMTC shuttle services, taxis, parking and more.
»Map of transport options.
Pickup/drop-off points around the city.
»Map of landmarks to airport
»Parking map in airport


Citizen Matters has been covering the issue. We will keep this page updated with the latest.

»Competition heats up in airport rides
»Not by BIAL alone
»We can handle all the traffic: BIAL’s Brunner
»Planning for debate
»Bailing out of BIAL
»Green today, gone tomorrow


  1. Sameer Shisodia says:

    Took the BIAS service to the airport recently. The staff was very enthusiastic and seemed to be proud of what they were involved in. The buses got from Koramangala to BIAL in just over an hour early in the morning.
    On the return trip – was on my way home in a BIAS within 15 mins of touchdown! Real cool – though the bus was packed! My initial fears about the new airport have given way to optimism now.
    [ BTW, you can find BIAS schedules on or just sms “kgla to BIAL bus early morning” etc to 57575665 ]

  2. Saroja Chakravarty says:

    My friend and I arrived at our BIAL at midnight of Wed -thurs 7th-8th Sep. after touring yogyakarta,Bali,KL and Siem ReapCambodia..In all the above places we used Wheel chairs as we are above 75 years.But sadly ONLY in BIALthe wheelchair pushers demanded money. One person who snatched away the trolley from my driver demanded Rs 70 seperately Though much peerer than us Indians Cambodians didnot .This inspite of our talking in Kannada and Hindi.

  3. Admin says:

    Your comment was forwarded to BIAL and they have taken note of it.

    Please send your letter directly to
    Or post your complaint at:

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