Helplines and support for women

Helplines for women in distress, NGO details, where to complain about dowry harrassment and more.

What are the helplines for women in distress?

Vanitha Sahayavani initiated by the Bangalore police force helps women in distress, provides them counselling, helps them with short stay home facilities and rehabilitation. The helpline, in particular, comes to the rescue of women with marital problems or property disputes. Call 1091.

Ashraya Women’s Centre, Indiranagar is for women who have been physically and mentally abused and to those who have been abandoned. The organisation provides shelter, counselling, legal-aid and vocational training. Ph: 25251929. eval(decodeURIComponent(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%5c%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%61%73%68%63%68%69%6c%64%40%61%69%72%74%65%6c%6d%61%69%6c%2e%69%6e%5c%22%3e%43%6c%69%63%6b%20%66%6f%72%20%65%6d%61%69%6c%20%69%64%3c%5c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’)).

Which are the NGOs working for women in Bangalore?

Stree Jagruthi Samithi focuses on the rights of domestic workers. They work for labour rights, fair treatment and essential benefits of domestic workers. They are located at 1863, South End C Cross, 9th Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 22734956 eval(decodeURIComponent(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%5c%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%6d%61%68%69%6c%61%5f%32%31%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%2e%69%6e%5c%22%3e%43%6c%69%63%6b%20%66%6f%72%20%65%6d%61%69%6c%20%69%64%3c%5c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’)).

SICHREM (South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring) in Lingarajapuram fights for human rights for the disempowered including women. Ph: 25473922/25492856.

Campaign and Struggle against Acid Attacks in Women, BTM Layout can be reached at 9448046252 or 9448444254.

How do I complain against dowry harassment?

Demanding and giving dowry, itself, is regarded as a punishable offence under the Dowry Prohibition Act (1961). If harassment for dowry occurs after the marriage, the woman can file a case under IPC Section 498A and can result in an imprisonment of up to three years.

Vimochana, based in Marutiseva Nagar, is a forum for women’s rights, issues like marital violence and dowry harassment. Ph: 2549 2781/2549 2783. eval(decodeURIComponent(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%5c%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%76%69%6d%6f%63%68%61%6e%61%37%39%40%67%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%5c%22%3e%43%6c%69%63%6b%20%66%6f%72%20%65%6d%61%69%6c%20%69%64%3c%5c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’)).

Mahila Dahkshata Samiti, AECS Layout also helps dowry victims to start over. They provide short stay homes and provides vocational training. Ph: 23512543.

Can I complain against domestic violence?

Section 498A that includes dowry harassment law is applied to domestic violence as well. Here, the man can be booked if he indulges in physical violence, denies the woman food, behave in a perverse manner, locks the woman out of the house regularly or confines the woman to the four walls of the house, denies that the children are his own, etc. If the man is proven guilty, he can face imprisonment of up to three years. The FIR need not be filed by the victim alone but also by a close relative of the victim. Human Rights Law Network, Bangalore provides legal help. Ph: 65624757. eval(decodeURIComponent(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%5c%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%62%61%6e%67%61%6c%6f%72%65%40%68%72%6c%6e%2e%6f%72%67%5c%22%3e%43%6c%69%63%6b%20%66%6f%72%20%65%6d%61%69%6c%20%69%64%3c%5c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))

Do women have special rights when under arrest?

According to the law, women can refuse arrest between 6 pm to 6 am even if the police have a warrant. When the arrest takes place, it has to be done in the presence of a female officer and the woman must be lodged in a separate lock-up where no male suspects are kept.

Are there any laws against eve-teasing?

If you are a victim of eve-teasing, you can evoke Section 298(A) and (B) of the Indian Penal Code. This law states that a man guilty of making obscene gestures, remarks, songs or recitation towards a woman can be jailed for up to 3 months. Other laws include, Section 192 of the IPC where showing a woman pornographic or obscene pictures, books or slips can lead to a fine of Rs 2000 along with two years in jail for first time offenders or five years in jail if the offence is a repeated one. And under Section 509, any obscene gestures or comments or indecent language aimed at a woman can result in a year of rigourous imprisonment or a fine or both. Blank Noise is a project to fight this evil.

What do I do if I am being sexually harassed at the workplace?

