ZipGo? or BMTC? Or both? Or more? You decide and support!

What does Bengaluru need? Public transport? Private? Or a vision plan where all types of transport act complementary to one another? Decide, and support the cause!

We have seen a multitude of opinions about Bengaluru’s transport — from introducing commuter rail, to allowing private players to creating a proper Unified Transport Authority to Bengaluru’s city transport issues. Each argument has its own merit, but it is for the government to act in responsible, planned manner, to provide efficient transport solutions.

Have your say, with a quick survey. And share your views on the matter with the government, by taking action, with the views that you support.

Ask the govt to allow private shuttle aggregators

The Government and BMTC feel that ZipGo will rob BMTC’s business, because it is app-based and will run on the routes where there are more people. This will directly compete with BMTC’s volvo services, which are already running with few passengers, incurring loss with each trip.

However, ZipGo says they are not wrong in asking for permission, because it works just like Uber and Ola, with pre-booking, hence technically not a ‘stage carriage’ service but a ‘contract carriage’ service.

If you want to support ZipGo’s demand that government allow it to operate its on-demand shuttle services,

Sign ZipGo’s petition now


Ask the govt to allow private buses to operate

Muralidhar Rao feels the government should allow private bus operators completely. He says BMTC cannot cope up with the city’s exploding need for transport, and it’s time to end its monopoly status.

Write to the government asking that private bus operators be allowed. You can click on the below text to open your email software with a ready letter.

Allow private buses in Bangalore

If the button doesn’t open your mailbox, check the box below to see the text and ids. Modify the letter as you deem fit.




Subject: Allow private buses to operate within Bengaluru city


Dear Transport Department,

BMTC services are not sufficient for 100% connectivity for all the citizens in Bengaluru, as a result of which there are more and more cars and two-wheelers everyday on the roads, choking the traffic and causing pollution. BMTC is not providing affordable pricing or required frequency of buses in certain routes. They cancel their services without intimation, when there are not many travelers on a given route. Private buses are already operating illegally, in some routes like Sarjapur Road to KR Market. Please allow private buses to operate legally and ensure they follow all required rules and regulations.

Awaiting action,

A Bengalurean

Ask the govt to plan transport services better

With BMTC and Metro getting prioritised by the government, other options like Commuter Rail, BRTS/bus lane or even private services are not getting required attention, says Sathya Sankaran.

He wants the government to create a Unified Transport Authority than can license and plan for the best combination of multiple transport options.

Read the details here and share your views with the government. You can click on the button to open your email software with a ready letter.

Write to Govt of Karnataka

If it doesn’t work, copy the text in the box and copy-paste; modify the letter as you deem fit.




Subject: Create a functional Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority

Dear all,

We have too many authorities to handle public transport in Bengaluru, with each one stepping on the other’s toe, but never complementing one another. There is no planning on how the routes should be shared, how last mile connectivity should be ensured to a commuter, who has to decide where BMTC should operate and where Metro should etc.

Please form a functional Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority for Bengaluru, that will oversee the transport planning for the city, to make life better for all of us.


A Bengalurean

Ask BMTC for better and efficient services

Bengaluru Bus Prayanikara Vedike had released a people’s manifesto for BMTC last year. The manifesto asked for affordable and efficient transport, better last mile connectivity, subsidised ticket prices, better bus information availability etc.

Moreoever, BMTC lags behind in the use of information technology. They need to make use of existing traffic data to plan routes and frequencies efficiently to meet commuters’ needs, and help reduce pollution and traffic on roads. BMTC says they are working on an Intelligent Transport Solution, however it is yet to be rolled out.

You can write to BMTC, by clicking this link.

Write to BMTC

You can also write by copying the text in the box. If the button doesn’t work for you, check the box below for mail ids and content. Feel free to modify the content, and add your name.




Subject: Need better services from BMTC now!


Dear BMTC team,

BMTC bus fares and passes should be affordable to all sections of the population. Coverage and reliability of services are critical. We don’t want to wait for a bus forever on road, without really knowing whether it will arrive or not.

These can be achieved if BMTC uses technology to become smarter – making use of existing traffic data to plan routes and frequencies to meet our needs, and help reduce pollution and traffic on roads. We want BMTC to become fast, productive and predictive in your services!

Yours faithfully,

A Bengalurean

Submit a new route request to BMTC, or ask BMTC to increase frequency, here:

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  1. Vishwas says:

    We should respectfully ask our Corporators, Mayors, MLAs MPs and ministers to leave their Toyota Fortuners at home and request them to use BMTC bus services. They will quickly fix the situation. Let us start with Ms Ekroop Kaur taking the bus to her office everyday.

  2. vijayvithal jahagirdar says:

    One needs to understand that the Govt did not crack down on ZipGo until they announced their routes in the ITPL corridor.
    BMTC runs its ordinary bus service at a loss and recovers it by overcharging the Volvo service on ITPL routes.

  3. Blore citizen says:

    Great initiative on the part of citizen matters. I wish at least 100 citizens send emails to BMTC ceo. I think BMTC can improve leaps and bounds by doing small things.

    I feel private players should be allowed to run Van services for last mile connectivity on narrow, internal and 1-lane roads of Bengaluru.

    BMTC should still have monopoly on long distance routes. Why?
    Although I hate monopolies, I have a hear that with more private operators existing roads could get even more congested and disorderly. I could be wrong.

    Yes BMTC has to improve by leaps and bounds. Here are my 6 suggestions to them.

    More on how to transform Bengaluru transportation by June 2016 can be found here (see open letter to Ramalinga Reddy).

  4. Doondi Reddy says:

    There is a Private Bus from Banashankari to Sarjapura.
    Please get into that Bus at least once in your life time before SUPPORTING PRIVATE BUSES.
    He would have at least HIT 10 years and 5 Cars in A year. (This is Bare Minimum)
    Very Young People Drive the Buses and Very AGGRESSIVE and end up in ACCIDENTS.

    I Strongly Say No to Private Players.
    BMTC is already Best at it’s Planning as of now. Just Request them to RUN Limited Buses even in Night ( they already have night services, but bit more to compete with AUTO’s and Taxi’s)

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