World Water Day morning run and family evening

Message from MAPSAS
For World Water Day we will be organising three events at three of the lakes we are involved with.


We’ll be conducting a run around Soul Kere at 6.30AM (please gather at 6.15AM).  You will need to bring a two-litre bottle(like some old coke/pepsi-type bottle that you can pick up from a kabadi wala) filled with water.  We will have volunteers who will puncture the lids of the bottles and tie them to the trees and saplings we have planted so it will drip irrigate the saplings.  We encourage each of you who brings a bottle to come back week on week with a filled bottle of water and swap it for the empty bottle till the monsoons arrive.  

Please see this link for the direction to this lake:


Come with your family to Kaikondarahalli Lake’s amphitheatre to listen to Vikram Sridhar enchant us with stories that are inspired by water.  This will be followed by a water-related quiz competition conducted by Meera K. So brush up on your water facts and trivia!

Nandita Bose, an acclaimed author, has kindly agreed to anchor an event where people can read out a small piece (2-3 minutes) on water, lakes or conservation in general. The piece could be written specially for the occasion or a quote from another author. The venue is the most amazing grove by the banks of the lake. For younger children, there will be a sketching or coloring contest around the theme of water. All material will be provided.
We know it is exam time for kids…but a couple of hours of fresh air and fun will only help the kids during this stressful time. So please don’t skip these events on account of exams.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of people at the lakes.


(from MAPSAS)

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