In 1999, the Supreme Court ruled that "unwelcome sexual advances, the request for sexual favours and other verbal and physical conduct with sexual overtones" come under the gamut of sexual harassment and is punishable. Make a formal complaint to the authorities (both the police and higher authorities at the workplace) and you will be provided with the option of obtaining a transfer for yourself or for the accused. Supreme Court guidelines impose an obligation on the employer to set up a Complaints Committee, which should be headed by a woman, have half its members as women, include a thirdparty representative from an NGO.

Which are the support groups and networking forums for career women?

AWAKE or Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka started off in 1983 and has been dedicated to Entrepreneurship development since then. It is wholly run by women entrepreneurs who help nurture the talents, ideas and ventures of other women with counselling, training and by imparting their experience and knowledge. Ph: 23389964 / 23111059 / 23385874.

TiE Women was launched in 2005 to help women better their businesses or improve their contributions to the company that they worked for. It has been pushing women bring about and manage change and create a congenial environment that facilitates their growth as leaders and entrepreneurs. Ph: 4147 4567/69 eval(decodeURIComponent(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%5c%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%69%6e%66%6f%40%74%69%65%62%61%6e%67%61%6c%6f%72%65%2e%6f%72%67%5c%22%3e%43%6c%69%63%6b%20%66%6f%72%20%65%6d%61%69%6c%20%69%64%3c%5c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))


  1. Prakash says:

    Dear Navya,

    What about Helpline for Men sufferring in the hands of their wife. When are you going to stop these biased and baseless articles becuase of lakhs of Innocent husbands and family members are sufferring because of these biased and baseless laws like 498a and d.v.

    People like you suggest encourage use of 498a against husband and his entire family that case who would help mother and sister of husband who are also women and innocent. becuase of one crucid woman and biased laws.. atleast 2 to 3 women are arrested. who is responsible for this. pls stop this.

  2. ART says:

    i was in a govt hospital the other day. a woman from not well-off background was admitted for burns. yes, from the stove bursting while she was cooking.
    and there was no sign of husband or her in-laws.
    the police was called and the constable lady took the statement from the woman. or she tried to. the woman was in too much pain and slipping in and out of consciousness to talk much.
    all the constable lady could do was get the woman’s signature on a blank piece of paper.
    the neighbours who admitted her swear that it was dowry harrassment. the husband and in-laws were always torturing her to bring more money. and when her parents refused, they burned her.
    the woman died a few hours later.
    her parents cried and then consoled themselves that it is all the woman’s fate.
    her neighbours felt sad and consoled the woman’s family.
    her husband and in-laws were not there at all.
    the constable lady was happy she had the signature on a blank paper.
    so you think a complaint against the dowry act or domestic violence act was registered?
    you see it is the woman’s fate that she die like this.
    that is the reality sir.
    when you talk about scrapping dowry act and that women misusing them – i want you to think of that died woman.
    and then again think – what if the woman survived and she wanted justice.
    that is why we have dowry act.
    there are genuine cases. much of the genuine cases never get filed. and some of them that get filed do not see the end because of various other pressures.

  3. Shamita says:

    Whom should we contact if a woman is harassed under the name of custom and religion?? Will that come under mental harassement?? Please respond to this…

  4. H R RADHIKA says:

    I am working for a nationalised Bank. Two days back I had a rift with a customer who used abusive and vulgar language, by which I was terribly shocked. When one of my colleagues asked him not to speak in that way with ladies, he replied that if they are ladies they should stay back at home looking after their family and those who come out for work have no dignity at all.

    I want that man to be punished. I cannot get the support from the Bank since according to Bank policy, customer is always right. Can U help me? I am very much disturbed

  5. bhawna says:

    hi navya i am a collage student . one of my boy classmate is disturbing me last four month .i dont want to talk him but he always force me . my family members has warned him a lot of time but i am in banglore and my family is in kota (raj.) so they cant come here again and again. even though he doesn’t understand what should i do i dont want to take any legal action because i dont want to be in trouble like police can u help me in a way that it should not affect my study . and i also want to be a part of any woman help line can u ?

  6. Rama Diwakar Pawar says:

    My mother died on 22.08.2011, since from time my sister and three brothers are giving lots of trouble by not giving my mother’s property share and my site documents to me.
    Please help me.

  7. kashyap avadhani says:

    Please visit website and support my cause in seeking justice for Margaret –

    your support and feedback will be highly appreciated!

    Best Regards,

  8. H.G shobha says:

    respected sir/madam
    i and my husband living in very poor condition. my age is 42 years my husbands is 49 years both we are educated. but there is some problems with getting job of more slary. we are in poor condition so our relations do not allow with ours. we expected by kind help to do job in respected areas and remaining time with happily we both insearch of helping hand but i had very frightening of in this type of politics and other environment .

  9. Deeksha says:

    Can any one guide me where and whom to complaint about the sex racket going on in a beauty parlor ? This is the third time i saw few men inside the so called Spa named ‘Reflections’ situated at Marthahalli above Domino’s ! Am just horrified to go there again !
    As they have a branch in Frazer Town too but i do not have ant clue about that place weather they too running a brothel there also.
    Please let me know if anyone bEen to that place and found some thing fishy…..!
    Do spread this message across to warn people !
    Thank You !
    By a
    Concerned Citizen!

  10. khushi says:

    my friends daughter is with her husband,she has a troubled marriage and left her he is not letting her daughter to meet her and she wants to get back her daughter,which organisation should she contact?please suggest and help

  11. Chandrakala says:

    i am an BE student i am harshed by some guy since from my 1st PUC.he follows me every day.on 7/1/2013 at 1AM he has poured some black paint on our walls,threw our shoes n slipers on roads,destroyed our plant.te same thing was repeted on 18/1/2013.on 31/1/2013 at 9 pm he broke our glass window by throwing stones.
    we complained regarding this to police station.there was no action.again on this issue we complained after tat a constable visited my home on 8/2/2013 n he says these days girls play in mens life,u might have done some thing to him n tat is y he is harshing u.
    Now entire senario depict as though i have done some thing wrong to him.
    plz i need support.which organisation should i contact>plz suggest n help..

  12. Aparajita says:

    Does anything gets covered at the name of Indian culture and religion as mental Harassment? Also is the laws valid for mother -in law as well?

  13. taranum ahmed says:

    one guy is torturing and harassing me alot he has even created some fake marriage certificates of ours but he is married before and has a kid also i don wanna be wid him…. i just want any women’s association to help and support me up…… plz suggest n help me

  14. prema says:

    my friend has been married for 6 months to a guy and they both live together in bangalore. only recently my friend had opened to me the truth about her husband.Her husband had been beating her up ever since the marriage.once he slapped her , pushed her to the wall and threw her on the floor that she was bleeding. later on he took her to the hospital where he lied to the doctor that some thieves tried to mob her and beat her up.the reason for their arguments and fight were regarding drinking habit of the husband i guess. the sad part is my friend is all alone in bangalore with her brutal husband and she had not revealed about him to any of her family and friends.he also checks her phone bill every month so she couldnt talk to her friends and family for long as he might suspect her.luckily she is working and tried to contact me during work but she made me to swear that i wouldnt tell anyone but i couldnt stop thinking about it. i’m really scared and i want to know.. please … how does your organisation works. is there any emergency number that would be helpful to her.

  15. Nethra says:

    I am working in Software Company and my husband is an Auto driver.
    Ours is a love cum arrange marriage.
    Before marriage he used to ask me money telling that he will return that money and he used to give some reasons. Somehow he used to force me to give money. I used to give him money thinking that he will give back.
    Now after marriage he cultivated the same attitude and every month he started forcing me to give money.
    We had big- big fights and even my parents and his parents know these things.
    I am staying in my mother’s house due to maternity; I have one year 3months old girl baby kid. He is not staying with us, but he comes to our house to see kid.
    But again he started to give the same torcher, twice in a month he comes and asks for my salary or money.
    Few times he says he will do something wrong to my parents and sisters.
    I am afraid to reach police, because by complain to police he may create a problem to me, my parents and daughter.
    And more over his brother is into Kannada Rakshna Vedhaka Sanaga. And he has his own group. I am afraid they may create a problem to me and my family.
    So I am worried by all these things.
    How to solve this problem?
    Can anyone help from this situation?
    Please help me.


  16. jagadeesh says:

    You need to go for counselling. Don’t get bothered for threatening. you need to decide more on relationship make-up or break-up. Rest of the things will fall in its place.

  17. ANANDARAO CR says:

    a man torments his wife and 2 kids after drinks and threatns suicide – where does the woman go to? can any body help?

  18. Navi says:

    My sister has died last month 1-Aug-13, Just 8 month before her married happened as a second wife for his husband, 1st wife was died 3 yrs back itself due to health problem they said but we are not sure about this.. 1st wife had 5 years male kid. Everything was going smooth and my sister too pregnant & she was carrying 4 month baby.. We got a call from her husband brother saying that your sister health is not good start immediately with whole family, When we visited they said your sister committed suicide, House had two doors but highlighted by police was only 1 door & after breaking door we went inside we saw the body of posture…! we surprised and it was not looking like suicide, Legs were on bed, Both the Hands were closed & Eyes too closed. After seeing we felt it is not suicide & complained to the police saying that we have doubt about this death need to be investigated & body went for post mortum (PM) after all 32 days we have not received any PM report by police and they are neglecting it.. We are sure some thing happened behind this & there is no reason for her death.

    I really require legal help. Whom should i contact & whom i can escalate this problem. Disappointingly I am telling you people this society is very worst.

  19. Pratibha VYas says:

    Hi Mam,
    one women(maid) works in my house most of times she does not come for work when i came to know about reason why she is not coming to my home to do cleaning job it was terrifying me “her husband beats her badly everyday she is help less “. i dont know how to help her so i thought to contact you can you help her.
    she wanted to get rid of him.
    Please help her.

  20. Akanksha Kohli says:

    hello mam
    i m akanksha kohli 28 yeas old married n mother of a baby boy
    mam pls mere help karo , mere saadiko 4 saal hone jarahe or in 4saalo me mere husband ne mujhe bahut hi mara-pitai ki mera gala dabaya gaya galliya di jati rahi muje hamesha ye kaha gaya tumhe mar dunga ,tum kama kar nahi lati ,tum kise kam ki nahi ho……in-laws bhi support nahi karte , woh log hamesha husbend ke sath bolte hai…mere in-laws ne mere jewelrry tak le liya….mai aapne baby ke liye ye sab abtak sehte iiye kyoki mai use hurt nahi karna chahte thi………but ab mai kya karu.? mera husband ne mujhe bahut hi jjaida hurt kiya…..ab mai apne mumma ke pass wapas aagayi ho……but yaha bhi koi mujhe or mere baby ko nahi rakna chata hai……jaise lagta hai koi burden aagaya hai…….sabhi log directly nahi but indirect way me kehte hai tumhe wapas jana chaye, tum yaha kya karogi? ye ghar tumhara nahi hai……mumma kahte hai mere marne ke bad tum yaha kya karogi? ye ghar toh mayank ka jo ki mera bhai hai……….uska hoga…….in-laws tumhare se tumhara beta lelenge…………aas-pass ke logo ko mai kya bolugi…..?
    mam mai husband ke wapas nahi jana chati or mai yeha pe bhi nahi reh sakti kuoki ye mere mumma n mere bhai ka ghar hai. dad ki death ho chuki hai. financial support bhi nahi hai kisi ka……….
    mai ab kya ka???? mere pas marne ke alaba koi rasta nahi hai???/

  21. manju saini says:

    mam mere husband kisi or ko pyar krte h is lye mujhse dur rhte h mai narnual mai rhti hu vo delhi mai study kr rhe h khti hu mujhe le jane ko to mar lagate h mere 3 devar h vo rat mai aa kr meri izt se khelte h sas sasur kuch ni khte h sara din kam krvate h khane pr tane marte h plz help me plz help mere sasur ka number h 9355689735 mam mere ps agr yhi rha to mar mar jaogi

  22. dhanya says:

    Respected Madam,
    I am a 41yr old divorcee woman. I had hired an auto in oct/nov 2014 to take an injured street dog to the hospital. Since the auto driver was quite friendly, I took down his phone number for future trips to hospital or even to buy any products for home….after the hospital trip, after few weeks, I had to buy curtain rods and when I called this auto driver, he said that he will come and I went and bought curtain rods. That day, when we got back to my residence, I asked him if he was free any sunday, if he can clean our house portico slab, which keeps getting filled with decayed leaves, water. He answered that he will come some day in the evening and do it. I wasnt comfortable with that answer and then realised his intention. I told him that evenings it isnt possible becoz neighbours keep walking around and they keep complaining that my house is dirty. He kept the curtain rods in our house portico and I paid him his auto charge plus extra for waiting and baggage and sent him off. I realised that I shuld not call him again. But this person started calling me at odd hours, I did not pick the call. And he started giving continuous missed calls when I got out of my house in my scooty to buy groceries. This man has been stalking me and keeping a watch on my where abouts, on who all r coming to my house, and my problems with my neighbours, with the police, etc etc and since then he has been harassing me. Once I picked the call, he used to make odd sounds, and then ask if he can come to clean. I spoke aggressively saying that my relatives have come home and they are helping me with cleaning. I gave complaint at our area police station, but this man started calling me from another number after 3 months of gap/no calls. That day, I mistakingly called back this different number missed call, and he spoke, “U call back any missed calls, laughingly he said, “how r u madam.” I panicd and spoke with fear,”who is it, who is it”. He kept laughing. After that he has been calling from that number. I put in complaint at mahila samaj malleshwaram 11th cross and then after that also, when his calls started coming, I put in a complaint at Malleshwaram Police Station. This man sometimes calls from other numbers also, maybe his friends. I do not know his auto registration number. Yesterday again his missed call came. He seems to keep watching over me. I am miserably scared and even he gets arrested and maybe gets out, would he attack me or any of my dogs or the dogs on the road that I feed. Previously, one of my neighbours who has always been attacking us, threatening us on feeding street dogs, had arranged a BBMP sweeper to stalk me. I suffered with him fro 3yrs, and was scared to give formal complaint for fear of his character. But one day, I fell prey to his stalking and finally confronted him, called the police, But the police were prevented to come to my help by that neighbour. I called my brother, who came and we had a verbal dispute with this sweeper. I threatened him that I will put him in jail. That sweeper kidnapped/murdered a blind dog whom I used to feed near a bakery. So, this is my issue. I am always blackmailed and even if this auto driver may not think of doing that, I still fear since I have gone thro’ this because of my neighbours hatred at me for feeding street dogs. Or he may choose to do it since he keeps seeing me tending to street dogs, injured dogs. He seems obsessed with me. Once when his missed call came, I called back and said, “Anna, why did u call, what does anna want. Please bring your auto, my doddappa is in police dept, we shall go to commissioners offfice and discuss, U kindly tell me why r u calling me so much, annaaaa”. I tried to think hope he changes his intention. But nothing seems to be working. Please help.

  23. kumarsandy says:

    Complaint against Kumara Swamy S, Personnel no: 15186490F, Rank: GNR, Trade: TA, Current Work Place: Hyderabad
    He married me with no evidence and now he’s denying to accept me as his wife & he is ready to make 2nd marriage now
    Sir/madam, I got married on 9/8/15 to a military boy his name is kumara swamy s in a temple with no proof of marriage merely it’s a love marriage, I lived in his parent’s home from 9/8/15 to 5/8/15 wherein he was with me from 9/8/15 to 14/8/15 later he reported to duty saying he will come back seeking army registration marriage permission, when he was here we had intimated for 5 days and unfortunately I got my periods on 21/8/15. Now his parents had sent me out of his house purposely demanding dowry and my husband is saying I don’t know who you are if you keep calling my number I will lodge a blackmail complaint against you & he had lodged a complaint via his parents saying I’m torturing him through phone calls on 21/9/15. So please help me out how to get my husband back in my life. I had lodged a complaint on him & his parents on 11/9/15. I have few call recordings and photos together before marriage and he used to call on my number always before my marriage from 7/5/15 to 9/8/15. Once after my marriage with him I stopped using my number, his last call to my number again was on 11/9/15 around 10:30 pm and scolded me for 1 hour.
    He keeps calling to my number and keeps talking vulgarly and abuses me using foul languages.
    Please help me out how to overcome all these and get my husband back.

    My mail id :

  24. kumarsandy says:

    Complaint against Kumara Swamy S, Personnel no: 15186490F, Rank: GNR, Trade: TA, Current Work Place: Hyderabad
    He married me with no evidence and now he’s denying to accept me as his wife & he is ready to make 2nd marriage now
    Sir/madam, I got married on 9/8/15 to a military boy his name is kumara swamy s in a temple with no proof of marriage merely it’s a love marriage, I lived in his parent’s home from 9/8/15 to 5/8/15 wherein he was with me from 9/8/15 to 14/8/15 later he reported to duty saying he will come back seeking army registration marriage permission, when he was here we had intimated for 5 days and unfortunately I got my periods on 21/8/15. Now his parents had sent me out of his house purposely demanding dowry and my husband is saying I don’t know who you are if you keep calling my number I will lodge a blackmail complaint against you & he had lodged a complaint via his parents saying I’m torturing him through phone calls on 21/9/15. So please help me out how to get my husband back in my life. I had lodged a complaint on him & his parents on 11/9/15. I have few call recordings and photos together before marriage and he used to call on my number always before my marriage from 7/5/15 to 9/8/15. Once after my marriage with him I stopped using my number, his last call to my number again was on 11/9/15 around 10:30 pm and scolded me for 1 hour.
    He keeps calling to my number and keeps talking vulgarly and abuses me using foul languages.
    Please help me out how to overcome all these and get my husband back.

    My mail id :

  25. Samir says:

    I am Samir, I am Single and living in gujarat. During Facebook chatting,I meet a women, she was already married and have a child.She open her heart to me that her husband is not giving money for household, took her PF money and not give anything to her, tourchering, fight with her even in small matters, insulting her continuously.and now it is out of her control to suffer anymore. and not only that, she oftenly complaint to her mother also, but her mother and brother also not support her by saying..”do adjust and aise chhote mote jagde to har ghar me hote hi rahete hai…she was in touch with me sence november 2015 by calls, facebook and whatsapp continuesly she was sharing her pain with me…..then she wrote a letter to me with detail…and asking my support…she said in that letter that”if i will refuce to help her then she may have only one option (i guess that is suiside) then i decided to support her as neither her husband side nor her mother side is there to support her. She came to my house at gujarat left her home and child. i support her, we have strong love between both of us. we fullfill all legal procedure too like police verification, rent agreement we also send letter to the police station to inform the same to the police. Then one day just after few days, her husband,mother,and 1 male and 2 females come to my house where she lives and forcing her to live my house and come with them..but that lady was happy with me, my house and my parents, but then they wrongly informed her that her only son is admitted in the hospital, then for her son she was ready to go with them and with the promise to give her divorce and they will send back soon.During their journey from Gujarat to Banglore, alll have tourchered her and specialy she openly told her mom about our love. then all tourchered too much now in the banglore they not allow her to keep phone, use facebook,whatsapp, and not even go out of home alone….I am worried about her. Madam, Please can you help us so that she want divorce from her husband?..she want to stay with me also want to get married with me after her divorce.Please help that women and me too.

  26. sameena kauser says:

    Hi Mam,

    My name is Sameena. I am writing this email in reference to dispute to property share

    We are 2 children to my parents. My father died in 1996 & Mother recently expired in 2016. I have my parents property of 30X40 in Palace Guttahalli, Bangalore. According to Sharia Law the property should be divided as 2 is to 1, where in my father wanted to give me an equal half share . Unfortunately in the process of making a will he expired and there is no documentation of the same. Now when i speak to my brother about property division he says that my mother has given him the power to hold the property & he has a release order. He will give only 12 feet to me. But when calculated according to sharia Law also i should get 12.66 Feet & he does not want to give me facility of water connection etc. I need an expert advice how to go about it. There is lot of misunderstanding between me, my husband and brother. Please help. You can reach me on my email listed . Please revert at the earliest. You are the last point of contact & hope. I am not aware of any lawyers neither I can afford their Fee.

  27. arun kumar says:

    hi mam, im sangeetha…. it was about 4years v started our marriage life….but always we two get fight each otherr…for small matter also my husband s ready to leave us….v have one 3years old baby…. he always treats me like a slave in all matter.he will use very abusive language,which i cannot hear.he use to beat me also…once i attempted suicide also,bcoz of the words he used while shouting at me…. now also a fight between us and he beat me with a perfume bottle on my head,its paining me.. he always threatening me ,that he will get out from my life,which makes my child future a question mark. and he will torture my parents. usually he fights,he shouts in worst words,beats me and will go out from home and he will go to his mother home,his mother gives full support. now my problem is i cannot go to police. i cannot go to my parents. and im not able to hear his language and bare the pain when he beats. so pleasse tell me is there any option which gives me a support that makes him fear to talk badly at me and beat me and fear to leave us. please help me.

    Read more at:

  28. fathima says:

    My step brother who is a black magician( believe me I’m not telling this without confirmation), and might be a Don and has contacts with the political parties (maybe) , keeps coming to our house every 2 days and checks the house in a weird way and asks my mother who is really old if her health is better or worse and blows and recites some unknown language , after this we are almost ill everyday can’t do any work nor move, we have avoided picking his call and letting him in the house as well, and he has attempted to kill me with a knife he showed it as if it was for fun . What can be done to stop him from troubling us

  29. Shivaganga Arali says:

    Hi Team,

    I am a working professional in Bangalore.Whenever I see woman lying on the side of road, I feel terrible and feel like informing some helping groups or NGOs who can take care of them.Looks like the those woman are abandoned by their families.Can I contact your team if I see such women?

  30. Basavaraj says:

    i want to help one girl ,she is been mentally harassed by her parents,even physically too by there mother,father, sister’s and brother and emotionally also,,, she will come out of her house means how i do need to support her??/ can i call your organization???

  31. Glory says:

    I am married since 8 yrs and have a girl baby studying in UKG. In my marriage life, my mother in law has pledged all my jewels and never returned any of it. All my jewels are gone. I have no source of money to help in tough times. Also my husband is least bothered about me and my kid as he is not providing any basic needs and nor helping me financially. Though his mother is residing at their own house and in no need of income(as she has another unmarried son to take care of her), still he gives all his salary to his mother. Though me or my kid is hospitalized, he doesnot spend for us and doesnot take care of us. Instaed he expects me to work and give my salary to him. He has never paid my kid’s school fee. I have sold my managa sutra chain also for sake of my kid’s education.
    My mother in laws family is least supportive, no respect, no justice. I am feeling very insecure about my kids future and my health is not in condition to go to work. My in law manipulates my husband and doesn’t let him take care of me and my kid. I am going into mental depression and emotionally harassed and unable find a solution.
    Please advice how can I approach or work on getting rid of these problems because my husband is least bothered about us. I am so fed up that I may commit suicide any time also along with my kid.

    • Shakila Banu says:

      Hi am 35 yrs old I have a son he is 5yrs old. My husband is not taking care of us, he is not giving salary to
      Me nor spending on my son. This is happening from 8 yrs. Mentally am depressed… Please help me, I want to get rid from my husband. Please save me and my son

  32. Ashwini says:

    Hi Mam My name is *****. I was in love with a guy namde ******* he promised to marry me but finnaly did not. but he has taken 40, 000 amount from from and used 65, ooo using my credit card and refusing to pay on time. my parents are not aware of this . kindly help me how i get back my money from him.
    Editors’ note: Edited to remove sensitive details.

  33. Puja says:

    Hi Mam. An old lady lives near my pg. She met with an accident and is weak and feeble. Her neighbors are constantly troubling her. They wouldn’t supply water to her house for weeks. Took away her only dog and sold it. Speak rudely to her. Please help her. She is very much troubled.

  34. SDhar says:

    is there any facilities available regarding safety and health support for women who are staying alone without family support?

  35. DARSHANA says:

    HI, I myself Darshana I reside at Kharghar Navi Mumbai, I got a call from Delhi location for the loan providers & they told that they provide the loan on very low interest rates on urgent basis & at that time as i was a single mother i need the finance on very urgent basis, so i tried for the same, i am a working women, but after that they called for the process of all documents which i submitted to them on their mail id provided by them, after that verification all call was taken by them from different departments saying that this is the process & all, first time after receiving the documents they told to pay the processing fee 5000 online which i did, later on they told that i need to pay 37000 which will be saved as a fixed deposit which i paid, like this till every step i paid total 72000 to them at the federel bank on their sayed account, but i told them that i dont want any loan from them i need to cancel the same which was agreed by them & they said that the amount which i paid during loan process will be refundable, bit till date its almost more than 3 months nobody is picking up my call & i have not yet got any amount.

    So, i am in a very big problem, so i need your help how can i get my money back.

    Please, help me out on this.

  36. Vidya says:

    My parents and brother are torturing me a lot from many days, weeks, years.
    My brother is very arrogant, autocratic, wants only his words to be fulfilled. He is very very bossy. The so called, his parents are always supportive for all of his doings. I am alone and left without anyone in this world. Now, he has kept my TV somewhere else and I don’t have a proper place to sit, sleep, keep my clothes, watch TV. I am treated like a beggar, I widow, untouchable, slave in this house. I don’t have privacy.

  37. jeni says:

    hi mam I nid a help ….I’m mentally depressed wid my married life

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